California Fish Grill Culver City

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California Fish Grill Culver City

Culvers WallEye(Pike) Fish Dinner Review

I selected the California Fish Grill due to the various options to accommodate my wife’s gluten allergy. Chris was incredibly familiar with the options, as well as explained separate prep area for different items. I had the fried catfish, battered in corn flour and was…incredibly fresh and tasty. My daughter had the dynamite shrimp and it was super tasty. My wife got the grilled sea bass with asparagus. The food delivery was quick and the employees were super courteous and professional. Don’t underestimate this restaurant just because it’s in a strip mall. Super tasty!More

CFG is a delicious fast food seafood restaurant. Nice selections of different types of seafood along with many choices of side dishes too. They have a chicken dish for those non-seafood types like myself. Very good service and the seafood is all fresh and grilled…to order. Limited indoor seating, but they do have outdoor seating with heaters if it gets cold. Easy free parking in the shopping mall. Sometimes there are lines, so expect to wait as this is a popular place in Culver City. If you like seafood, then this is your place.More

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My first time here. The menu selections are all very appetizing. The wait wasnt too long and the service was friendly and accommodating!If you are going to spend your money on crap, try the healthier option!Very, very good food!!!

While working the election back in September, I went there for lunch. The order taker/cashier was OK friendly and kinda helpful with my ordering. I ordered the salmon, rice and sweet potatoes fries. The salmon was dry and over cooked.

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