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Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Review – Prime WiFi Pellet Grill 2020

As the name suggests, Green Mountain Grills are designed to take you to the summit of outdoor cooking greatness. From digital controls to efficient design, these pellet grills deliver incredible value for backyard chefs who crave convenience as much as they yearn for wood-fired flavor. Need proof? Every Green Mountain grill features a digital Wi-Fi controller that pairs with the GMG smartphone app for setting timers, receiving alerts, creating fully customizable cooking profiles, and mobile monitoring via Server Mode. The smart controls continue with Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor that fires up the grills Turbo mode in cold conditions so you can feast without a long preheat.

Green Mountain Grills provide peak pun definitely intended performance at every step of the cooking process, most notably the venturi-style firebox and its resulting burn-pot cyclone that produces maximum heat, optimal flavor distribution, and complete combustion with zero waste. Above the firebox sits a stainless steel heat shield, expertly designed to evenly distribute heat within the convection-style grill chamber. And did we mention the variable-speed, dual-fan system? It precisely maintains temperature and prevents hopper burn-back, with an automatic shutoff setting that blows ash out of the firebox to save cleanup time.

Top Green Mountain Grill Models

Green Mountain Grills have recently updated their lineup of grills with two ranges and new product names.

If you are looking at reviews you might see the old names and some of the older models are still being sold by third parties, so this is definitely something to look out for.

The main range is called Prime. All grills come with WiFi smart controls and then Prime Plus gives you a few upgrades including a collapsible front shelf and interior grill light.

The Choice lineup of pellet grills refers to the original lineup and seems to be getting phased out. The GMG website currently only lists the Daniel Boone.

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Are Green Mountain Grills Easy To Look After

Make sure your grill is unplugged in between uses and always double check its unplugged before cleaning it.

Clean the grates after every use with a wire brush while the grates are warm not hot.

Check on the level of the grease tray. If youve grilled or smoked something with a lot of grease , then clean the tray. Avoid grease fires by keeping the grease tray, the drip system tube, and the chimney cap free of grease.

Green Mountain Grills recommends super heating the grill periodically to burn off meat residue from the interior. Set the grill to 500° for about an hour.

Pellet dust needs to be cleaned out. Be sure the ash is completely cool. Some Green Mountain Grills have a fan to help blow out the dust leftover from burns. Otherwise, a shop vac works well.

Pellets are made from sawdust. Hard pellets, when mixed with water will turn into sawdust mush and then into something much, much harder. So, keep the pellet hopper and auger dry at all times.

Daniel Boone Choice Black

Daniel Boone Prime Plus Green Mountain Grill

For 11 years, GMGs Choice product line has stood the test of time. Weve constantly refined and improved it so that you can now own a high-tech, industry-leading pellet grill for a modest price.

Adjust the smoke and temp from 150° to 500°F and keep it there. With a GMG grill, you just set it and forget it. You can produce succulent food, in your own backyard, that proves youre a pro.

Kick your taste buds into a new dimension!

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Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Choice Pellet Smoker Review

By: Max Good

The Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Choice is one of their most popular model. Green Mountain makes two lines of pellet smokers: Choice and Prime. The Prime models have more features, but even the Daniel Boone Choice includes some features not common in lower price pellet smokers. Theres a standard meat probe feature that reports the internal temperature of whats being cooked to the controller read-out, a low pellet alarm, a work surface on both sides, and tool hooks. The touch pad digital controller allows BBQ cooks to enjoy set it and forget ease of use. All cooking grates are stainless steel. The peaked lid has 13.5 inches of headroom. GMG claims the temperature range is 150 to 500°F.

Wi-Fi control lets the cook relax in or outdoors and monitor or even change whats going on without lingering on a hot or frigid patio. Insulation blankets and fitted covers are also available.

This Daniel Boone WiFi model is the last model left in Green Mountains Choice series. Green Mountain is focusing on their newer Prime Series. Read our detailed review of the Prime models here.

  • Review Method: Looked Closely At It We have seen this product up close and we have also gathered info from the manufacturer, owners, and other reliable sources.
  • Primary Function:


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Beeping Low Pellet Alarm

A constantly beeping alarm could be a sign that the pellet level has fallen beneath the sensor. Refilling the pellets usually does the trick. If not, you can try unplugging the grill, then disconnecting and reconnecting the alarm. When these steps dont work, it means the alarm is broken.

