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The Benefit Of Grilling With Charcoal

What To Know Before Buying The Big Green Egg – Ace Hardware

Versatility is the highlight of cooking with a charcoal BBQ grill. The ability to cook with as much heat as you need, create multiple cooking zones by adjusting where you place the coals and enjoy juicier, more flavorful meals makes a charcoal grill a must-have. Charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal provide the fuel, high heat and delicious, smoky flavor that this kind of grilling is known for. Nothing beats the taste of meat cooked on a charcoal grill.

Big Green Egg At West Coast Bbq Shop

A Preferred Big Green Egg Vendor
San Diego’s 1st Platinum Big Green Egg Dealer

Here at West Coast BBQ Shop, we are proud to have been the first Platinum Big Green Egg Dealer in San Diego County. We carry the complete line of Big Green Egg Smokers and EGGcessories. Whether you’ve had your Big Green Egg for years and you are looking to EGGessorize or you are in the market for your first Big Green Egg, West Coast BBQ Shop is here to deliver.

Delivery throughout San Diego County
Big Green Egg Delivery In San Diego

West Coast BBQ Shop is happy to offer delivery of all of the Big Green Egg line of smokers to anywhere in San Diego County. That’s right, if you live in San Diego County, we’ll bring your new Big Green Egg smoker to you. We also offer convenient curbside pickup at our South Bay location. Simply select from delivery or pick up at checkout!

Easy online checkout
Shop Big Green Egg Online

We’ve made it easy for San Diego to buy Big Green Egg online. We carry all of the various Big Green Egg smokers including the XXL, XL, Large, Medium, Small and Mini Eggs. You can also shop Big Green Egg EGGcessories online as well. We carry all of the Big Green Egg tools and accessories to make it easy for you to shop Big Green Egg online.

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How Big Green Egg Empowered Its Brand With Company Fashion

Big Green Egg is the number one worldwide brand in Kamado Grills.From the original Big Green Egg, the company has grown to include seven sizes of the all known Egg which is available throughout the world in over fifty countries. Together with hundreds of accessories, it is designed to make cooking anything on a Big Green Egg fun, entertaining and delicious!

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Whats The Difference Between Cooking Direct And Indirect On The Big Green Egg

Direct Cooking

When you cook at a high temperature in direct contact with the cooking surface, this is searing. Searing falls under the direct heat category. This includes using BBQ accessories such as the plancha griddle, skillet or searing grid as these all offer direct heat with little or no deflection of heat within the dome of the BBQ. This tends to work better for smaller food items that require flipping and fast cooking.

Indirect Cooking

If youve got a large cut of meat, a loaf of bread that requires consistent, even heat all around, or you wish to roast or smoke at a very low temperature you should be using indirect cooking.

Straight To The Point

Big Green Egg Grill for sale

Our budget-friendly recommendation is the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Grill. If you’re looking to upgrade, the Big Green Egg Large Ceramic Cooker is pricey, but delivers with its performance and has a lifetime warranty.

We think that kamados are the best residential outdoor ovens going. These charcoal-fueled devices are modern versions of the Chinese and Indian earthenware cooking ovens and urns that came into use several thousand years ago. Most look a bit like ancient burial urns or giant eggs. Some are made of ceramics or refractory materials, the same stuff used to make kilns, crucibles, and pizza ovensall extremely good insulators that store and radiate heat effectively. They’re superb smokers and roasters, and they’re unmatched as backyard pizza and bread ovens, because the sides and domes absorb heat and radiate it back like a professional brick oven, so the pizza and bread can cook properly from above. They’re also great for paella and tandoori cooking. So it’s no wonder that ceramic grills/smokers/ovens is a fast-growing category, with more competitors throwing their hats into the ring every year.

Considering a kamado? We’ll be your guide.

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Grillgrate Sale: Grillgrates For The Weber Go Anywhere Grill

GrillGrates.comMoving SaleSelect Products On Sale Up to 65% OffMasked MarvelExample Deals

  • Moving Sale products are FINAL SALE- no returns.
  • These products are excluded from coupon codes and cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Some products are labeled as Factory Seconds, meaning they are perfectly functional, useful, and safe! They are labeled as a second because they have scratches, dings, dents, discoloration, or other aesthetic impairments preventing them from being perfect First Quality items.
  • Refer to forum thread for discussion from the community regarding additional example deals and deal discussion -slickdewmaster
  • No Longer Available:

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    The Size Of The Largest Big Green Egg Grill Will Fit Perfectly Into Even A Limited Outdoor Space

    The high-quality ceramic material means you do not have to worry about rust and there is a lifetime warranty if you have hesitations about possibly damaging or cracking it.

    If you are passionate about grilling and want the ability to cook any way you please, then you should visit Weed & Duryea in New Canaan for a Big Green Egg grill for sale!

    Traditional charcoal grills are slow to heat up and do not maintain a consistent temperature, especially when the lid of the grill is opened and closed. A charcoal grill also limits your cooking versatility because there is no ability to smoke or slow-cook your meal.

