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What Temperature Do I Cook Chicken On Griddle

Weber Crafted Flat Top Griddle Overview and How to Season

When cooking chicken on a griddle, it is important to use the correct temperature.

The optimal temperature for cooking chicken on a griddle is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. If the chicken is cooked at a higher or lower temperature, it may not be as tender.

If you are using an electric griddle, make sure that the surface is well-greased before cooking your chicken. A non-stick coating will not work as well when cooking at high temperatures.

What Can You Cook On A Flat

The biggest difference between a flat-top grill and a classic grill with grates is that you wont get any sear lines on a flat top. Because there is more surface contact with foods that are cooked on a flat top, its best to cook items that you want to have deep, uniform caramelization. Burgers are great on a classic grill, but theyre also great on a flat top because youll get an extra dark crust around the outside of the patty. You can cook any protein that you might cook over grill grates on a flat-top grill, just know that you will get a darker crust around the product.

Keep in mind that fattier cuts of meat, like bacon or skin-on chicken thighs, tend to render lots of fat, and not all flat-top grills have multiple grease catches, making oil splatters pretty common. Fish is another protein that you can cook on a flat top, just stay in the cooler heat zones since it can be a bit more fragile. You can also get a brunch spread going on your flat top and cook pancakes, eggs, toast, French toast, and breakfast meats for a fun, outdoor breakfast.

What To Cook On A Flat Top Grill

Now that you know the basics of flat top grilling, you may be wondering what to cook?

Well, I can tell you this you can use your outdoor gas griddle to cook a whole lot more than just fried rice, pancakes and bacon, and smash burgers! Think beyond the obvious griddle foods! For inspiration, you can check out my YouTube channel where I show you how to cook a wide variety of flat top grill recipes like:

  • An entire Pork Chop Dinner with ALL the sides
  • Country Fried Steak

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Coyote 30 Flat Top Grill

Product Highlights

Cooking Surface Size: 503 sq. in.

No. of Burners: 2

Last but certainly not least We have Coyotes 30 flat top grill.

At first glance, it looks very similar to the other brands weve discussed. In many ways This is true!

Coyote utilizes complete heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction Its available in liquid propane and natural gas It features two U-Shaped burners.

These burners dish out 17,000 BTUs each for a total of 34,000 BTUs.

Two knobs allow you to fine tune the temperature on each side. You also get a good amount of cooktop area, to the tune of 503 square inches!

For those curious Coyote uses a piezo-electric ignition system.

Lets see whats in the warranty.

The lid, stainless steel frame, burners, cooking surface, and valves are covered under a lifetime warranty. The electric and ignition components are covered for 2 years.

For the price Coyote offers a seriously robust warranty!

Speaking of price How much does this flat top grill cost?

Currently, this outdoor flat grill costs $2,099.00.

Now that weve given you an overview of these brands Youre certainly wondering which one is the best!

What Is The Difference Between A Grill And A Griddle

Best Flat Top Indoor Grill  Home Gadgets

Grills and griddles are two different types of cooking surfaces that can be used to cook food. Grills are typically composed of metal plates that heat up and create a hot grill environment.

This environment cooks the food directly on the metal plates. Griddles, on the other hand, are made of steel or non-stick material and have a large surface area that allows you to cook multiple pieces of food at once.

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Flat Top : Indoor Grills

No backyard? No worries! Bring the fun BBQ inside with an indoor grill. Set up a grilling station in your home with an electric grill. If you are worried about the smoke, pick a smokeless grill that gives you the perfect flavor without the fuss. Smokeless indoor grills let you make restaurant-quality food in your cooking area. Choose a brand that you love like George Foreman, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart and more. Indoor electric grills come in many sizes, so you can pick the one right for your space. For the best char-grilled veggies and steak, a sturdy grill plate is a must-have. Die-cast grill plates are durable and long-lasting. Some indoor grills come with a panini press too, making breakfasts and brunches a breeze. Stainless steel grills with nonstick coating are easy-to-clean appliances. Fat-removing design of some grills helps to keep off those extra calories. Glass-lid, smoke-less indoor grills let you keep a close eye on whats cooking. Have a small space? Its time to switch out the extra-large charcoal grill with a multi-purpose indoor grill. They not only save space but are great for all-day BBQs too!

What Sets Lynx Apart

When it comes to luxury outdoor kitchen brands, Lynx is one of the names at the top. The level of craftsmanship and quality in their designs is just simply hard to top.

The Trident Infrared Burners are what sets this built-in griddle from the rest. Infrared heating ensures consistent, precise temperatures throughout the entire cooking surface of your griddle.

