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How To Clean An Electric Grill:

Top 5 BEST Electric Grill of [2020]

To keep the grill in perfect working condition and shape, it is essential to clean it properly after every use. It requires some special cleaning process than other grill types. Have a look at its step-by-step procedure for cleaning the electric grill.

  • Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to unplug the grill and remove everything from its cooking surface.
  • Let your grill cool down completely and then remove the drip tray and grilling plate.
  • When once it cooled completely, you can use a paper towel to clear any visible debris. Also, use a grill scraper but make sure that it wont damage the grills exterior.
  • Simply pour a tablespoon of warm water onto the grills surface. Sprinkle some more water if needed on its surface.
  • Now add a drop of dish soap to warm water and stir well by using a grill brush. Coat it on the entire exterior surface of your grill.
  • Finally, wipe off the soap mixture completely with a paper towel clean, dry cloth. Do this wiping process till the surface is thoroughly dry.
  • For cleaning the drip tray, remove any oil or excessive grease on the tray and clean it with a bit of dishwashing liquid on the wet sponge. Wash it off thoroughly and let it air dry.
  • Make sure to dry the grill completely before packing/storing it away. Also, after the cleaning process, you have to clean the grill brush with hot water and soap.

What Can You Cook On An Electric Grill

You can cook the same foods on an electric grill that you would on a gas or charcoal grill. Electric grills are great for making hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and grilled vegetables, but depending on the grill you have, there might not be as much room for liquids to drain, so use marinades and dressings sparingly.

Kenyon B70400 Texan All Seasons Built

The Texan All Seasons Built-in Electric Grill gives users the freedom to cook according to their preference whether its meat or vegetables. Given the versatility, this makes it no stranger to different electric patio grill reviews online. If there is anything that most electric grills reviews can agree on, it is that the Kenyon Texan All Seasons Built-in Electric Grill is worth it if you love flavorful meals

Next, it is also made of durable materials that guarantee the grill to last for years in your kitchen or in your patio. In fact, you get an indoor and an outdoor electric grill in one functional grill. It means that dont need to be spending so much money in order to enjoy grilling outside or inside your home. It is also something consumers can go for if they are a bit unsure whether to stick to an outdoor or an indoor electric grill.

Unlike most grills, it offers not just one but two 1500W elements. And also, you have a lot of grills out there that go under 1500 watts. Now, it means that you have a grill that can definitely generate heat that you need. Here, you wont have to worry that your meat is a bit undercooked.

The elements are also in contact with the cooking surface that makes for efficient grilling experience. With the help of two heating elements, this grill can preheat in just less than 7 minutes. The temperature can easily reach 315°C or 600°F in just 10 minutes.


  • Can reach 600°F in 10 seconds


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Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill By Meco

The Easy Street Tabletop electric grill comes in several different configurations, but all of them feature a 200 square inch cooking surface and a 1500 watt heating element that does a respectable job of cooking meats and vegetables alike.

I like that this unit features 3 separate heating positions for high heat grilling, a lower heat area for cooking delicate food and a vertical heating position for rotisserie grilling.

The Easy Street grill plugs into any 120v wall outlet and assembles quickly so its ready start grilling in no time. The components are high quality, powder coated steel for corrosion resistance. You can actually fit the entire unit into most dishwashers for quick clean up. How many grills can claim that?

An Overview On Electric Grills

The 8 Best Electric Grills of 2020

An electric grill is a healthy way to cook meats, vegetables and even flatbreads. Many electric grills are designed to be used indoors, while some can be used outdoors as well. If you love the grill marks you get from a barbeque grill but your backyard plans are getting rained out, an indoor electric grill will provide you with the same kind of flavor and texture. They are a versatile kitchen gadget that makes it easy to make a delicious meal.

One of the most important things to consider when youre buying an electric grill is the amount of cooking space you need. How many people do you cook for at once? For example, if you have a small family of two or four people, a small to medium-sized electric grill will do the trick. If you have a large family, enjoy entertaining often or like to cook in large batches so you have plenty of leftovers, then opt for a larger electric grill. This way, you can cook all the food you need at once instead of doing it in multiple shifts. Typically, each serving you make requires around 20 square inches of surface area to cook.

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Why Use An Electric Grill

Electric grills in contrast to gas or charcoal have many advantages. Lets cover them now!

  • Faster Electric grills heat up quick, faster than charcoal grills, gas grills however as are just as quick to heat up.
  • Less messy Electric grills do not require charcoal briquettes to clean up.
  • Safer Electric grills do not require you to light charcoal with flammable lighter fluid or have an open flame.
  • More Convenient No gas tanks or charcoal to carry around and store.
  • More versatile They can be used inside if the weather turns nasty.