Tip: The low pellet alarm is just a secondary feature. If its beeping all the time, you can disable it and continue cooking as usual.

Instructional Videos & Recipes:

Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone Setup

Please find a range of Recipes and Instructional Videos on the Official Green Mountain Grills Youtube Channel Click here

If you are interested in this Green Mountain Grills Pellet Smoker Daniel Boone Choice WIFI Pellet Smoker, please see other Green Mountain Grills, BBQs & SmokersMeat Smoking & American BBQ

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Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting: The Ultimate Guide

As a company, Green Mountain Grills has a solid reputation for quality and customer service. However, even the most reliable pellet grills can run into trouble sometimes.

Knowing how to identify and correct these problems in advance can save a lot of hassle. Take a look at this Green Mountain Grill troubleshooting guide to familiarize yourself with the basics.

Heres a list of the issues that you might encounter when using a Green Mountain Grill, and the steps that you can take to resolve them.


These are the different error codes that you might see in the digital display window.

Green Mountain Grills Vs Traeger Pellet Grills Head To Head

Comparing grills from different companies is hard.

Price point and features rarely line up, so its very hard to make fair comparisons.

To find out which company makes the best grill for your needs, its better to start by understanding which features are most important to you.

With that disclaimer in mind, here are some of the general differences between the two brands to help you decide which grill to buy:

  • Green Mountain Grills are significantly cheaper than their equivalent Traeger model with the top of the range Peak Prime going for $1,099.00 compared to $2099.99 for the Traeger Timberline.
  • GMG grills generally offer less surface area due to their single grill rack design while Traeger utilizes an additional warming rack which boosts the number but this doesnt always translate to more real estate .
  • The portable Trek from Green Mountain Grills comes with WiFi while the Traeger Tailgater does not.
  • While its not a big difference, GMGs beats Traeger on maximum temperature with their grills maxing out at 550°F compared to 450 500°F for the Traeger.
  • Both companies offer a 3-year warranty

Out of the full lineup of Traeger grills, the best value for most people would be the Pro 575.

To help you compare weve selected two of the most popular grills that Traeger and Green Mountain Grills sell, and compared them across a range of categories.

At the time of writing the Ledge and Pro 575 were priced identically, but be sure to check our links for the latest price.

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Peak Prime Plus Wifi Grill

The Peak is the big daddy of the Green Mountain Grill family.

It looks exactly like the Ledge, only stretched out so now you get 658 square inches of cooking space.

This doesnt make it a huge grill by any standards. To give you some perspective the most expensive Traeger Timberline comes with 1300 square inches of cooking space .

You have to be careful making the comparison though because it all comes down to how much usable space you get. A lot of the extra space on the Traeger comes from the additional warming rack. If you want to cook any large items youll want to remove this, bringing your actual real estate down.

We Are Proud To Announce The New Names Of Our Grills

Green Mountain Grills

The Davy Crockett is now the TREK PRIME. Changes to it include stauncher legs and an exterior heat shield adjustment rod. Also, a stainless steel Trek cart with casters will soon be available . This has a collapsible front shelf and fixed side shelf with a storage shelf underneath.

The Daniel Boone Prime+ is now the LEDGE PRIME. The only change is the name.

The Jim Bowie Prime+ is now the PEAK PRIME. The only change is the name.

The DANIEL BOONE CHOICE keeps its name as a nostalgic link to our fifteen year history. It now has thick legs and Wi-Fi capability.

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Green Mountain Grills Llc

Today consumers can choose from a wide variety of pellet smokers in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. But it wasnt long ago that Traeger and Louisiana Grills used to be pretty much the only game in town for pellet smokers less than a grand. Green Mountain Grills changed that in 2008 and has run up significant sales numbers since then by consistently coming up with affordable, innovative products. They also offer pellets, rubs and various accessories.

In 2014 Green Mountain drastically lowered prices making them a best buy. We always liked Green Mountain, now we love them. Jason Baker of Green Mountain explains, We have dramatically lowered our prices to allow the WIFi units to come in at better prices. The move towards WiFi will be interesting. We hope to bring a whole new consumer into the pellet grilling umbrella. Indeed, Green Mountain was at the forefront of remote and WiFi controlled pellet smoker technology.

GMG doesnt sell much on the internet, but the company website has a dealer locator to help you find their products. The dealer network is expanding and GMG products can now be purchased in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Africa. The cookers are assembled in China, but management, sales and distribution are headquartered in Reno, NV.