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Should You Grill Chicken On Low Or High Heat

Grilling chicken on low heat is perfect for those who want their poultry to be tender and juicy. On the other hand, grilling chicken on high heat will produce a more charred and crispy exterior. Which method should you use to grill your chicken

The answer is simple: it depends on your preference. Experiment with both low and high heat settings until you find one that produces the results that you are looking for.

Pay Attention To Your Propane Tank

Trying the SteelMade Flat Top Grill for Gas Ranges – Review, Unboxing, & Setup

One major component of a gas griddle that often gets overlooked is the gas itself. Here are some tips for managing your propane tank:

  • Turn the propane off at the source. Dont rely on your grill knobs alone when turning the heat off. Always turn your grill off with the knobs AND the valve on the actual propane tank to avoid gas leaking from the tank.
  • Buy a 2nd tank. Theres nothing worse than walking out to your back deck to cook up some Oklahoma Onion Burgers and realizing that youre out of propane. Do yourself a favor and get a 2nd tank to have as a backup.
  • Look for a tank with a fill gage. This will make your life easier!
  • Check Costco or Sams Club for inexpensive propane. I always refill my tank at Costco, because it costs about 30% less than other grocery stores.

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Which Fuel Type Is Most Convenient For Flat Top Grills

As with other gas grills, you have 2 choices of fuel type when it comes to gas griddles: propane and natural gas. We wont get into the chemical differences here, but there are some practical contrasts that will make one fuel better for you than the other. Things like portability, installation, and refueling are huge considerations in the fuel-type discussion, so lets take a close look at what separates propane flat top griddles from natural gas models.

Can You Cook Chicken Wings On A Flat Top Grill

If so, you may want to try cooking them on a flat top grill. Flat top grills are perfect for cooking wings because they evenly heat the entire surface of the wing.

This means that the wings will cook quickly and wont stick to the grill. Additionally, flat top grills are great for creating a crispy crust on the wings. If youre looking to cook your chicken wings on a flat top grill, be sure to follow these tips:

1) Preheat your grill before adding the wings. This will help them cook evenly and avoid sticking.

2) Make sure that the wing is completely dry before cooking it on the grill. Wet wings will stick to the grill and wont turned out as well as those that are dried out.

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How To Maintain A Flat Top Grill

The best way to maintain your flat top grill is to keep it clean and well-regulated. Clean the cooking surface after each use, and be sure to drain the grease trap as well.

Beyond regular cleaning, you should inspect the grill for signs of rust and other wear and tear. If youre not planning on using the grill for a while, you should disconnect the fuel source and clean out the heating elements so they wont corrode.

Le Griddle Outdoor Flat Top Grill Built In

Electric Countertop Griddle Kitchen Flat Top Grill w/ Non
Product Highlights

Next, we have Le Griddle.

As you could guess from the name These flat top grills are designed and manufactured in France.

Le Griddle Original is a combo unit designed for both built-in and countertop use.

Le Griddle Original contains two burners with a U-shape and a total of 18,000 BTU output. This is exactly half of Blaze!

Due to the lower heat output Le Griddle will be best for low temperature cooking.

Other features include complete 304 stainless steel construction with 465 square inches of cooking area.

Unlike many flat top grillsLe Griddle features a dual plate system. There is a stainless steel griddle top plate with a cast iron plate underneath. This provides more even heat distribution when cooking.

Le Griddle Original is an outdoor propane gas grill with flat top. If youre looking for natural gas Versatility allows this flat top to be converted for your needs.

How about the warranty?

Le Griddle offers a lifetime warranty on their dual plate system. The stainless steel gas burners are warrantied for 5 years. All other parts are covered for 1 year.

Compared to Blaze Le Griddles warranty is a bit less robust.

Le Griddle also offers flat top grills in multiple sizes. Theres a 16 inch, 30 inch, and 41 inch model. These options make sure youll have enough space when outdoor cooking.

As far as price goes The 30 inch model is currently $1,999.00 on BBQ Guys.

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How We Chose These Products

Having used a variety of flat top grills of various sizes, I was able to use my experience to make my selections for our list of the top models. Since heat output is key with any type of grill, I limited my selections to those that could evenly cook food by producing at least 75 BTUs per square inch of cooking surface. I also chose grills with multiple burners that allow the chef to create different heat zones for cooking different types of food at one time. My list includes both large flat top grills capable of cooking for up to 10 people as well as smaller models for portable or indoor use.

