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Now that youve gotten the rundown on the different beef cuts, lets really dig in and talk about some of the most common cuts of steak and how to select and cook them.

The Porterhouse vs. The T-Bone

A lot of people get the T-Bone and porterhouse steaks confused. As mentioned before, both of these steaks come from the loin area, and they both have a T-shaped bone with meat on each side.

The porterhouse steak is cut from the rear end of the short loin and because of this includes more tenderloin steak on one side of the T and a large strip on the other side of the T. A T-Bone steak is cut closer to the front of the loin and thus contains a smaller section of tenderloin.

Since both of these steaks are really made up of two separate steaks, the tenderloin and the strip, lets talk about those next.

The Tenderloin

The tenderloin steak is sometimes also called the filet mignon or Châteaubriand if youre French and fancy. Tenderloins are the most expensive cuts of steak and are sold boneless. Theyre also usually cleaned completely of any silver skin, gristle and fat. Because theyre on the smaller side, tenderloins are usually cut thicker than most steaks.

The Strip

This cut of steak is also commonly referred to as a NY strip and top sirloin steak. These steaks are typically sold boneless and are almost rectangular in shape hence the name strip. This meat is well marbled with some large pieces of fat around the edge.

Hanger Cut With Perfection

There are numerous sirloin, filet mignon, and T-bone steaks for every cow, but only one hanger steak. Hanger steak is not available in most grocery stores because many shoppers are unfamiliar with it. Even if hanger steak is available, most shoppers will choose flank steak, filet mignon, or beef tenderloin. For a good reason, hanger steak is known as the butchers secret. Hanger steak is richly flavored and affordable. It is a perfect cut of beef.

3.5-ounce serving of Hanger Steak contains:

Steak Calories 170 Fat: 8 g Saturated Fat 3.5 g Protein: The Butchers steak cut contains 23 g steak protein

The beef cut comes from: It comes from the cows plate or belly section, but it is not connected to bones.

Characteristics of the cut: Hanger steak, also known as butchers steak or hanging tenderloin, is a flavorful steak cut. Its affordable and has a super beef-forward flavor. In addition, it is the most tender cut and savory flavor with no fat.

Cooking hanger steak: Cook the steak over high heat, and before serving, cut it against the grain. We believe it tastes best when cooked to medium, although you can cook Hanger steak to medium-rare. Hangers, like flank steaks, benefit from a marinade with a strong acidic component. Its soft texture makes it ideal for soaking up sticky marinades and dry rubs. It went well with a simple green salad, Lemon-Herb Butter or Chimichurri Sauce. Use leftover steak as a Hanger steak sandwich.

Find Out How It’s Going To Be Cooked

It’s also important to consider how your steak is actually going to be cooked to make sure it’s in a way you enjoy.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

“If you’re spending the money on a steak, patrons should also know how their steak is going to be prepared. This could be pan-seared, broiled, grilled, or cooked over a live fire, to name a few,” says Sigler. “No choice is a bad choice, but if you don’t enjoy the taste of char then I would avoid grilled or live fire-prepared steaks.”

Sometimes menus use phrases you may not recognize, which can make the ordering process confusing.

“The best way to choose a steak when eating out is to know about the new cuts of beef out there and what all the buzzwords mean because there are so many new cuts of beef that Chefs are doing some incredible things with,” says Isaac Toups, Chef and Owner of Toups Meatery and Bravo TV’s Top Chef season 13 “Fan Favorite.” “For instance, dry-aged is a keyword I look for because dry-aged steaks have more concentrated flavors and more tender beef. Grass-fed is another favorite, which means the beef will be leaner and have a delicious earthy flavor profile.”

