How Long Does It Take To Grill Chicken Breasts

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How To Prepare And Preheat Your Grill

How to Grill the Perfect Chicken Breast

While your chicken is marinating and before youre ready to grill it, its important to get your grill ready.

  • Preheat your grill. Youll want to preheat your grill to 400 degrees F, which will both help burn things off that were leftover when you previously grilled, and will also prevent your chicken from sticking to the grates.
  • Brush it off. After your grill has preheated use a grill brush to brush off any leftover bits from the last time you grilled.
  • Oil the grates. This isnt always necessary for grilling chicken, but iff youre grilling a protein that doesnt have a lot of natural fat youll also want to oil the grill grates so that the protein doesnt stick.
  • How Do You Keep Chicken Breast Moist

    Many chicken owners think that keeping their birds moist is a by-product of being a good chicken farmer. However, there are other ways to keep your chicken breast moist. One way is to use a wet feeder to provide moisture and food for your chickens. Another way to keep your chicken breasts moist is to avoid overcooking them.

    How Long Do You Grill Chicken Breast On A Gas Grill

    How long do you grill chicken breasts? Grill the chicken for about 10 minutes total, cooking for 2-3 minutes at a time per side. Once the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F, the chicken is done.

    How do you grill boneless chicken breast on a gas grill?

    Preheat gas grill before cooking to medium-high heat or 350-400° F. Lightly grease grill surface and add chicken. Close lid and cook 8 minutes, or until bottoms are browned with sear marks. Rotate chicken, close lid, reduce heat to medium and cook 7-10 minutes more, or until internal temperature reaches 165° F.

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    What Is The Right Internal Temperature For Cooked Chicken

    What is the proper internal temperature for cooked chicken?

    According to the FDA, the appropriate internal temperature for all cooked poultry is 75 °C . And it is the minimum safe internal temperature of your chicken.

    Yet, when taking your birds temperature, the location of the thermometer probe would be crucial.

    • According to the FDA, if you cook a whole chicken, it is necessary to take the temperature at your chicken thighs thickest part but do not touch the bone.
    • If youre grilling individual pieces, dont forget to check out the thickest part. But if your cuts are irregularly shaped or unevenly thick, we recommend testing in some different areas to ensure that your cuts are evenly cooked.

    Many people determine whether their chicken is well cooked by cutting it, and if the juices run clear, they assume that their chicken is thoroughly cooked. Sadly, this method does not always correct.

    For example, for older chickens, the juices tend to run clear easily even if the meat is undercooked.

    Stop risking your health by buying a meat thermometer, which will allow you to know the exact internal temperature of your chicken. That way, youll know if your chicken is safe to eat.

    As recommended by the USDA, never keep your chickens temperature in the danger zone, which ranges from 40 to 140. It is the ideal temperature for bacteria to multiply rapidly.

    How Do You Grill Bone In Chicken Breast On A Weber Gas Grill

    Island Chicken Marinade

    Grill chicken breasts on a Weber gas grill by using both indirect and direct heat. Direct heat is more intense, so use it to cook the outside of the chicken while indirect heat melts the fat and sears the meat. The key to Grill Bone-in Chicken Breasts on a Weber Gas Grill is to follow these steps: 1. Preheat your grill by putting it in medium-high heat.

    2. Place the chicken breast on top of the cooking grate, making sure that all sides are touching. 3. Put your Weber gas grill into sear mode. 4. Use your fingers or a flat object to rub the surface of the chicken with so much oil that it creates an even little fire you want this fire to be very high . 5.

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    How Long Do You Cook Large Chicken Breast On The Grill

    Cooking large chicken breasts on the grill can take some time, but its well worth it in the end. The process of getting the chicken cooked through, without having it dry out, is a challenge that requires precision and care. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Preheat your grill before cooking your chicken. This will help ensure that the meat is evenly cooked throughout and will avoid them from becoming dry or overcooked.
  • Place your chicken breasts in a single layer on the grates or cutting boards, so that they have plenty of space to move around. You dont want to overcrowd the grill and cause them to cook unevenly.
  • Smoke your chicken for about 10 minutes before cooking it on the grill.
  • How To Grill Chicken Breast In Five Easy Steps

    Grilling juicy chicken breast can easily be done in just a few steps.

  • Prep your grill. Preheat your grill to 375 or 400 degrees F and scrape off any leftover bits from the last time you grilled.
  • Add your chicken. Place your marinated chicken breasts on your preheated grill, and close the lid. Its important to keep the lid of your grill closed while your chicken is cooking so that no heat escapes. Cook your chicken breast on the grill for 6-8 minutes on one side.
  • Flip your chicken. After 6-8 minutes open your grill lid and flip your chicken breast with tongs. A great tip is to only flip your chicken breast once so that it stays nice and juicy
  • Check the temp. Cook your chicken breast for 6-8 minutes more. Cook time will vary a bit depending on the size of your chicken breast, so be sure to check the internal temperature in the thickest part of the chicken breast using a meat thermometer. When the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F, your chicken is done and can be transferred to a clean plate or cutting board.
  • Let it rest. Immediately cover chicken with foil to seal in the juices and allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes before cutting into it. This will help you achieve that juicy, chicken breast youre looking for!
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    Trim The Chicken Breasts

    Picking the right ingredient is always a key step to ensuring you end up with great results. Make sure you are buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts. These often come untrimmed in the package with minimal processing. You can also buy them trimmed .

