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Since Blowing Up On Tiktok The Blackstone Griddle Has Become A Grilling Must

DIY Steam Lid for the Blackstone Grill

After months of being cooped up indoors, summer is finally here and in full swing. Nowadays, there are a plethora of grills on the market to choose from, but recently a new appliance for outdoor cooking has arrived on the scene: the Blackstone Griddle. With its endless cooking applications and ease of use, its no wonder the Blackstone has quickly gone viral on TikTok.

As someone who loves cooking outside but finds the grill a bit intimidating, I was especially excited about a new product like the Blackstone and decided to test it out for myself.

What Are The Benefits Of Cooking With The Lid Down

Cooking on a Blackstone griddle with the lid closed is not only safe, it is encouraged! The lid of a Blackstone griddle is designed to add another layer of versatility to the griddle and can be used in many practical ways for cooking delicious food.

Cooking with the lid closed enables very precise temperature control for cooking, which helps provide a stable environment for more challenging food items. The lid also radiates heat down onto the food from above, which is ideal for melting cheese, the perfect fried eggs, or even toasting buns evenly.

The high-temperature environment provided by closing the lid while cooking can even turn a Blackstone into a steamer, ideal for cooking delicious vegetables without losing any valuable nutrients or fantastic flavors.

The lid of a Blackstone has many uses. Using the hood for cooking unlocks the true potential of this griddle. Take the time to explore cooking with the lid down, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the techniques that you learn along the way.

Blackstone 1550 On The Go Combo With Wheels Leg Covers

With a grill on one side and a breakfast griddle on the other, this backsplash lifts up pancakes, burgers and everything in between. Both cooking zones have separate heating controls.

Our camping grill pan has side tables for spoons and spices, so you can easily access and keep delicious sauces within reach. The lowered lever design keeps everything within reach.

Our grill pan set is portable enough to take with you to the park for an afternoon picnic, out into the wilderness for a dream breakfast in the woods, or just for an unforgettable barbecue session on the patio.

If you plan to cook bacon or any other juicy meat, cleanup can be tedious. Luckily, our camp grill features a grease trap that collects all the debris, making cleanup after cooking a breeze.

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What You Need To Know About Flat Top Grills

Now, to answer that last question: What is a flat top grill? It depends on who you ask, but traditionally, a flat top grill is basically a large, flat griddle with no lid or cover. However, we often see grill and griddle used interchangeably. And, when searching flat top grills, we find both griddles and grillswhich look very similarlumped in the same category. Which one is best for you all depends on what you plan to cook. While a lot of things can be prepared on both, there are differences.


A griddle is an uninterrupted, flat heated surface, with no holes or openings in it. Things cooked on a griddle sit in their own oil and greaseor require some type of oil or grease, if the food on the griddle doesnt have any of its own. Griddles will work best when used at temperatures a bit under 400 degrees Fahrenheit, for food like eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, cheesesteaks, grilled cheese, and other hot sandwiches. Plus, there are a lot more advanced culinary options like stir fry, fajitas, and tacos. And, yes, burgersWhite Castle has been doing them this way for a century now.


Can You Cook On A Blackstone Griddle With The Lid On

Top 10 Best Outdoor Griddle Reviews in 2020 in 2020

Some Blackstone griddles come with a lid, or hood, while others do not. But do you need a lid for your griddle? And what are the benefits of having one?

A griddle lid will help protect your Blackstone from the elements, but it can also serve as a handy cooking tool.

You can cook on a Blackstone griddle with the lid on, and by doing so, you can add some variety to your griddle-cooking methods!

Blackstone griddle lids are easy to install and a breeze to use.

Lets take a closer look at which Blackstone griddles come with lids, the benefits of using a griddle lid, and the best way to attach the lid so you can start cooking!

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Shop Blackstone Griddles And Accessories At Ace

Shop online or head to your neighborhood store to get great deals on top-rated Blackstone grills and accessories. Our helpful staff is happy to offer expert tips and advice to find the perfect products for your needs. Looking for a complete outdoor cooking experience? Shop BBQ sauces and rubs to help you get the most out of your meals, and patio furniture like dining sets, patio chairs, swings and gliders to enjoy a great meal in good weather.

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Keeps Bugs Animals & Rodents Off Your Griddle

Are you tired of having to wait for your griddle to cool down before you can get it covered? Or how about how gross your soft cover becomes from it sitting directly on top of your cooking surface? Well, you’re not alone! Thousands of people face this problem with their griddles. You don’t have to put up with this anymore!