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What Is Kobe Beef

Kobe is the trademark of a Japanese company. Somewhat similar to how Champagne refers to sparkling wine from a specific region of France, Kobe refers to cuts from a specific breed of cattle known as Wagyu, which are raised in strict conditions. Pure Kobe beef from Japan cannot be purchased legally in the US, but it is possible to find domestically raised Kobe-style beef. While Kobe beef is considered to be a delicacy, those who have tasted it either consider it the best beef in the world, or dont understand the hype. When compared to USDA ratings, Kobe beef is considered two grades higher than Prime.

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What Are The Best Cuts Of Steak

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Theres really nothing quite like a well-cooked steak. It pairs perfectly with just about anything, its extremely versatile, and its great for any occasion and in any setting.

While the cooking method and surface you use are certainly important, a great steak actually starts with a great cut of meat. You can have the best seasoning, the best grill, and the best cooking tricks up your sleeve, but if youre starting out with a mediocre cut of steak, the steak will be, well, mediocre.

Youve probably noticed there are a lot of different types of steaks, whether youre browsing the meat department at the grocery store or checking out a restaurant menu. How do you know which ones are any good? Do you have to shell out big bucks to get a decent steak? Hint: not necessarily. To make steaks slightly less mysterious, weve put together this guide to the top five cuts.

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Sirloin The Dining Cut

Sirloin steak is often the best choice for steak lovers. It is well-marbled, comes with thick layers of fat and is known for its rich flavor that is balanced with tenderness. Sirloins are a great choice if you want a more classic, lighter flavor

3.5-ounce serving of Sirloin Steak contains:

Steak Calories 244 Fat: 14 g Saturated Fat 6 g Protein 27 g steak protein

The beef cut comes from: The Sirloin-Tucked between the loin and the round, this area produces the most flavorful steak cut that, while not as tender as loin cuts, still provide an excellent meal and are less expensive. Marked for sale under that name -The top Sirloin, these boneless steaks come from the sirloin section, near the animals rear.

Characteristics of the cut: The top Sirloin is a naturally thick and lean cut of steak with a robust and beefy flavor. Top Sirloin is an excellent choice for high protein diets, keto, paleo, or people who count macronutrients. It has less marbling and a firmer texture. This famous steak is tasty on its own, adds a lot of flavor to recipes, and cooks well with steak marinades and sauces.

Cooking Temperature: The internal temperature should be 135°F for steak medium-rare and 145°F for steak medium for cooking top Sirloin. Avoid cooking it at temperatures above 140°F because of this steaks leanness.

Doneness while ordering from a restaurant: Medium doneness is preferred by our chef to serve top Sirloin.

What Are Tomahawk Steaks

The tomahawk steak is essentially a ribeye beef steak specifically cut with at least five inches of rib bone left intact. The extra-long, french trimmed bone utilizes the same culinary technique that shapes a rack of lamb. … It can also be referred to as a tomahawk chop, bone-in ribeye, and cote du boeuf.

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Dont Order Raw Oysters At A Steakhouse

Raw oysters are mainstay on steakhouse menus, and though they may be delectable appetizers, you should think twice before ordering them. Oysters are a breeding ground for bacteria called Vibrio. Most vibrio infections cause mild stomach illness, but severe cases can lead to bloodstream infections, severe blistering, and even death.

All the myths youve heard about how to avoid tainted oysters you can tell a good oyster from a bad one,alcohol kills harmful bacteria,just a few oysters cant hurt you,only eat oysters harvested in months with the letter R’ are false.

Bacteria aside, oysters can also go bad just like any other perishable item. Although you can technically keep oysters in your fridge for up to five days if theyre stored properly, they should be eaten within a few days of being harvested, ideally within 24 hours if you want the best flavor. So if you dont live near a body of water, you should probably stick to the wedge salad.

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How To Choose The Best Steak Cut

Top 10 Cuts of Steak You NEED To Buy!

You already know which steak cuts are the best from the list above. However, there are more things you need to know. For example, grass-fed or grain-fed?

Grass-fed beef is leaner and has a more intense flavor. You can easily recognize it from the deep red color and yellowish marbling. On the other hand, grain-fed beef is fattier and has a more buttery taste. The marbling is whiter in color, while the meat itself is pink.