    Get the finest grill on the market when you visit Weed & Duryea. Give us a call at or visit our website hereto take a look at the grills we have in stock.


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    The Best Residential Outdoor Tandoor Oven: Homdoor Charcoal Tandoor

    The Homdoor Charcoal Tandoor is a traditional Indian clay oven with a stainless steel outer shell. It has no cooking grate. Put meat or vegetables on skewers, saving an onion or potato chunk for last to keep the meat from sliding off into the red-hot coals lower the skewers into the open, upright cylindrical oven and you can get tender, juicy seared meat and veggies in four to eight minutes.

    Cooking Area: 144 square inches

    Detailed Test Results For The Big Green Egg

    Big Green Egg – Prices & Sizes – Ceramic Smoker Grill

    Kamado grills, including the Big Green Egg, are designed to maintain low temperatures for long, slow cooking and produce a roaring fire for searing steaks or grilling pizzas. When we tested the Big Green Egg for both capabilities, it did extremely well, like the other grills in its class.

    Become a member to read the full article and get access to digital ratings.

    We investigate, research, and test so you can choose with confidence.

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    Grillgrate Set For The Large Big Green Egg First Quality

    This is a promotional first-quality item for the GrillGrate Moving Sale. All sales finals. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Excluded from coupon codes.

    GrillGrates provide protected, high-heat grilling on the Large Big Green Egg. The bottom plate blocks hot rushing air and flames from charring and drying out food, keeping the juices sizzling with the food instead of feeding the flames. GrillGrates are used on top of the existing grate surface. Every set comes with a GrateTool which is part fork, part spatula that fits between the rails to get under your food and lift it without scraping.

    • Designed for the Large Big Green Egg
    • Set Includes: 13.75 Mitre Cut GrillGrate Panels and 13.75 GrillGrate Panel
    • Covers 90% of the grill surface
    • GrillGrates sit on top of the existing surface
    • GrillGrates are reversible interlocking panels, giving you two grilling surfaces rails up or on the flat side
    • Constructed from hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates will never rust
    • Includes Grate Tool and User Guide
    • GrillGrates are Made in the USA
    • GrateTool Made in China

    Blaze Kamado Saltwater Durability Test

    Cast aluminum is a highly durable material because it can never rust, but how well can it handle the effects of saltwater? To find out, we submerged a Blaze kamado in saltwater less than a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. Seven weeks later, we returned to clean it off and put it through a high-heat grilling test just to be sure the saltwater didnt do more damage than was apparent to the naked eye.

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    What Is A Big Green Egg Used For

    GRILL Sear steaks, chops, burgers and seafood with a flavour packed crust unmatched by other grills. Authentic, High temperature steak house grilling is quick, easy and delicious.

    ROAST The Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture so well that foods just dont dry out! Poultry, lamb, beef and vegetables are naturally tastier because they juices and flavours stay locked inside for fantastic results.

    LOW & SLOW The insulating ceramics of the Egg allow for precise temperature control even at low heat. Enjoy succulent results with turkey, ham, ribs or any of your favourite cuts. Want to slow cook at low heat for fourteen sixteen hours or longer? No Problem! And an Egg is so efficient it can handle long cooks without constantly adding charcoal or checking the fire!

    BAKE The Egg bakes bread, casseroles, cakes and pies better than your kitchen oven. Youll be amazed when you bite into the most delicious slice of pizza youve ever eaten just taste it to believe it and youll never want to cook indoors again.

    SMOKE No smoker performs more efficiently than a Big Green Egg. You can easily add a wide variety of sumptuous flavour combinations with our natural chips and wood chunkseach type of wood flavours meat, poultry or fish differently, giving you endless combinations to enjoy.

    AMAZING RESULTS From appetizers to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all your expectationsand with seven convenient sizes to choose from, there is a Big Green Egg to fit any lifestyle.

    The Ultimate Sunday Experience

    Big Green Egg Grill for sale

    Forget the standard product range and go for the ultimate experience. Thats what Big Green Egg did. The company really wants fans to fall in love with the brand. Research has shown that launching products for special occasions are popular.For example, fathers can collect the Big Green Egg socks every year on Father’s Day.The Big Green Egg clothing collection demonstrates the creativity of the designs. All the designs reflect one of the core values of Big Green Egg: “Quality, originality, experience, creativity, minimalism and authenticity.

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    Uniquely Flexible And Popular Big Green Egg Grill

    The Big Green Egg company have earned their reputation in the barbecue grill market by establishing themselves as the worlds largest producer and international distributor of ceramic kamado-style cookers.

    Owning a Big Green Egg represents a great investment because it is protected by a reliable company with more than 3 decades of experience and an enviable reputation for providing high-end products and superb aftersales service.