1/23/2013 9/27/2021

Green Mountain Grills Pellet Smoker Daniel Boone Choice Wifi Pellet Smoker


* Flat Rate $49 to Melbourne, Flat Rate $99 to Canberra, Wollongong & Sydney* Registered Freight calculated on rates table for the rest of Australia.

For 11 years, GMGs Choice product line has stood the test of time. Weve constantly refined and improved it so that you can now own a high-tech, industry-leading pellet grill for a modest price.

Please see below for a full description of the product:

1 left

Green Mountain Grills Pellet Smoker Daniel Boone Choice WIFI Pellet Smoker

* FREE Freight within 100kms* Flat Rate $49 to Melbourne, Flat Rate $99 to Canberra, Wollongong & Sydney* Registered Freight calculated on rates table for the rest of Australia.

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Green Mountain Grills Thermal Blanket For Daniel Boone Prime Gmg

Item dimensions L x W x H 36 x 36 x 30 centimeters
Closure type
  • Designed to fit Gmg Daniel Boone Prime 12v Wifi Grills with built in front shelf
  • Save 50% on Pellet Use
  • Maintain Desired Temperatures with Fewer Pellets
  • Includes Built-In Magnets and Mounting Holes
  • Grill Sold Seperate
  • This item: Green Mountain Grills Thermal Blanket for Daniel Boone Prime GMG-6031$156.79Ships from and sold by Django Store.Get it
  • Only 5 left in stock.Ships from and sold by Northern Shipments.Get it
  • Only 9 left in stock.Ships from and sold by Holistic Ave.Get it

If You Want To Save Money Look At Z Grills

Pellet Smoker Grilled Steaks, Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone

If you want the best value for money Z Grills is a tempting option.

The company has been around for a long time producing grills for other companies. They used to manufacture grills for Traeger!

The most popular model they sell is the Z Grills 700D4E which we have a detailed review for.

Wrapping it up

I hope this article has helped you decide between a Traeger and a Green Mountain Grill.

If you dont want to stretch your budget, GMG offers some excellent technology and features for a lower price point.

They also are a pretty clear winner in the portable grill category.

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If You Want Better Searing Options Look At Camp Chef

I would say Camp Chef and Green Mountain Grills are at a similar level in terms of price and build quality, but the Camp Chef has the best solution for searing that weve seen on a pellet grill.

Im a big fan of the popular Woodwind pellet grill.

Instead of adjustable plates, like you see on a lot of Pit Boss grills, they just give you the option to add on an optional sear box.

They also sell the larger Woodwindwhich we loved when we reviewed it.

Traeger Is Currently Suing Green Mountain Grills

Traeger and Green Mountain Grills are going through a legal battle over the use of technology in their pellet grills.

Traeger filed two patents in 2016 related two the use of cloud or mobile applications for controlling an outdoor grill.

In 2018 they sent cease and desist letters to Rec Rec, Memphis Grills, and Green Mountain Grills telling them to stop selling wirelessly connected pellet grills.

GMG fired back with a suit against Traeger in the US Patent and Trademark Office, with Traeger quickly filing a lawsuit against GMG for patent infringement.

Derrick Riches has an excellent write-up of the whole saga on his website if you would like to learn more.

In my opinion, this is an unfortunate example of a large company trying to bully a small one. The truth is WiFi-enabled pellet grills have been around since 2012, long before Traeger filed any patents.

If Traeger wins, the whole industry will be hurt by the lack of innovation. Lets remember that over the decades where Traeger has no competition they failed to improve or innovate on their grill designs.

If you are a grill buyer what does this mean for you? Nothing in the short term. In the long term if Traeger wins this suit could potentially put GMG out of business, which might affect any warranties or customer service.

Our hope is that common sense prevails and the suit is dismissed.

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Gmg Daniel Boone Choice Pellet Grill

Channeling the pioneering spirit of its namesake, the Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Choice pellet grill allows you to explore the joys of wood-fired cooking without breaking the bank. Its durable, powder-coated steel exterior houses 458 square inches of cooking area, a spacious terrain for your culinary discoveries. Whether youre smoking low and slow or grilling between 150°F and 500°F, the 17-lb.-capacity pellet hopper will see you through hours of continuous cooking. Through it all, the GMG Daniel Boone Choice with Wi-Fi smart controls keeps you in command of the journey with alerts and oversight from your smartphone.

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