Worth mentioning since grass-fed cows are fed on grass and other plants, they are packed with more nutrients.

To make it easier for you, below youll find a bullet list of things to look for when buying a steak:

  • . Look for streaks of fat running through the meat. The more marbling, the tastier the steak will be
  • Thickness. Not only is thickness more forgiving when it comes to cooking it also doesnt cool down as fast. Look for a steak that is at least an inch thick
  • USDA grading. USDA grading provides you with information about the quality of the meat. The highest quality is Prime, followed by Choice and Select
  • Price. With the premium steak cuts comes a higher price tag. However, its worth mentioning that you dont need to break the bank to get a good quality steak. Cheaper cuts like flank steak can be just as good if you know how to cook it.

Learn more about different steak cuts:

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Essential Tips For Cooking Steak

Buy the right steak for the job.

Since steaks come in a variety of sizes and price points, theres a steak for almost every cooking type or dining scenario. Feeding a hungry crowd from the grill? Flank or skirt are your best choice. Buy a filet or porterhouse to feed two for date night. Grab rib eyes or sirloin steaks for dinner with friends.

Season the steak well.

Every single kind of steak is made better by a generous sprinkling of salt in advance of cooking. For thick steaks like sirloins, season the steaks a few days in advance. Flank and skirt steaks can also be seasoned with quick marinades.

Use a thermometer to determine doneness.

A digital probe thermometer is the best tool you can buy for cooking steak. It will give you an instant read on the steaks doneness and prevent over cooking.

It doesnt have to rest.

Conventional wisdom is that all steaks should be rested before slicing and serving, but anecdotal research suggests that resting doesnt actually make for a juicier steak. And besides, a warm steak often tastes a little bit juicier anyway.

Always slice steak against the grain meaning that you cut the visibly fibers of the steak in half to shorten them and keep the steak tender.

Flat Iron: An Affordable Cut

Flat iron steaks are a popular cut in both food chains and high-end restaurants. Flat iron steaks are less expensive than filets or strips, and it is more tender than low-priced steaks. Although it is tougher than sirloin and fillet, this meat has delicious flavor and marbling.

3.5-ounce serving of Flat iron Steak contains:

Steak Calories 137 Fat: 6 gm Saturated Fat 2.7g Protein 20 gm steak protein

The beef cut comes from: It is a tender steak cut. It has a triangular shape that resembles iron and is taken from the upper portion of the shoulder blade. The shoulder, also known as the chuck steak, produces steaks with bold, rich flavor that may not be as tender as other options.

Characteristics of the cut: It is the second-tenderest steak, after fillet mignon, and has a big, boldly beefy flavor like New York strip. The flat iron steak is a newer steak cut known as the butlers steak or oyster blade steak. The flat iron steak is an affordable meat cut.

Cooking Flat Iron Steak: Several methods can cook a flat iron steak cut. It can also be broiled, grilled, or pan-fried. First, season the flat iron generously with coarse sea salt and freshly ground black pepper before cooking. Then, Cook, a flat iron steak cut the same way you would a filet mignon: in a hot pan or grill until it reaches medium-rare steak temperatures.

Cooking Temperature: The internal temperature of 145°F for medium-rare or 160°F for medium best for cooking Flat iron steak.

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Sirloin Strip Steak New York Strip Kansas City Steak And Shell Steak

The New York stripwhich you may hear referred to as a sirloin, Kansas City steak, or a shell steakis like the Miss Congeniality of steaks: Its got something for everyone.

The primal cut is a strip loin, Henderson explains. Thats where the strip steak part comes from. New York steak is a strip steak is a sirloin. Then to call it a Kansas City means the bones in. The New York strip comes steak comes from essentially the lower mid-portion of the back where the cows ribs end. Those muscles, while its still part of the loin, is a little more dense of a cut than the ribeye, Pandel says.

