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Get To The Grilled Cheese Gallery’s Fourth Location

When a friend of mine suggested that we go to a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese, I reacted as any normal red-blooded American whos driving and how soon can we get there?

The Grilled Cheese Gallery at this location has only been open a short time. In fact, the sign out front had not yet arrived at the time of our visit. The décor has an industrial flair with an attitude. There is a banquette lining one wall with colorful posters of Andy Warhols Marilyn Monroe above. Tables and metal chairs provide other seating. Simple black metal pendants hang from the ceiling. A unicorn theme is prevalent perhaps as a symbol that even a mythical, magical, grilled cheese restaurant is possible?

The minute we walked in, we were welcomed by a friendly and fun staff. Our waitress suggested we start with an order of poutine to share. Poutine is a Canadian dish typically made by smothering French fries with cheese curds and gravy. GCG also loads it with chicken, steak and onions, fresh lobster, or tofu and vegetables. We tried the classic poutine . If you are going to eat French fries, you should always eat them covered with brown gravy and cheese. It was a hearty and delicious start to our comfort-food meal.

The Grilled Cheese Gallery is a genuine, refreshing and unique restaurant which that focuses on unpretentious but excellent, soul-satisfying food. The restaurant can also be found in St. Augustine, West Palm Beach and Cape Cod.

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Reviews For Grilled Cheese Gallery

Their tomato soup was delicious and they serve it with dippers and a swirl of balsamic vinegar reduction on top. Had the classic grilled cheese which included 3 different cheeses. For a quick lunch or light supper this was perfect!

After climbing to the top of the lighthouse we needed to refuel. GCG was the perfect spot. I had the Chesterfield and my wife the classic. It comes with with tomato basil soup for dipping.

We were in search for some late night grub saw the sign for this place and checked it out. So glad we did! The sandwiches we got were so good – Queen Brie and Southern Belle. And the service was great – we got our food to go. We hadn’t realized that the place was closing within 5 minutes of us walking in. Some establishments frown upon getting new orders within closing time. These folks weren’t and provided friendly service. Thank you, Grilled Cheese Gallery team!

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