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The Twelve Oaks Of Gone With The Wind

VISITING MYSTIC FALLS | Covington, GA | saving my roommate’s life.. & exploring downtown Asheville

While this bed & breakfast is NOT the actual location of the Twelve Oaks from the classic novel turned film, the house was in fact the inspiration for the set!

Where Margaret Mitchell made her notes about using what is now the Twelve oaks Bed & amp Breakfast as the model for the film.

In his book Antebellum Homes of Georgia, David King Gleason writes,

Schedule A Tour With The Vampire Stalkers/mystic Falls Tours

For those of you who prefer tours, the Mystic Falls Tour is a great choice. The tour takes you through the filming locations of The Vampire Diaries series.

However, even if you dont take the tour, youll still be able to see the majority of these locations up closeexcept for The Lockwood Mansion .

Lockwood MansionLockwood Mansion

Stop At The Filming Location For Mystic Falls High School

Yeah! I found it! It took me like 2 hours to find this place but it was so worth it! You can take notes of all the addresses of the Vampire Diaries filming locations in Mystic Falls herein my other blog.

Update: As of June 2021, some of my readers have informed me that all that was left from the Mystic Falls Timberwolves has been torn down from the Athens College in Monroewhere it used to be. Loitering and vandalism seem to be the culprits. Please be responsible in your travels and pick up after yourself. Also, dont take part in any type of vandalism. Its best to do our part so that we can continue enjoying places like these.

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Here Are All The Epic Highlights Of My Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast Stay:

  • Nicole is beyond sweet and very accommodating
  • Pristine and flawless design throughout in a luxurious classic setting true to its period
  • A personal favourite, theres Vervaine in the in-suite amenities to ward off vampires in town
  • The beds, bedding and pillows are UH-MAY-ZING! I never wanted to leave my bed.
  • There are fireplaces in every room, all gas lit
  • There a huge sitting area on the second floor as well as a stunning balcony overlooking the front lawn
  • On the third floor, theres a beautiful common area as well with light refreshments and entertainment
  • The staff is attentive and friendly making you feel right at home
  • The breakfast is fresh and homemade
  • the grounds are manicured and pretty with parking in the back and a nice tucked away pool
  • The wrap around porch make it impossible to not relax
  • The place is haunted! So my jam! .

Our Modern Covington Hotel Off The I

The Vampire Diaries Fan Guide to Georgia

Welcome to the new Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Covington!

Our newest and most modern Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Covington is nestled within the “Hollywood of the South”, Covington, GA.

Home of the television series Vampire Diaries and The Originals, as well as many movies. The hotel is also conveniently located off I-20, within a short drive to Downtown Atlanta and Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

Business travelers will benefit from the proximity of our Holiday Inn Express Covington hotel to many nearby companies including Facebook Data Center, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Michelin Tread Technologies, C R Bard, General Mills and Emory Oxford University.

Our non smoking Holiday Inn Express hotel offers easy access to Atlanta’s top attractions including the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, Stone Mountain Park, and CNN Center.

Hotel guests can enjoy a plethora of amenities including Meeting Space, Family Friendly accommodations, outdoor Pool, Suite Shop, and flexible Meeting Space. Guests can also experience our onsite health club fully equipped with state of the art equipment newly designed with your health and wellness in mind.

Guests will be able to enjoy local dining excellence at Mystic Grill. Their rooftop seating that overlooks Historic Covington Square is perfect for an intimate dinner.

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View The Rooftop Shown In Season 1 Episode 2 Of The Vampire Diaries

For those hardcore fans like me, youll remember this iconic rooftop featured in the first season of The Vampire Diaries.

An unforgettable scene was filmed on the rooftop of the Butter Bakery & Coffee Shop. In the scene, Damon said the iconic phrase thats for me to know and for you to dot dot dot. Who remembers this scene?

There are many exciting things to do in this super cute town. Covington, Georgia has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit near Central Florida. I plan to go back many, many times!

Tour More Locations Where The Vampire Diaries Filmed

You can walk around the town square and maybe even find some of the other Vampire Diaries filming locations, but your best bet is to take a tour with Mystic Falls Tours.

Jessica and her team are the authorities in all things Vampire Diaries so much so that her business is called Vampire Stalkers. She got that nickname from hanging out in town and near the set while The Vampire Diaries was filming.

Over the years, she has guided thousands of fans around Mystic Falls, sharing her knowledge and little-known details of the show. And she is personal friends with many members of the cast. Cast members have even been known to take her tour!

My daughter and I took their Vampire Diaries tour on a cold January morning. We started out in the town square and learned how they filmed those scenes where Elena and Damon were sitting at the top of the clock tower. We saw the Mystic Grill and several other buildings where scenes were filmed.

Next, we were given Vampire Stalkers flags for our cars and we followed Jessica to some awesome locations around town.

The cemetery:

Elenas house:

One of the best parts of the tour was our exclusive access to the Lockwood Mansion. Known as Worthington Manor, this is a historic home and private residence. Most fans can only peer in through the gate. Vampire Stalkers is the only tour that brings you on to this gorgeous property.