Pandel thinks of the New York strip as the steak-eaters steak. Its got great texture, its got a good chew to it, itll eat well at rare itll eat well at medium-rare itll eat well at medium. It falls between the filet and ribeye on both the tenderness and flavor scales, presenting solid middle ground. Its the perfect cut for somebody who doesnt know what they want, Flannery says.

Like a ribeye, a New York strip steak tastes great on a hot grill, but your best bet may be whipping out your cast-iron skillet. Because the New York strip is usually a pretty even cut, it has a lot of surface area, and it does well on a cast-iron pan on high and medium-high heat, Pandel explains. He suggests searing it on high heat, letting it rest, and basting it with butter and aromatics.

Cant choose between filet and strip? Get both in one. Photo: courtesy DYLAN + JENI

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What Is The Most Tender Steak

How to shop for steak and the best cuts to buy

The tenderloin, also known as filet mignon, is the most tender. It comes from the short loin cut of the cow. With beef, generally, the more tender a steak cut is, the less flavor it has. For the best of both worlds, consider a t-bone, which features a tender filet on one side of the bone and a beefy New York strip on the other. If you’re especially hungry, order the Porterhouse, similar to a t-bone but larger.

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How To Order The Best Steak At A Restaurant According To Chefs

Nothing beats a delicious, juicy steak cooked to perfection and exactly how you dreamed it to be. But if you’ve been saving up to treat yourself to some well-seasoned beef at a steakhouse, you’re going to want to feel prepared so that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Unfortunately, this process can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start or aren’t aware of what goes into ordering the best steak at a steakhouse. To help, we talked with a few professional chefs about what you may want to know going into your next dining experience.

Read on, and for more restaurant tips check out 8 Secrets Outback Steakhouse Doesn’t Want You To Know.

How To Choose The Best Cut Of Steak

Choosing the best cut of steak is not easy. With so many choices lined up in the meat section at the grocery store, it can be difficult to select the beef cut to take home. When looking for a quality cut of steak, pay attention to the following tips:

  • You want long lines of marble rather than chunks. The more marbling the steak contains, the juicier it will taste.
  • Thickness: Thin steaks are challenging to cook and arent that impressive in taste. You want a steak that is at least one inch thick.
  • Price: Higher-priced steaks promise more marbling and premium flavor. Cheaper steaks are usually thin and contain less marbling.

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What Is The Best Steak Cut

Choosing one steak cut from so many excellent cuts is difficult. However, as a chef, I look for the perfect balance therefore, ribeye is the best steak cut. It has an excellent marbling which adds lots of flavors and makes it a juicy piece of meat. Its also an incredibly tender cut.

Unlike cooking a lean piece of steak rib-eye is easy to cook. Coming from the rib area it has an abundance of marbling which prevents it from drying out. You can cook it any way you like, whether pan-frying or grilling. Overall its an excellent cut for both family gatherings or serving at restaurants.

Vacio Or Bavette Steak

How To Buy The Best Steak For Your Money

One of the steaks you might not have heard of is the vacio steak, an extremely popular steak in Argentina . The vacio is a primal cut of the flank, but its actually quite different from a flank steak. In the cow, the vacio hangs beneath the loin and is bolstered by the cows belly, which encases the meat in layers of fat. When butchered, the vacio steak has an unusual diamond shape, weighs between four and five pounds, and can feed a good-size party of hungry Argentines . Its always slow-grilled whole, then sliced, and the well-marbled meat is tender and very flavorful. The crispy belly fat is almost as cherished as the steak itself.

In France, the vacio steak is called the bavette daloyau. Its the exact same cut, but as you might expect, its cooked in the French way. The bavette is cut into individual steaks and is either marinated and grilled or pan-fried in butter and served with a shallot sauce and French fries. So, the next time youre sipping wine in a bistro on the Champs-Élysées, and see steak-frites on the menu, order it, and enjoy a steak thats loved on two continents.

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