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Buying Factors To Consider

Before you make a final decision concerning an outdoor gas griddle, keep these key aspects in mind so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Griddle Size

Obviously, the size of the griddle impacts how many folks you can cook for, and where. Smaller griddles can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be implemented relatively easily with an existing cookout layout.

For instance, you can combine them with existing grills with no trouble at all. Smaller griddles usually have surface areas of around 300 in.² or less and are perfect for cooking for a small family. Larger griddles will require dedicated space but can cook more food. They usually have cooking surface areas of 500 in.² or more and can cook for a large family.

Number of Burners

Griddles have hot and cold zones due to their burners. Essentially, the space directly above the burner will be hotter while spaces near the edges will be cooler. Having more burners beneath your griddle surface will let you heat the entire surface area more quickly and thoroughly. This can be important if you plan to cook a lot of food at the same time.

More burners is always a good thing since you can always turn burners off to keep a cooler or warming area. You get more temperature control over the griddle with more burners.

This is especially useful when doing outdoor cooking, as you dont want those scrambled eggs to go cold while the sausages finish.


Choosing A Flat Top Grill

How To Season a New Blackstone Griddle | Blackstone Griddle

Picking which surface to get on a flat top grill depends on what you typically cook on a grill, or what you would like to cook on a grill. Some flat top grill models come with both grill and griddle cooking surfaces, eliminating the decision if you cant make up your mind. Size is the last consideration and that depends on the size of the mealsor how many people youll be preparing food for. Two-burner grills will work for most small families, while four-burner grills would be better for larger families or small cookouts with friends. If you plan on entertaining larger parties, five or more burners may be in order.

Most flat top grills are propane-fueled, so youll want to consider how many BTUs of cooking power a grill offers. Expect extras such as folding-side serving shelves, a wide storage shelf underneath, hooks for grilling tools, and removable grease buckets, along with wheels, often with locking castors. Mostbut not allare powder-coated to prevent rust those that don’t will need to be stored inside or covered. Finally, some flat top grills feature folding legs for storage or portability.

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What Makes Gas Griddles Different

Griddles make use of flat, open cooking surfaces commonly made from a kind of steel. Hence the name flattop grill.

These surfaces are then heated via gas burners that rest directly beneath the cooking surface.

Griddle surfaces provide a uniform cooking area that doesnt leave marks on your food or require as much cleanup as a traditional grill.

Since there is no direct flame contact you dont have to worry about flare-ups.

Griddles let you cook everything from eggs, pancakes, and other fragile foods that would fall straight through a gas griddle surface.

Commonly thought of as breakfast grills, you can still cook everything you would on a normal grill.

If you enjoy outdoor cooking, being able to prep breakfast for a large number of people is a great feature.

So What Are The Pros And Cons

There are a lot of advantages to using the Blackstone Griddle over a traditional grill:

  • Large cooktop: All of that space on the griddle means you can prep multiple foods at once and cook for a crowd with ease.
  • Adjustable heat: Three adjustable burners allow you to create independently controlled cooking zones
  • Easy cleanup: No grates to scrub and no burnt-on food, just one flat surface to wipe clean. The convenient grease trap allows you to push all your grease through a hole in the griddle where it falls into a detachable cup. The cup is easy to remove and wash up. That takes care of the hardest cleaning.

Of course, there are cons to any cooking method:

  • Cold spots: Just like a grill, the Blackstone griddle has spots that are hotter than others. But the more you cook on it, the better youll get at learning where those spots are and how to cook with them.

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Best Tabletop/portable Griddle Blackstone Table Top Grill 17 Portable Gas Griddle

This is a portable griddle that offers 260 in.² of cooking space.

The Blackstone table top grill is ideal for small families or groups of travelers who are only cooking for a handful of people.

We recommended it in our guide to the best tabletop grills.

It utilizes 1-pound propane bottles for fuel and an electric igniter, so starting the griddle takes very little effort.

Its made of stainless steel and the griddle cooking surface can be removed for ease of cleaning and storage. Controlling the single burner is accomplished via a lone knob at the center of the control panel.

Blackstone 17 Tabletop manufacturer specifications

Cooking grate material
Check price

Its incredibly easy to store since you can remove the top and flip it so that its upside down to protect the cooking surface. At 17 inches wide, its not too unwieldy to be carried to and from various cooking locations.