Q: Can You Use Pots And Pans On A Griddle

A: Yes, though it will take longer than using your stove inside. Energy from the burner has to heat the thick steel top, then the pan, so while you can boil water and simmer sauces it griddle isn’t as responsive as a stove. Some griddle users will fill a disposable aluminum lasagna pan with oil and use that to fry food on the griddle.

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How Long Do You Grill Chicken At 450

If youre looking for a delicious, healthy meal that can be prepared in a short amount of time, grill chicken at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes per side.

This will give you chicken thats cooked through and juicy with a crispy crust. Plus, its a great way to get your vegetables involved, since the chicken will cook alongside them.

How Do You Grill Chicken On A Flat Top Grill

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill (Camp Chef or Blackstone)


When grilling chicken, it is important to use a flat top grill to evenly cook the meat. There are a few different ways to grill chicken on a flat top grill. One way is to place the chicken on the grill skin side

down. Another way is to place the chicken on the grill skin side up, but with its wings spread out so they form an X shape. You can also place the chicken onto skewers and cook it that way.

The key is to make sure that you evenly cook all sides of the chicken so that it comes out juicy and delicious.

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How Do You Season A Flat

Its important to know what kind of material your flat-top grill is made of before you season it. If you have a cast iron flat-top grill, you should wipe down the grill and turn the grill on high to cook off any additional debris. Once the grill is hot, add liberal amounts of oil and carefully wipe it around until the grill is coated and the oil is smoking. Repeat this process until the surface is oiled and shiny.

If you have a carbon steel flat top, that means your grill has properties of both cast iron and stainless steel. Start by cleaning the surface with a grill scraper, avoiding any cleaning products, which can cause scratching. From there, youll season just like you would a cast iron. Turn the grill heat to high, then add some oil and rub it around until the surface is oiled and shiny.

What Temperature Do You Grill Chicken On An Electric Grill

Electric grills are a great option for those who want to grill their chicken but dont want the hassle or mess of charcoal or wood. There are many different types of electric grills, so it can be difficult to know which temperature to grill your chicken at.

The best temperature to grill chicken on an electric grill is around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that the chicken is cooked through without getting charred and without sticking to the grill.

If youre looking for something a little bit more intense, you can cook your chicken at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a few minutes per side, or even up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit for a bit longer.

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Lynx Asado 30 Inch Built

Lynx is a staple in the world of custom outdoor kitchens, and their Asado 30 Inch Built-in Flat Top Grill lives up to the lofty standard that they have set. This grill has a pretty hefty price tag but if its in the cards for you youre handsomely rewarded with a 495 square inch cooking surface area that is constructed with the absolute highest quality materials.

The chasis is made of professional grade 304 stainless steel and the cooking surface is a multi layer all clad aluminum build that has two sheets of stainless steel also built in to provide perfect heat distribution. The cooking area is heated by two 23,000 BTU burners, which are the most powerful set of burners of any grill on this list.

The unit is loaded with blue LED control panel accents that look really nice aesthetically and help to illuminate your set up for night time cooks.

Flat Top Grill Tips And Techniques To Look Like A Pro

GorillaRock Flat Top Griddle

So, you want to look like a pro so you dont get embarrassed when all of your buddies are over watching the game and youre on grill duty? Of course, cooking on a flat top grill with confidence comes with time and practice, but once youve mastered these techniques, youll be well on your way.

Here are the three basic grill maneuvers that youll be using when preparing meals on your griddle:

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Clean Your Griddle As You Go With A Scraper

If I was trapped on a deserted back porch and I could only have 2 griddle accessories, then I would choose a spatula and a scraper. A spatula is essential for mixing, flipping, and moving foods, and a bench scraper is essential for everything else including cleaning your grill.

As you cook, use the scraper to scrape the grill surface starting at the top and moving towards the grease trough. Scraping the grill as you go, after youre done cooking each food or when you move your food to a different part of the grill, helps prevent food from sticking and it makes it easier to clean your gas griddle when youre done.

Dont Be Afraid To Put A Pot Or Pan On Your Griddle Surface

The flat top grill is incredibly versatile , but you may think that youre limited to just using the actual griddle top for cooking your food. In fact, you can make sauces, broths, or other more liquid foods by setting a pot or pan directly on the surface of your flat top.

No need to run between the kitchen stove and your back deck if you want to make an au jus for your beef sandwiches or heat up Cheez-Whiz for your Philly Cheesesteaks. You can do it all on your flat top grill!

However, if you plan to heat a larger amount of liquid, I suggest pre-heating it in a sauce pan or pot on your kitchen stove first before cooking it on the grill, because it will save you some time. You can also preheat your skillet or pot on your stove first to bring the temperature of the skillet up to save time.

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