George Foreman Gfo240s Grill

Best for health

Heres a very popular machine, another of the George Foreman 15 serving indoor / outdoor electric grill range that removes up to 42% of the fat with its sloped grilling surface.

This one has a silver finish and boasts a large, 240 square inch grilling surface thats enough for cooking 15 portions at once.

This grill has a large round domed top to help speed the cooking process and seal in the natural flavors and juices.

Features include a removable electric grill plate for easy cleaning, dishwasher safe drip tray, temperature control probe, and grill stand complete with a pedestal base so it can be used as a standard barbecue or as a tabletop or countertop unit, which is quite convenient.

Like other George Foreman outdoor electric grills, this one has a slightly sloped ribbed skillet that has been double-coated in a durable nonstick, Teflon coating making it easy to clean

This smart design allows you to cook a variety of foods without using any oil or butter.

A built-in sloped cooking surface helps remove up to 42% of the fat produced when cooking various meats. Another weight-watcher benefit.

So its an excellent appliance to use regularly especially for those paying attention to their calorie consumption and overall health.

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Is It Healthier To Cook On An Electric Grill

Grills are often healthier to cook on because they remove excess fat. When you bake in the oven, the food sits in its own grease. Frying is also unhealthy when compared to grilling. You can prepare almost anything on the grill. Electric versions dont have open flames or gas smells to change the flavor, either.

Weber Q1400 Outdoor Electric Grill

Best Electric Grill 2020 | Smokeless Indoor & Outdoor Grills

Great All-rounder

This smaller weber is 17 inches long by 12-1/2 inches wide = 189 square inches of cooking area whereas its big brother is 20 inches long by 14 inches wide = 280 square inches of cooking area.

Best for balcony or patio

Heres another set of 4 outdoor electric grills, available in three colors.

Three of the grills are free standing with a removable stand and they have a fourth table top grill in red only.You can cook all kinds of foods, producing juicy, evenly-cooked delights fresh from the grill, and it does so with only the occasional flare-up.

This grill to heats up faster and gets hotter than a lot of competing grills on the market so if you lack patience, this may be a good choice for you.

Size MattersThis outdoor electric grill gives you lots of space to work in.

The grill is approximately eighteen inches in diameter, with 240 square inches of primary cooking space theres also an additional warming rack, just above the main grill.

Temperatures are easy to adjust and delivers a top-quality sear on all types of food, including beef, pork, fish, and vegetables.

The grills are made of cast iron and coated in porcelain. So you can count on them to last and to hold heat consistently, also making them easy to clean.

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Length Of Power Cord:

A grill with a longer power cord will easily reach an outlet from anywhere you are using the grill either inside or outside. Also, it is essential to plug the grill directly into an outlet, rather than plugging it into an extension cord. The reason is that it may deliver less power, which is not sufficient to run the grill effectively.

Weber Patio Electric Grill 55020001

Weber is one of the best and the most popular brand that manufactures accessories related to BBQ. It is not only the in the USA but it is used all over the world.Weber is the most reputed brand all over the world because of its high quality and durability. Weber offers outstanding customer services and support to their customers. The prices of the products of Weber are very high but their manufactured products are of really high quality. The new Q electric grill series of Weber has a modern and an elegant look. As the use of any kind of fire was banned by the US it increased the sales of electric grills of Weber.

Webers Q 2400 electric grill is a great best electric grill that is portable as well as it consists of a large cooking space. Along with being used indoor, it is also great to be used outdoors. Actually, Q 2400 is a better and a remodeled version of the previous Weber Q 240 model.

The thing which makes Weber Q 2400 more demanding among the people is that it is portable and does not require much space. Following are some of the things which come with the Weber Q 2400: Cast Aluminum bowl and lid, Cast Iron Cooking Grate, Side handles, Disposable drip pan, Grease Catch Pan and Variable temperature control.

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Waring Countertopstainless Steel Electric Griddle

Waring Countertop Stainless Steel Electric Griddle is a good commercial electric grill for a number of reasons. It is even considered as the best small electric grill for indoor use because of its 1800W heating element. This allows you to have the freedom whatever type of food you plan to cook. By design, it has the ability to cook pancakes, eggs, meat, and even vegetables.

Approved by UL and is NSF certified, users get peace of mind that they get a product that is both safe and effective for commercial operations. Unlike grills that are only designed for personal use, the Waring Countertop Stainless Steel Electric Griddle can handle long hours of grilling given its durable materials and superb design.

It also offers even heat distribution. Here, you wont have to worry that there are uncooked spots when cooking your burgers. The adjustable thermostat can go as high as 570°F to around 300°C.

