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Titan Great Outdoors Adjustable Swivel Grill

Build a DIY Backyard Fire Pit Grill Grate and Campfire Cooking BBQ Grate Ideas

This is the fire pit grill grate that we use. The TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Adjustable Swivel Grill features a unique design and requires quite a different setup compared to other items on our list. It goes over an open fire and features a swivel that goes directly into the ground.

This is the perfect grill for open fires, picnics, or backyard parties. Heres how we built the paver fire pit that the grate is used over.

We use it to roast oysters each fall.

You have to drive in the dirt, and then adjust it to an ideal height The good news is that the swivel rotates in all directions if the fire goes wild, you can rotate it to protect the food from burning.

We have used it for two years now and its starting to show some rust spots in the weld joints but is still sturdy as the day we installed it. We are very happy with this purchase. Its an excellent choice for outdoor fires, and it can be adjusted according to your liking.

Diy Fire Pit Grill Grate With 5 Methods

Susan Foster

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Cooking over a fire pit is always fun, and the taste of food cooked in an open fire has no match. This food also brings you back to old-school campfire days. Starting to crave that roasted smell and appetizing grills already? You can enjoy a homely-campfire meal instantly. All you need is a grill grate. And if you dont have any, no problem, you can make it now.

This article will get to know Four different ways to DIY a grill grate for your fire pit. From scratch to restoring an old one. All simple, easy and budget-friendly DIY ways to make a grill grate in one place.

So without further delay, lets start exploring the DIY methods. Before that, lets have a glance at the exciting advantages of a fire pit grill grate.

Diy Adjustable Grill Grate

An adjustable grill grate comes with an extensive usage option. This grate is usually compact. You can open it into parts and take it anywhere you want. However, lets unfold the DIY method of making a grill grate for a fire pit step by step. Before jumping on the steps, take note of what materials you are going to need.

  • A solid mesh screen

Steps to follow:

  • Take a solid mesh screen of your preferences. But dont go too big. The size should be medium and compact.
  • Measure the angle iron according to the mesh screen size and bend it to a frame.
  • Place the mesh screen into the angle iron frame and check if it fits properly.
  • Using the welding magnet, secure the corner of the iron frame. And weld the corners.
  • After welding the frame, attach the mesh screen and again weld properly.
  • Take a solid iron pipe and cut out a 2-inch collar from it. Make a hole on it to put a screw. This screw will adjust the standing pipe and mesh screen.
  • Attach the collar with the mesh screen.
  • For easy grip, weld a small iron bar on the screw to make a wing nut.
  • Now take a metal pipe/tube or bar. This one should be smaller in radius than the collar piece.
  • Cut the pipe bar according to your choice. And join the L-shape support rebar on the end of this pipe. Cut their end to make a spike.
  • Your adjustable grill grate is ready to rock! Attach the grate with the spike bar. Place it over your fire and enjoy your grilled food. After finishing displacement apart, move, port or store shortly.

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    Walden Backyard Fire Pit Grate

    With a high end state of the art design that does most of the cleaning up for you, the Walden Fire Pit Grate is made of a powerful alloy steel remaining very resistant to high temperatures and suitable for cooking any foods.

    The most striking thing about this grill is the miniature looking circle around the middle.

    This is actually a mesh design and works to catch embers, making for a better burn and an easy clean up, keeping a fire red hot for hours.Because the grate also stands on a circular stand, it allows for better airflow coming from underneath the fire which both maximizes the flame while at the same time creating a less smoky fire that could otherwise grow out of control or become too obnoxious. With a lack of ash being left behind, cleaning this grill is also easier than ever and almost not required at all, making for a product you can set up at any time ready for use, and not have to worry about the lengthy cleanup period after youve eaten. A perfect choice if you want the most out of your flames with the added bonus of remaining very clean even after prolonged use.

    Texsport Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill And Spit

    Outdoor Round Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grate

    This rotisserie grill from Texsport is a complete solution to all your outdoor cooking needs. This rotisserie grill and spit are constructed with sturdy material that will give you extensive service, and its multiple features will add another dimension to your outdoor grilling and cooking.