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Make A Stop At The Mystic Grill

Again, die-hard fans like me will know about this place. But even if youre not, you should go here. I did not get to eat here this time around, but I did go inside and took pictures of the bar .

They say the food at the Mystic Grill is delicious and I intend to try at least a salad on my next visit. While youre here, visit The Alley Shop downstairs. In my opinion, its the best Vampire Diaries related gift shop around town!

Stay Where The Vampire Diaries Was Filmed

Visiting Mystic Falls in Covington, Georgia!

Now you can stay where the Vampire Diaries was filmed! I heard about The Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast in passing conversation. Two things struck me that it was where the Vampire Diaries Executive Producer Julie Plec stays, and its also a film location for scenes from the show. Still, there was something about the name that was ringing in my head like an old bell.

Twelve Oaks! The infamous plantation home of the Wilkes family from Margaret Mitchells Gone with the Wind! I was officially intrigued. I had to explore this place. Im a super huge fan of TVD, so this was right up my street.

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The Town Square Is Beautiful

The town square is beautiful. I can totally see why shows and movies choose the town to film. I got to relive Mystic Falls! The grill was amazing, the shops were great. The girl working at the Soap Box was so sweet and friendly. I forgot her name but she’s blonde. I wish I could have stayed a few more days. That town really welcomes everyone.

A Little About Covington Aka Mystic Falls

Apart from the obvious epic level of awesomeness that you can stay where The Vampire Diaries was filmed, this is the perfect place for anyone looking for luxury in Covington. Its also the perfect place for the fan.

You can walk right to the Square to Walker Stalkers and get on one of The Vampire Diaries or The Originals tours, have dinner at the Mystic Grill , enjoy a treat at Scoops or just stroll through the historic streets and take in all the pretty houses.

Covington is such a charming little town to visit and so close to the Antebellum trail. Theres no shortage of exploring to do when staying at Twelve Oaks.

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Dont Forget About The Vampire Shopping

After your tour, be sure to shop in the Vampire Stalkers gift shop. In addition to clothing and all sorts of fan merch, you need to check out their cast autograph wall and some really cool props from the show.

Who wouldnt love this awesome jacket that Damon wore autographed by Ian himself! Sorry, its not for sale. Cant blame Jess, I would never part with that prop either.

Vampire Stalkers/Mystic Falls Tours also offers filming location tours for The Vampire Diaries spin-off shows, The Originals and Legacies.

In addition to the Vampire Stalkers store, there are several other cute stores around the town square including boutiques, jewelry, wine tasting, olive oils and more. And lots of good restaurants!

Get A Taste Of New Orleans In Olde Town Conyers A Filming Location From The Originals

The Vampire Diaries Fan Guide to Georgia

The ornate ironworkwhich is so iconic of the city of New Orleans, can be found all around Olde Town Conyers. Hence the reason why this place was home to The Originals series for most of the filming that took place during the filming of its five seasons.

What I loved the most about this quaint little town was that its very picturesque and gives you a sense that youve magically stepped into New Orleans. Theres also a train station, shops, and restaurants around the town.

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Filming Locations Of The Vampire Diaries

Take notes, because this list has the best locations! All of the names in this list are fictional names from the show.

  • The Lockwood Mansion, 2129 East St, Covington, GA
  • Elena Gilberts House, 2104 Floyd Street NE, Covington, GA
  • Isobels House, 2146 Conyers St, SE, Covington, GA
  • Caroline Forbes House, 2118 Floyd St, NE, Covington, GA
  • Mystic Grill, 1116 Clark St, SW, Covington, GA
  • Grayson Gilberts Office Sign, 1105 Washington St, SW, Covington, GA
  • 1864 Lockwood Mansion, 2176 Monticello St, SW, Covington, GA
  • Witches Burial Ground, 3188 Conyers St, SE, Covington, GA
  • Damon and Elena kiss in the rain location, 3120 Conyers St SE, Covington, GA
  • Mystic Falls High School Timberwolves Football Stadium, 212 Bryant Rd, Monroe, GA 30655
  • Have you been to Covington, Georgia aka Mystic Falls? Drop your comment below!

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    Walk Around The Town Square

    Covington, Georgia is a very charming town! I love every inch of the square and all of the photo ops. Georgia is called the Hollywood of the South for a reason!

    This is why all around the square, youll see stars from the different films/shows that have taken place in this beautiful town.

    Most recently, Covington became the home of Netflixs Sweet Magnolias series.

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    First Stop: The Mystic Falls Clock Tower

    When you arrive in Covington, you cant miss the famous clock tower where so many scenes from The Vampire Diaries were filmed. And right across the street is the Mystic Falls Town Square.

    Standing there, I could only think, Ah, remember that Founders Day celebration? The parade, the fireworks. And then all the vampires got vervained. That was a crazy year. Oh, wait, that didnt really happen. I just saw it on TV.

    But the town feels so familiar that you imagine it really did happen.