What We Like

What We Dont Like

  • Concentrated Heating Area The biggest downside is that this griddle utilizes an H-shaped heating implement beneath the surface. This makes the cooking zone relatively uniform but contained the edges wont be very hot in comparison, and this limits the amount of food that you can cook at the same time.

This minor limitation isnt enough to overcome all of the good that comes with this model. Its an ideal choice if you need a small, portable gas griddle.

How Does Blackstone Compare To Its Competitors

Blackstone Adventure Ready 17"  Tabletop Griddle Combo with Fryer ...

Blackstone has been providing outdoor cooking appliances to the consumer market. Its products offer excellence and quality in every aspect. Blackstone has always served its customers with the highest level of professionalism and dedication. As a result, they have admirers all over the world. The following are some of the outstanding features:

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Flat Top Griddle Vs A Standard Gas Grill

There are a few differences between these two cooking implements that well go over.

  • Taste and texture grills give cooked food a slightly-charred texture that adds a smoky flavor to a lot of meats. Griddles provide cooked food with more of a fried flavor. Many foods might taste a little fried as a result of the smooth cooking surface.
  • Time Grills cook faster than griddles, generally, since grills can go to higher cooking temperatures. The open flames will provide more heat more quickly to most food items than the burners of a griddle. However, griddles can still cook reasonably fast for most occasions.
  • Convenience Grills are harder to move or carry around, as they are dependent on their thin legs or wheels for locomotion. Griddles are generally smaller or more portable and certain models can easily fit on table tops or onto your existing grill.

Keep in mind that youll see the term griddle and flat top thrown around. They mean the same thing.

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    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Blackstone Grills

    The main benefit is that they are portable. The main disadvantage is that they do not have the cooking capabilities or features of an oven, stove or grill. They are primarily used for simple grilling and reheating food, but not for baking or boiling water. In addition to not being able to be used in many indoor locations, they are also suitable for outdoor use. They also have a low heat output and are highly susceptible to wind.

    What Is The Blackstone Lid For

    Hinged Cover for Blackstone Griddles – How to Install – Backyard Life Gear

    The Blackstone griddle lid has a few main functions.

    You can use the griddle lid to protect your griddle when youre not using it, which can help keep your griddle in good condition.

    You can also use the lid while you are cooking to maintain even heating, reduce spatter, and keep food warm.

    A Blackstone griddle lid can help protect your griddle from the elements when its not in use.

    However, if you live in an area with frequent precipitation, you may also want to invest in a griddle cover, which is a more comprehensive way to protect your griddle from water damage.

    If youd like to use your Blackstone griddle lid while you are cooking, you can use it to trap and retain heat.

    This will make a more oven-like cooking environment with a consistent temperature.

    Whenever you are using your griddle, take care to monitor your food carefully.

    A food thermometer can help you gauge how hot its getting under the lid and when you should open it.

    Once you are done cooking and have shut off your griddle, you can place the lid on top, or close the hood, to trap the remaining heat and keep your food warm for a period of time.

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    Best Gas Griddle Combo Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Grill And Griddle Combo

    This larger gas griddle combo gives you the flexibility to cook on the griddle or grill at the same time.

    Both cooking surfaces rest side-by-side and each offers 292 in.² of cooking space. This is 584 in.² in total for cooking virtually any type of grill-able food.

    It utilizes four stainless steel burners for 4 cooking zones, two on each surface, and both the griddle and grill can output 12,000 BTUs of heat.

    This is enough to cook for a normal-sized family of 4 or 5 people comfortably.

    It uses electronic ignition and a simple button to begin the heating process.

    It also has a built-in grease channel and removal drip pans to help you easily clean up the mess when the cookout is complete.

    What We Like

    What We Dont Like:

    • Lengthy AssemblyThere are a couple of minor flaws. The biggest one is that assembling the griddle takes a little bit of time, and it comes with most of its major components needing completion. This takes time, but it isnt too complicated, at least.
    • Heavy In addition, although the wheels help to keep the griddle mobile, its a relatively heavy piece of machinery and is kind of unwieldy. Its not a great pick for camping or for taking over to a friends backyard.

    The Camp Chef is a strong competitor for best flat top griddle with the Blackstone and Pit Boss we reviewed earlier.

    It has a griddle surface of 604 in.², which helps keep the size of the overall unit down a little bit.

    These side tables can be folded down, as an added bonus.

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