    Are you a foodie? Do you want to enjoy your weekend evening with several appetizing, grilled, and sizzling foods? Then this rotisserie grill and spit is the best match for you.

    The Texsport outdoor grill and spit is a 24-inch long and 16-inch dimensional rotisserie and grill. It is made of rugged welded steel. As a result, it will not rust or be damaged by heat. This griller comes with options for rotisserie, a swingable sidearm for holding potted food, and initially, the wide grill grate to cook plenty of sizzlers together.

    Things you are going to enjoy

    • The camp grill and spit are user-friendly and easy to set up.
    • Its rotisserie is movable to enable slow-roasted flavor on foods.
    • You can use the side arms to hold your kettle and other pots to keep the food inside warm.
    • You can adjust the height of the grill and rotisserie easily by using your thumbs.

    Things you need to consider

    • This rotisserie grill may wobble a little you will need to give extra support on the stands.

    Final verdict

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    What Is A Fire Pit Grill

    In its most basic form, a fire pit grill is a fire pit with a cooking surface. This can be as straightforward as setting a grill grate on top of a fire ring, or as intricate as a system of cooking surfaces and accessories.

    Cooking on a fire pit has its challenges. Compared to gas grills, fire pits have irregular heat distribution, no lid and relatively minor flame control. But for many backyard chefs, the enjoyment of cooking over an open flame outweighs those drawbacks. Plus, theres something special about the sense of community when friends or family gather around a fire pit.

    Redcamp Folding Campfire Grill Heavy Duty Steel Grate Portable Camp Fire Cooking Racks For Over Fire Pit

    • Stability with Folding Legs: Durable locking legs ensure stable placement, can be folded for easy transport and compact storage when you are done cooking. The grill will be hot when cooked, cool before touching
    • Practical Campfire Grill: Making it easier to cook a hot meal with this portable outdoor folding grill when you’re outdoors. Designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots, for cooking over an open fire. Not suitable for direct contact grilling
    • Diamond-shaped Mesh Grill Top: The camping grill features a steel mesh grill top, which allows heat to flow through from a campfire below
    • Dimensions: Perfect fit on your campfire or fire pit to serve you delicious dishes. Unfold size is 17×12.2×7.87â/43x31x20cm, which can accommodate multiple pots and pans. Folded size: 17×12.2×1.97â/43x31x5cm, Weight: 3.2lbs/1.45kg
    • Material: The heavy-duty folding campfire grill is made of high-quality cold rolled steel, which is durable and reliable in performance

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    Season Your Fire Pit Grate Before First Use

    Much like seasoning a Good Old Fashioned Cast Iron Skillet, our BBQ Grilling Grates must be seasoned as well. Seasoning your grate gives you Two Key Benefits:

  • Easier cleaning Food residue removal will be quicker on future cooks
  • Longer lifespan Seasoning your grill regularly increases cooking performance and your grills overall lifespan.
  • Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit With Quick Removable Cooking Grill Black

    Making a Portable Fire Pit Grill | I Like To Make Stuff
    • Unique Log Rack: Collapsible triangle frame rack to hold logs for better ventilation, provides plenty space for a raging fire. The Poker and log rack are included
    • Humanized Design: The black round fire pit designed with outer ledge around the central fire area allowing for convenient access to drinks and roasting supplies
    • Multi-Functional Design: Grill swivels 360 degrees, make swing it left or right possible. Grill adjusts up and down, fixed by screws
    • Easy Assembly and Approximately measure dimension: 32inch à 24inch
    • Sturdy Base Construction: Features a circular steel ring fixed on the four legs, making this fire pit more stable

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    Restoring Old Grill Grate Onto New

    On this DIY, you can renew your old grill grate in a brand new condition. This process is dedicated to the griller. Necessary tools for this method:

  • Remove your old grate and clean the griller.
  • Take the proper measurement of the grillers grate portion.
  • Scale up the angle iron and cut the measured corner in a triangular shape.
  • Now bend it on each cut corner and create a rectangular. And check the fit by placing it on the griller. If the measurements are right, then weld them well.
  • Now take the roll rods and cut the first one-piece down. Place it on the angular frame and check the fit.
  • Now cut down more roll rods according to the perfect size. And weld the very first one in the middle.
  • After that, keeping the same gap, weld the rest of the rods one by one.
  • Brush the grate with Crisco to keep it rustproof and non-sticky.
  • After the Crisco dries off, restore the grate onto the griller. Your griller is ready to perform. Call your friend and arrange a feast.