    The town square and clock tower have been home to several other TV filming sets. Of course, Legacies, the latest show in the Vampire Diaries series, is currently filmed here.

    Some oldies, but goodies, were also filmed here including The Dukes of Hazzard and Cannonball Run. And most recently, the Netflix original Dumplin has scenes filmed here.

    You can find a complete list, as well as a self-guided tour brochure, at the Covington Visitors Center.

    Cinelease Studios Three Ring

    Visiting Mystic Falls Vlog // Covington, GA // TVD

    Located 6 minutes from our hotel, Cinelease Studios Three Ring is a world class film & development production campus providing the most innovative space and technology that is available in the production world today. Combining a unique mix of space, lighting, sound and scenery advantages, Three Ring will be your one stop for all production needs.

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    Eat Ice Cream At Scoops

    This ice cream is delicious! Its velvety soft and the picturesque shop is worthy of a visit. Scoops was a favorite stop for the cast of The Vampire Diaries during their filming days.

    And if youre a fan of Ian Somerhalder , like I am, then you should definitely try Ians favorite which is the Banana Pudding milkshake. But this day, I had a cup of Belgian Chocolate. Yum!

    Visit Mystic Falls And See Where The Vampire Diaries Filmed

    During its run from 2009 to 2017, the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries took place in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. And you can visit that town in real life by traveling to Covington, GA, about 30 minutes southeast of Atlanta.

    The show tells the story of Elena Gilbert , a recently orphaned teenager who falls in love with Stefan Salvatore and later his brother Damon both vampires.

    Teenage drama ensues and Elena comes to realize that her small home town of Mystic Falls is full of supernatural beings, including werewolves and witches.

    Im a big fan of The Vampire Diaries, so of course I set out to find the filming locations.

    When TV shows and movies use real towns for a large part of their filming, its great fun for fans to visit. Some real-life towns have been transformed into fandom destinations. They embrace the fans with local merchants offering tours, merchandise, and themed food. This is definitely the case in Covington, aka Mystic Falls, Virginia.

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    It Is Wonderful Town With History

    It is wonderful town with history. I traveled there to visit the sites of the Vampire Diaries, Originals and Legacies. I also watch Sweet Magnolias and visited the sites of that show too. I recommend anyone who loves the shows to take time to visit the town. It is funny how you recall all the scenes when you see the houses.

    Best Things To Do In Mystic Falls

    Ole Times Buffet Douglas Ga

    Let me just start by saying that if youre planning a trip to Mystic Falls, you will have the time of your life. For starters, you can walk around Mystic Falls for free because its an actual town!

    You can enjoy your visit to the town of Covington, Georgia in many ways. But one of the most popular ways to explore this town is by visiting the filming locations of the show The Vampire Diaries.

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    Take A Picture At The Mystic Falls Sign

    Fan or not, a picture with the Mystic Falls welcome sign is something you dont want to miss! Mystic Falls is where everything happens. Its also where everything begins.

    In other words, it makes total sense to begin your Hollywood of the South experience with a picture next to the Mystic Falls sign.

    You will find the actual wooden sign at the Visitors Center, and another one painted on one of the walls in The Alley.

    Keep reading for a full list of the filming locations of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES in Mystic Falls

    Guest Reviews For Hometowne Studios By Red Roof Covington Ga


    Jason,We are sorry to hear about the conditions you experienced during your stay. This is not up to our standard and sincerely apologize. Our guests happiness is our number one priority. Thank you for providing this feedback and letting us know about these issues, as we work to better our hotel!


    May 30, 2021 by Michele P

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your stay. I am sorry to see that you had several issues while staying with us. We are working on making changes at the property in order to avoid all this unnecessary carious. Again, I am so sorry for the issues you had during your stay.


    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your recent stay. We appreciate your business and we look forward to welcoming you back on future trips.


    Thank you for taking the time to post a review. We do hope to see you again on future trips.


    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience at the Hometowne Studios, Covington Ga. I am sorry that your experience did not meet your expectations. Please accept our sincerest apologies for issues you experienced.


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    My Fangirl Trip To The Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast

    I knew by the way the Covington Convention and Visitors Bureau spoke about the Twelve Oaks Bead & Breakfast that it was something remarkable. Yet no amount of conversation would have prepared me for that first moment of seeing it. I can see why the producers chose this place. And to think, I was about to stay where the Vampire Diaries was filmed!

    It was about 5 pm when we first rolled up to the crescent driveway, a New Years Eve chill blasted me as I flew open the car door. But it wasnt the chill in the air that froze my jaw to the ground, it was the towering, white-pillared mansion set just up a slight hill with its black shuttered windows and giant wrap around porch which left me in a trance staring at this place.

    My son and I nearly tripped over one another running up the steps!

    When we opened the door it was like something from a movie! Crystal chandeliers lit every room. Beautiful hard wood floors with pristine antiques and a classic design fit for a first family .

    I. Was. Simply. Stunned.

    Now if you know me and my hotel reviews, Im not one to rant and rave. I tell you like it is, I leave nothing to surprise.

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