    Blaze Kamado Explosive Durability Test

    In this video, we put the Blaze cast aluminum kamado through the ultimate durability test to see how it stacks up against its ceramic competitors. We first see how each type of kamado can handle a shot from a .460 Magnum, then we pack 2 pounds of the explosive substance known as Tannerite into both grills to well blow them up! The result is a sky-high explosion you dont want to miss.

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    How The Big Green Egg Works

    As the worlds largest producer of kamado ovens, the Big Green Egg has become known worldwide for its unique design, a ceramic BBQ with advanced technological features.

    Each ceramic shell has been made from NASA grade ceramics, providing unparalleled heat retention whilst forming an impermeable barrier against the outside elements.

    To monitor the heat inside your egg and ensure your food is cooking perfectly, each Big Green Egg comes with a Tel-Tru dome thermometer attached. Precise and responsive, having an accurate thermometer makes cooking in your Big Green Egg easy and enjoyable.

    Available in four sizes, each Big Green Egg contains the same tried and tested features, to guarantee consistently high-quality results across all products.

    To find out more about the Big Green Egg, contact Topstak.

    The Kamado With The Coolest Features: Vision Professional S

    Big Green Egg vs. Vision Grill – BATTLE OF THE KAMADOS

    Visions Professional S-Series Kamado has some unique and interesting features not found on other ceramic cookers. The bottom dampers are part of a slide-out ash drawer, which also has a slot for the included electric starter. And you gotta love the stainless steel two-level grates: The top grate is hinged for easy access to the lower level, which is also hinged for adding wood and tending to charcoal. This nice package deal includes a solid, powder-coated stand on four casters, with fold-down wood side shelves and a cover.

    Visions goal is to make use easiereasier start-up, easier ash removal. To this end, Vision created an optional Quickchange Gas Insert that may be swapped in for the slide-out ash drawer, turning the S-Series from a kamado to a gas grill when you want to grill up a quick weeknight dinner. Quickchange is a slide-out, 25,000-BTU stainless steel burner that includes a heat exchanger and Visions round Lava Stone diffuser and stainless steel bracket.

    Cooking Area: 302 square inches

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    The Ultimate Cooking Experience

    The Big Green Egg is the perfect grill for everyone, from the BBQ hobbyist and backyard cook to the worlds most acclaimed chefs all sharing a love of great taste, simplicity, and the convenience of the most versatile grill in the world!

    Cooking Area: 133 in²

    Weight: 76 lbs

    Cooking Area: 133 in²

    Weight: 80 lbs

    Cooking Area: 177 in²

    Weight: 114 lbs

    Cooking Area: 262 in²

    Weight: 163 lbs

    Cooking Area: 452 in²

    Weight: 219 lbs

    Kamado Joe Kj23rhc Classic Ii Charcoal Grill 18 Inch Blaze Red

    $ as of September 10, 2022 1:00 am


    • Premium 18 Ceramic Grill with Cast Iron Cart & Locking Wheels The Kamado Joe Classic II gives the perfect cooking size of 18 inches along with its Premium cart that comes with the purchase of your grill, including locking casters and wheels.
    • 2-Tier Divide & Conquer – Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System transforms the humble grill grate into the most powerful cooking tool in your arsenal. The revolutionary multi-level, half-moon design frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperaturesall at the same time
    • Kontrol Tower Top Vent – Maintains consistent air setting for precise airflow management during dome opening and closing. Constructed of powder coated cast aluminum, the patent pending dual-adjustment top vent is rain resistant and allows you to smoke from 225F all the way to searing at 750F.
    • Air Lift Hinge The air lift hinge significantly reduces dome weight. The grill dome can be lifted with a single finger giving the most comfortable grilling experience there is.
    • AMP FireBox The patent pending six-piece design eliminates breakage and increases grill efficiency.

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    The Most Striking Kamado: Komodo Kamado Big Bad 32

    Komodo Kamado makes some of the highest-quality, most striking cookers weve seen. Stunning assortments of inlaid tile finishes are available, but these cookers arent just another pretty face. Attention to detail is evident in everything you see and touch, from the 304 stainless steel grates and hinges to the heavy-duty casters. And the casters have to be powerful to support this bad boyit comes fully assembled and weighs in at almost half a ton. At 32 inches wide, this is the biggest kamado on the market. Want to make it even fancier? Plenty of options are available, including teakwood carts and gas ignition.

    Cooking Area: 576 square inches

    Charcoal Barbecue Grill Accessories

    Big Green Egg Grill for sale

    While you’re shopping, don’t forget to pick out your must-have grilling accessories like cleaning brushes, long-handled barbecue tongs, forks and spatulas, grilling mitts, grill covers, thermometers and charcoal starters from Ace. Because your charcoal grill is an investment, you’ll want to take good care of it. Learn how to clean a charcoal grill properly, both inside and out, with a little help from Ace.

    At your next outdoor BBQ, infuse your meats and vegetables with the authentic, smoky flavor people love. With our wide range of top-rated charcoal grills, Ace makes it easy to find the perfect charcoal grill for your needs.

    Need help? Call 1-866-290-5334

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