    If youre not a fan of trimming chicken, buying them hand trimmed from the butcher can be a great time saver, just be aware it will usually cost you a bit extra per pound. If you want to save yourself some money, trimming yourself is a great way to go! Remove any dangling pieces of fat, rib meat, connective tissues, or loose pieces of chicken meat to create nice, uniform breasts.

    No matter if you buy trimmed or trim yourself, be sure that your chicken is fully defrosted before you attempt the next steps. Having chicken that is frozen in the middle can cause several issues during the marinating and grilling steps. My favorite way to defrost is to set the chicken in a zip top bag and then onto a plate and onto the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. Make sure your bag is open to allow the chicken to breathe while defrosting. Most chicken breasts will defrost within 24 hours in the fridge.

    How Long Does It Take To Grill A Whole Chicken

    How to Grill Chicken Breasts

    A whole 6-pound chicken will take 105 minutes to 150 minutes.

    The efficiency of your BBQ, ambient temperature and starting temperature of the chicken contribute to the overall cooking time.

    Whether you grill it upright in a beer can chicken recipe, or on its back, the preferred temperature range for your grill is 200300 °F . This is a long, slow cooking process, that will take approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the bird and how well your grill maintains temperature.

    However, if you spatchcock the chicken, you can reduce the time significantly!

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    If you spatchcock a chicken, because the overall thickness of any part is severely reduced, and heat can get more readily to every part of the bird, you can reduce the cooking time for a whole bird down to 30 to 40 minutes!

    Just remember thermometer tells you when the chicken is done, not the clock! Use a reliable thermometer and make sure every part is cooked to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Cooking Temperatures Thermometers And Food Safety

    When it comes to checking the temperature of cooked chicken nothing can replace a quality digital, instant-read thermometer. They are highly accurate, fast and reliable.

    I will touch on other methods to check for doneness if you dont have one, but nothing is better or safer. I STRONGLY recommend you have an instant-read digital thermometer before you cook your first piece of chicken! If you dont have one, check out our guide to the best instant-read thermometers.

    Now that you have a thermometer in hand, you need to know the temperature of a properly cooked piece of chicken.

    How Do You Know When Chicken Breasts Are Done Without A Thermometer

    Prick the flesh to see if the juice is red or clear. This method is specific to chicken. When the chicken is properly cooked, if you cut in and the juice runs clear, the chicken is fully cooked. If the juices are red or pink in color, your chicken may need to be cooked a little longer.

    How do you know when chicken is done by touching it?

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    St John Restaurants Ocean Grill At Cruz Bay St John Usvi

    For a bone-in chicken breast to be grilled, allow 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. This will be dependent on how hot your grill is operating and whether you are finishing the cooking on in-direct heat or indirect heating. You want to use an instant-read thermometer to check the meat and make sure it is cooked to 165°F or above.

    Know When To Open And Close The Grill

    Smoked Chicken Breast ? Recipe

    Closing the grill turns it into an oven, which heats everything more evenly all around. This is good for large, un-pounded breasts and bone-in chicken. Leaving the lid open concentrates the heat only at the bottom, which is best for thinner breasts so that the bottom of the piece gets that nice char without overcooking the top.

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    How Long Do You Grill Chicken Breasts On The Grill

    Grill every cut to perfection Read also : How to make pan grilled fish.

    • Boneless skinless chicken breast. Time: 5 to 6 minutes per side.
    • Temperature: Medium High
    • Best Technique: Cook over direct heat to 165°F.

    How long do you grill boneless chicken breasts on the grill?

    Boneless, skinless breasts should be cooked over high heat for 10 to 12 minutes. That means you dont have more than five minutes to return to the kitchen to toss the salad or grab a platter before turning to cook the other side.

    How long do you grill chicken breasts at 400 degrees?

    Heat an outdoor grill over medium-high heat, about 400 degrees. Grill chicken 5 to 7 minutes per side or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F. Remove from the grill and let rest 5 minutes before serving.

    How Do I Cook Chicken On A Gas Grill

    Cooking chicken on a gas grill is simple enough. However, its important to follow certain steps in order to ensure a perfect meal. First, preheat the grill before heating up the chicken.

    Second, season your chicken with salt and pepper before cooking. Third, place your chicken on the GrillGrill using indirect heat. Fourth, cook your chicken until cooked through and then remove it from the grill. Fifth, enjoy your delicious cooked chicken!