    Askg Grill Fire Pit With Screen

    • Weight: Unknown
    • Additional Features: Spark screen, cooking poker, and cooking grate

    If youre looking for a heavy-duty fire pit grill to add to your backyard, the MCKE Outdoor Burning Fire Pit is one of the best options for you.

    The large fire pit grill is made with alloy steel and requires wood to burn. It has an oil and paint finish which makes it very appealing to look at.

    Something we love about this fire pit is that it comes with a spark screen. This is the perfect feature to use when you want to prevent any ash or sparks from getting out of the fire pit.

    In addition to the spark screen, it comes with a poker and cooking grate so you can grill while gathering around the fire.

    While this fire pit is wonderful, some people believe its main downside is that you cant take it with you easily. Most people dont have an issue with this, but if youre looking for a portable one, you may want to pass on this.


    • It comes with a spark screen
    • It can hold a lot of fuel


    • The paint tends to chip off easily

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    Walden Fire Pit Bbq Grilling Grate Benefits:

    • Thick and durable steel will last a lifetime
    • Handles allow for easy removal when adjusting logs
    • Cross hatch pattern provides a beautiful “X” sear
    • Open flame cooking provides better taste and more satisfaction than a traditional grill
    • 30″ diameter BBQ Grilling Grate with 4 handles rests within the Walden Legacy Series Fire Pit Insert, and Walden 30″ Legacy Series Fire Pit Ring.

    Vicool Porcelain Enameled Cooking Grill

    Fire Pit Cooking Grate for Grilling, Black, Heavy Duty Steel

    An extremely thick and durable grill grate, the Vicool Cooking Grill is made of high quality porcelain coated cast iron.

    This gives the grate an extremely thick design so that it will stay strong for an extremely long time.The long thin bars on the grill will let a fire pass through easily and it is extremely easy to clean.

    The actual design of the Vicool is also striking due to the porcelain-enamel coating giving it a very glossy finish so that you can cook in style. With a great price point and thick and reliable material, the Vicool grill grate is perfect as a reliable option that will have you cooking in style.

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    The Fire Pit Grill Grate

    Perfect addition to The Fire Pit Grill. Fits into the center hole of the cook top. Great for grilling steaks, burgers and chicken. Could also be used for cooking food or sauces in skillets on top of the flame. The insert also eliminates food falling through the center hole into the fire.

    This accessory is sold separately to fit The Fire Pit Grill ONLY.

    Dimensions: 15 ¾ circle 3/8 thick

    Made by hand in the USA

    Cooking On A Fire Pit Grate

    Using a grate to cook requires a little patience . Start your fire at least an hour early, to get a good bed of coals in the bottom of the pit. The trick to cooking on the fire pit is simple, get your coals where you need them based on what youre cooking.

    So, if you want to cook some nice thick ribeye then you might want a good medium to high heat fire. If you want to cook chicken on the other hand then youll need to keep the fire low and slow-burning.

    A fire that is too hot will cause the outside to burn, while the inside will still be raw. Also, the pits are big enough to have one side at a higher or lower temp than the other.

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    Sunnydaze Fire Pit With Cooking Grate

    • Weight: 30 pounds
    • Additional Features: Waterproof cover, spark screen, poker, and a barbecue grill grate

    The best contemporary outdoor fire pit grill is by Sunnydaze. Their Northland Outdoor Fire Pit is stunning and functional.

    This rectangular fire pit has plenty of space for several pieces of wood, which can keep you warm while outside and grill some delicious food.