Now if this grill is really that good, why is it that it isnt typically seen in an electric grill review? The reason behind this is that there is a stronger demand for electric grills for home use than its commercial counterpart. For this particular grill, it is mostly in demand from commercial customers. But what you have to remember is that it can also be a perfect fit for your home as well.


  • Only for small operations

And The #1 Electric Grill Is

Top 10 Best Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grills in 2020 Review

The best electric grill based on our research is the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill because of its viewing window, and you can throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. The team and I have spent hours testing all of the best grills to bring you the best.

While all of these grills have great qualities, we think one truly stands out in this roundup. We liked that it came in a compact design, but it was still big enough to cook food for 6 people. The customer reviews were positive, and the price was reasonable for this type of grill.

Our #1 Recommendation

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Best Indoor Electric Grills

Perhaps you live in a cold climate, or maybe you just don’t want to carry food and utensils back and forth from your kitchen to your outside space. In either case, a good quality indoor electric grill affords you the best of both worlds tender, juicy, grilled meats and vegetables without ever having to leave your kitchen. When shopping, remember that the best indoor electric grill will have cool-touch handles and casing, a relatively compact size for ease of storage, and will be dishwasher safe. We’ve included all of these factors and more in our carefully curated list of indoor electric grills.

George Foreman Grill: Ggr50b

Best for families

The George Foreman Electric Grill GGR50B is versatility defined. It features a domed-top with a large grip handle and is designed to sit on a single pedestal, supported by a five-legged base.

Making it easy to convert from a stand or pedestal-based grill to a tabletop grill in seconds thanks to its removable stand. So you can use it any way you want anywhere you like, both indoors and outdoors.

Want Power! well, Its heating element has 1600 Watts of power providing an even heat distribution across the grill.

You wont have to worry about excess fat with most of George Foremans outdoor electric grills either as they feature the patented Foreman ridged with a sloped grilling surface.

Fat drips off the food and drains into the removable pan directly under the grill. Ideal if youre watching your weight or concerned about youre familys health

Youre only limited by the size of the grill this one gives you a full 240 square inches of circular cooking space. Thats enough for cooking 15 individual servings simultaneously.

Perfect for families and small get-togethers with friends. You can use it year-round, no matter where you live.

You can use any of 5 different temperature settings on the adjustable temperature control, but youll probably use the highest two settings the most.

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George Foreman Evolve Grp4842mb:

Best for multi-choice cooking

Okay, this electric Multi-plate Evolve grill is a little different from the others on our list as its listed as an indoor grill on Amazon but its a beauty none the less.

Friends have used this on an outside table next to an electric output to great effect especially with the different plates available.

Their verdict was that although it was designed only for indoor use it works just as good as any of the other outdoor electric grills, just check the manufactures details to make sure there are no warranty exclusions.

Included are waffle plates, ceramic grilling plates, and a muffin maker, with all the plates being interchangeable, so you can prepare a variety of meals that tastes great, right from your own home.

While the basic unit is a three-in-one, those are not the only possibilities. Numerous other contact grill options are available which make this an even more versatile tool.

If youre a fan of grilled food, especially sandwiches, wraps, and that sort of thing, youre going to love the George Foreman Evolve Grill with its multi plates.

It features a built-in adjustable hinge, connecting the top and bottom grills. What this means is that you can cook to perfection any standard-size grilled sandwich, just as easily as a large, stuffed burrito. For variety and kitchen versatility, this grill is tough to beat.

How Can You Get Smoke Flavor On An Electric Grill

Best Electric Grill 2022 | Top 5 Electric Grills

One of the downsides of electric grills is that they don’t give your food any type of smoky flavor, as there’s no fuel being burned. If you want to grill more flavorful food, one of your best options is to use a smoker box. These containers are designed to hold wood chips or charcoal, and you place them on the grill alongside your food. The fuel will burn as your food cooks, and the smoke given off will make your meal that much more flavorful.

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Best Outdoor Electric Grills

Outdoor electric grills are generally for the person that needs to compromise. You might not be able to have an open flame or might not have the space to accommodate a full sized gas or charcoal grill. Well take a look at the best outdoor electric grills that are on the market today, varying in size, style and price hand chosen by the KotC team.


Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill 120v

This outdoor grill will make you and your family happy. It is designed with 304-grade stainless steel material, thus offering complete safety from the corrosion. You can freely keep it outside as it is rust-resistant. This tabletop grill offers you temps of 600 degrees, within 10 minutes. It has 155 square inches of grilling surface. It is dishwasher safe. You will get it at an exclusive 3-year direct replacement warranty. From a safety point of view, it comes with a built-in GFCI power cord. It is easy to clean.


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