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    How To Grill Chicken Thighs Without Burning Them

    Here are some tips on how to cook chicken thighs without drying or burning them:

    • Dont step away from the grilled chicken thighs keep an eye on them, especially if youre using a marinade with honey. Honey has sugar, which can burn, so move the grilled chicken thighs away from the hot side of the grill.
    • Grill chicken on indirect rather than on direct heat. If you put the chicken over a direct flame, the chicken skin is likely to burn.
    • Dont flip the chicken too early, or the outside can stick and burn on the grill.
    • The grill temperature shouldnt go over 400 degrees. You want juicy chicken thighs, and a too high temperature will dry them out.

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    How Do You Know When Boneless Chicken Is Done On The Grill

    How to Grill Crazy Juicy Chicken Breast

    The perfect internal temperature is 165 degrees for dark meat, 160 degrees for white. If you dont have an instant-read thermometer, you can always do a little cut into the middle to check that its just about opaque in the center.

    Can you grill chicken without skin?

    I like to leave the skin on while grilling thighs because it helps keep them moist. You can remove the skin after grilling to reduce fat and calories, or give your guests the option of keeping it. You can buy boneless, skinless chicken thighs, too. They cost more but cook more quickly and are still flavorful.

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    How Do You Make Chicken Breasts Tender And Juicy


    • Turn the heat down to low.
    • Cover the pan and cook on low for 10 minutes.
    • Turn off the heat and let it sit for another 10 minutes.

    How do you keep chicken breasts moist? First, salt your chicken in a mixture of water and a few tablespoons of salt for about 20 to 30 minutes. This enhances the chicken breasts natural flavor and moisture, leaving a super tender cut of meat. This is the one step that really ensures your chicken doesnt become dry or chewy.

    How To Grill Chicken:

    1. Preheat the grill on high for 10-15 minutes, then use your grill brush to scrape any previous remnants off your grates.

    2. the fully thawed chicken breasts. A clean and easy way to marinate the chicken is to place it in a large plastic zip top bag, add your marinade and make sure your entire chicken breast is covered. In this particular instance, I used olive oil and added a few fresh basil leaves.

    3. Here’s how long to grill chicken on a gas grill. Once you have preheated your grill for 10-15 minutes, prepare the grill for direct cooking over medium heat at 425-450°F and get your iGrill probes inserted into the chicken.

    4. Place marinated chicken breasts on grill over direct medium heat.

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    How Long Do You Grill Chicken At 450

    Grill chicken with a lid closed is allowed under certain circumstances. The most common reason to close the lid on a grill is to stop the heat from coming in contact with the chicken skin. Grilled chickens are cooked over indirect heat, so this step helps ensure that they are cooked through and not overcooked. Closing the lid also helps to keep the smoke out of the chicken and helps to prevent bacteria from developing.

    Is It Best To Grill Chicken On Direct Or Indirect Heat

    Perfect Skinless Boneless Grilled Chicken

    Smaller pieces of chicken, drumsticks & wings, do well on direct medium heat provided that they are frequently turned to avoid burning.

    For larger pieces such as whole bone-in breast, leg quarters and whole birds, cook using indirect heat for at least half of the cooking time and then brown the skin over direct heat to finish the cooking.

    Obviously, the easiest recipes are the most successful when it comes to the home cook, because theyre not intimidated by them. If Im doing Boy Meets Grill, and I do something very simple like grilled hamburgers or steaks or chicken, those are the most sought-after recipes. Bobby Flay

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    Why Is My Grill Chicken So Dry

    Grill chicken can be dry because of a number of reasons. One reason is that the bird is not getting enough water. A second reason is that the chicken has been cooked too long. The final reason is that the chicken was overcooked or left over from earlier in the day. All of these reasons can lead to dry chicken breasts and wings.

    Summary: Average Grilling Times For All Chicken Cuts

    For your reference, here are the average times for grilling various size pieces of chicken:

    • Chicken breast, boneless, skinless 6 to 8 ounces will take between 8 and 12 minutes over direct medium heat
    • Chicken breast, bone-in 10 to 12 ounces 30 to 40 minutes over indirect medium heat
    • Leg or thigh, bone-in 30 to 40 minutes over indirect medium heat
    • Thigh, boneless, skinless 4 ounces 8 to 10 minutes over direct high heat
    • Chicken wings 2 to 3 ounces 18 to 20 minutes over direct medium heat
    • Whole chicken 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 lbs 1 1/2 to 2 hours over indirect medium heat

    Do keep in mind that these times may vary if you , add a sauce, or change the chicken in any way.

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    What Happens If It Doesnt Reach 165 Degrees F

    There are two reasons the internal temperature must reach 165 °F :

  • The first is for food safety. At or above that temperature, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria are destroyed.
  • Secondly, undercooked chicken is not palatable. The meat is soft, mushy and tasteless.
  • When discussing grilling times, we are talking about the time it takes for the internal temperature to reach 165 °F .

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