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Gas grills make it easy to grill at home or on the go, with minimal clean up and maximum convenience. But utilizing the right accessories can help you get the most out of your gas or propane grill. After you’ve found the gas grill that suits your needs, don’t forget to check out other grilling essentials, like:

When youre done for the day, dont forget to cover your grill to help ensure long term use.

Cooking With Natural Gas And Propane Grills

A natural gas grill or a propane gas grill is practically fool proof. They are quick to ignite and require less cleanup after cooking. Plus, this type of grill is versatile enough to allow for searing, smoking, plank, rotisserie and even indirect grilling. Temperature control knobs offer heat control for more even cooking. Many gas grill models even include built-in thermometers to make it easier than ever to ensure your food is perfectly cooked every time you turn on your grill.

Shop Gas Grills At Ace Hardware

Gas grills make firing up all your favorite foods simpler than ever. With so many models to choose from, Ace makes it easy for you to find the perfect gas grill model for your needs. For more detailed information about specific outdoor gas grills, stop by to ask one of our friendly associates, or go online to check out our guide to outdoor grills, or browse through our customer reviews.

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Hamilton Beach 38546 3 In 1 Grill/griddle

  • Hamilton Beach 38546 3 in 1 Grill/Griddle

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I hesitated to do the Hamilton Beach 38546 3 in 1 grill/griddle review at first. The reviews were a little low and as you know I do not recommend products that have low ratings in general.

I was wondering why the ratings were that way and started reading. I think the ratings could be a little higher than I found in the many places I looked for them.

The price of this grill is decent compared to the quality you buy. Reason for me to add it to our website indoor grill reviews and let you decide if this is the grill for you.

Better Grills Rating: 4.0

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Hamilton Beach 3

American Outdoor Grills are made with a stylish sleek appearance. The rounded hood and contoured face feature asatin finish that enhances any outdoor kitchen. The AOG grill is constructed from the finest commercial-grade stainlesssteel and features a large cooking surface with stainless steel rod cooking grids and sleek analog thermometer forprecision grilling. With its recessed backburner, warming rack, spit rod and motor, the American Outdoor Grill allowsyou to create any meal outdoors.

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Advantages Of Using Propane

Propane grills, also known as liquid propane or LP grills, rely on a portable propane tank that fits next to or underneath your grill. Occasionally, this tank will need to be refilled or replaced, depending on the frequency of your use. Their versatility lets you take a small gas grill on all your outdoor adventures, from the campsite to the tailgate and more.

However, if you don’t need a portable gas grill and instead want to tap directly into your home’s natural gas supply, consider purchasing one of our natural gas grills. A steady source of natural gas means you wont have to worry about refills.

My Opinion About The Hamilton Beach 38546 3 In 1 Grill/griddle

The Hamilton Beach 38546 is one adaptable piece of cooking equipment. If you love to grill, griddle, or both, this is a cooking masterpiece that you need in your kitchen.It is easy to use without skimping on quality. With this Hamilton Beach Grill/Griddle you can get delicious, professional-quality food right in your kitchen.

The versatility of this Grill/Griddle should not fool you into thinking that it is complicated. It features a very simple and elegant design that achieves the desired functionality without complicating things. The most appreciated features are the Dual cooking area :

It has two separate areas for cooking. The heating in these areas can be controlled separately which means you can cook different dishes on either side of the Hamilton Beach 38546.

You can grill hamburgers on one side while gently toasting bread or buns on the other side increasing your efficiency as well, or if you are using it just for grilling or girdling a small amount of food, you can turn off one side completely thus saving on the overall fuel consumption as well.

Removable plates that can be reversed to use both surfaces :Another simple yet elegant solution. Say you want to grill on either side of the Hamilton Beach 38546 or girdle on either side or grill on one side and girdle on the other.

So you can use the grill surface to grill burgers, pieces of chicken, fish, lean meats or vegetables, and the griddle to make perfect pancakes, french toast, scallops, and eggs.

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Gas Grills For Your Needs

Ace offers a wide range of versatile gas grills in a variety of colors, sizes and styles from your favorite brands, including Weber, Blackstone, and Char-Broil. Models include single to multiple burners, extra lighting, rotisserie attachments, warming racks, flavorizer bars, grease management, and a host of other features.

For at-home entertaining, add a sleek, contemporary look to your patio or deck with an eye-catching stainless-steel gas griddle grill or opt for a splash of color with one of our brightly colored outdoor gas grills. Ace has plenty of choices to help you keep it simple or go as high-tech as you dare. With so many options, you’re bound to find the perfect match for all your outdoor cooking needs.

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