    It comes with almost everything you need to grill, besides the fuel. Theres a built-in wood grate, a fire poker, and a grilling grate with purchase. Keep in mind that the warranty for this grill fire pit is only one year. Its better than nothing, but other products have a longer one.


    • Weight: 14 pounds
    • Additional Features: The mesh creates natural black lines on the meat

    Sunnydaze offers the best circular cooking grate if you need to add one to your already installed fire pit.

    The best thing about this mesh cooking grate is that it comes in four size options. You can get it as small as 19 inches or as large as 40 inches. It also comes in a 20 and 36-inch choice.

    This is a great option because there is no assembly required. For those who love cooking meat over a fire pit, the mesh will give you meat those desirable black lines. Depending on the size of the grate you purchase, it can hold around 25 pounds of food at one time.


    • There are multiple size options
    • Theres no assembly required


    • It may start to warp over time

    Onlyfire Stainless Steel Grill Grate

    Pop-Up Fire Pit Grilling Grates Installation & Disassembly Instructions

    The OnlyFire grill grate is, as the title suggests, made of durable stainless steel. It is 36 inches in diameter, which is an ideal size for large cooking places

    It has two built-in handles, allowing you to remove the grate conveniently and when needed. This grill grate is perfect for outdoor cooking, such as picnics or backdoor parties. Note that the space between the grates is somewhat wide, so be careful with how you cook small pieces of meat or vegetables.

    This grill grate is lightweight and durable. It is excellent at transferring and preserving heat and will heat up in just a manner of minutes. Keep in mind that the handles will heat up to an extreme level, which is why youll need to wear safety gloves to avoid burning.

    The OnlyFire stainless steel grate is one of the less expensive units on our list, perfect for people that seek quality for low cost. The bad news is that it comes only in 36 inches.

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    Diy Custom Grill Grate

    This DIY is something you can call making out of scratch. All you need is an old and non-performing grate from your old griller. The tools you will need:

    • Old grill grate

    Steps to follow:

  • First, take out the old grill grate and clean it properly. Remove the damaged and rusted parts.
  • On the structure, add metal bars where needed. Weld them all together.
  • Attach the rebar on two sides as it stands properly on your fire pit and works well as a handle.
  • Cut off extra parts of the rebars. The size will be according to your fire pit. Smoothen up the ends.
  • Now join the rebar and grate part with hose clamps, or you can weld them for a better fit.
  • Season the whole structure with Crisco. This layer will prevent your food from sticking to the grate. Also, it will protect the grate from rust.
  • Your fire pit grate is on for cooking something sizzling and delicious. You can use this grate on an open fire and especially on a ground fire pit.

    Walden Fire Pit Grate Round 295 Diameter Premium Heavy Duty Steel Grate

    This model is an above-ground fire grate featuring an ample ember catcher for keeping the fire brighter and hotter by offering a constant supply of hot coal into the fire. Walden Fire Pit Grate offers better airflow since the woods are kept off the ground. Therefore, maximizing your flame and creating a less smoky fire.

    Its crafted from special high carbon hardened steel for extra durability. This model has a 29.5-inch diameter to fit any large fit pit up to 30-inch fire pits. Thats not all: this unit features a high-temperature powder coating to ensure the grate holds up against extreme temperatures and prevents rusting for long-term use.

    Walden Fire Pit Grate is built to last long, which means you wont be shopping for a new fire grate for a long time. Its above-ground design keeps your fire cleaner since the wood stays off the ground and dry, allowing users to start fires regardless of the condition. Plus, it helps minimize ash for an easier and quicker clean-up.


    Our runner-up is from the Walden Backyards crafted from special high carbon hardened steel for impressive durability. This model has a diameter of 29.5 inches, which lets users use the steel grate with any large fire pit even up to 30 inches.

    Similarly, this model is built to keep wood off the ground to improve airflow and keep the wood dry for a less smoky fire. Also, this fire grate is built to serve you for a long time without having to worry about replacing it.






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