How To Cook Hot Dogs On The Grill

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What Is The Best Temperature To Grill Hot Dogs

How To Grill Hot Dogs

Before you throw the franks on, preheat the grill. For gas, preheat on high for 10 to 15 minutes. For a charcoal grill, preheat until the charcoal is covered with a white ash. Once the grill is heated, reduce the heat to medium for standard beef franks and to medium-low for beef franks with lower fat content.

How To Grill Hot Dogs

Knowing how to grill hot dogs is one of the fastest ways to turn a gathering into a party!

Everyones always happy to enjoy a frank with their favorite toppings with some friends. Thats why nothings a bigger party-pooper than burned, overcooked dogs.

Fear not!

Weve got directions and tips for how to grill the best dogs, and a few twists as well.

But How Do You Grill Hot Dogs Without A Grill

Oh, boy. Well, do you have a stovetop with at least one working burner? If so, then slap a cast-iron grill pan or regular ol’ cast-iron pan on that working burner and preheat that pan to medium-high. Don’t add oil. Otherwise you won’t achieve quite the same char-effect you’d otherwise be reaping from the grill.

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Preparing To Cook Your Hot Dogs

Any meat you plan to cook should be at room temperature so it will cook evenly, this includes your franks. If they are frozen let them thaw out in the refrigerator overnight.

When cooking any type of meat, it should be at room temperature so it cooks evenly. The last thing you want is to sink your teeth into a half hot/half cold frankfurter.

Kitchen hack: if you forgot to pull the hot dogs out of the freezer, you can quick thaw them by placing them in a bowl and running cold water over them. Cold water raises the temperature of the meat from the outside in and will not cook the meat while defrosting.

Take a fork or small knife and poke a few holes into your hot dogs, similar to what you should be doing with your baked potatoes. This will allow the hot dogs to cook without exploding or splitting.

Avoid Boiling Your Hot Dogs

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs (Air Fryer, Oven, Grill)

Though they may look pink, most hot dogs are actually already cooked and technically ready to eat right out of the package. This means that boiling them for ages before throwing them on the grill is probably unnecessary, and it can suck the flavor right out of your dogs.

But you may want to make sure your chilled hot dogs are heated through before tossing them on the grill.

To accomplish this, chef and cooking-school instructor Candace Conley told Insider that lightly poaching your dogs for a minute or two in a covered saucepan of hot water that’s been taken off the heat will allow them to come to a more ideal grilling temperature without compromising on flavor.

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A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

This is a big debate. To settle the debate, we turn to the dictionary. Merriam-Webster defines a sandwich as:

a: two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between, orb: one slice of bread covered with food

If you are wondering what kind of hot dogs to pick up, here are some of the best hot dog brands on the market today.

To complete the sandwich, youll have to pick up some bread. Depending on the area of the country you are in, you may have hot dog buns or you may have hot dog rolls. Theyll all work the same but it will be a bit tougher to grill the hot dog rolls.

What’s The Best Type Of Hot Dog To Grill

Theres a lot of debate about the best hot dog to grill, so we say experiment with different brands until you find a favorite. If youre looking for a place to start, GQ made a top 10 list of their favorite hot dogs to grill. The top contenders were Nathans Famous Beef Franks, Trader Joes All Natural Uncured All Beef Hot Dogs, and Hebrew National Beef Franks.

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Why Do You Boil Hot Dogs

  • If you are an exceptionally ardent fan of frankfurters, simmering your hot dogs in beer will infuse the meat with an additional smokey taste.
  • This flavor will be accentuated when the grill marks are applied to the hot dog.
  • According to an article published by Food52, a beer boil results in a frankfurter that is full of flavor, juicy, and tastes more like a hot dog than any other hot dog.

How Long To Grill Hot Dogs: Temperature Time And How Often To Turn

How to Grill Hot Dogs 101 | Recipe

Is a barbecue really a barbecue without hot dogs?

There is simply nothing more satisfying than biting into a juicy grilled hot dog on a summer day. Hot dogs are as much a part of July 4th and Memorial Day celebrations, summer vacation, and neighborhood parties as sunglasses and lemonade!

Fortunately, hot dogs are easy to prepare for indoor and outdoor festivities year-round. They can be fried in a skillet, boiled, or even microwaved for tasty results, but grilled hot dogs are especially delicious as well as a popular choice for feeding your family or a crowd! Next time youre on grill duty, knowing how to cook hot dogs to perfection can bring this classic sausage from good to great.

Read our hot dog grilling tips to take your backyard grilling game to the next level this season.

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Whats The Best Way To Cook Hot Dogs

  • Turn the temperature on the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit .
  • Arrange the hot dogs in a single layer on a baking sheet with a rim that is covered with parchment paper.
  • Roast for 10 to 20 minutes, or until the internal temperature of the hot dogs reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit .
  • When you want to keep hot dogs warm, you may either put them in an oven at a lower temperature or in a slow cooker that has already been heated up.

How Do You Cook Hot Dogs So They Dont Burst Open

  • Instead, try poking a few holes on the surface with the tines of a fork to enable the steam to escape.
  • This will work much better.
  • On the other hand, if you are using raw hot dogs that you buy from the butcher, you might find that cutting them in half helps them cook more evenly.
  • If you cook your hot dogs with caution, the casings shouldnt split apart at all while theyre in the cooking process.

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Grilling Hot Dogs : How To Grill Hot Dogs Perfectly Every Single Time

My favorite place to be at a backyard summer BBQ is cooking over the grill. If grilling is still new to you, learning how to grill hot dogs is definitely the best place to start! Hot dogs are super easy to grill & theyre ready after just a few minutes of cooking the best kind of backyard grilling!

Full Recipe Directions, including step-by-step photos, are included in the Recipe Card, below.

Lightly spritz the hot dogs with cooking spray. I like to use grapeseed oil spray because it has a high smoke point perfect for hot grill temps. Simply give each spiral hot dog a light spritz right before you transfer it to the grill. Why? The cooking spray helps promote browning, another trick for getting the beautiful char were after here!

Place hot dogs on the grill. Place the spiral cut hot dogs on the grill grates. Stretch them out a little as you set them down & arrange them perpendicular to the grill grates or at a slight angle so they dont fall through as they cook. Then close the lid. Why? A closed lid helps the hot air circulate & warm the grilled hot dogs through as they take on plenty of char.

Grill the spiral hot dogs. Grilling hot dogs only takes about 5-7 minutes. Since theyre already fully cooked, the goal here is to warm them through & get them nice & crispy. Grab a cold beer or glass of wine for this step & hang close to the grill. Every few minutes, youll want to open the lid & rotate the hot dogs for even charring on each side.

*More Grilling Tips & Tricks

If You Want A Better Flavor Avoid Skinless Hot Dogs

Marinated Grilled Hot Dogs

You know that satisfying snap you get when biting into a perfectly cooked hot dog? That’s from the meat’s casing.

Busha told Insider that opting for a skinless hot dog not only sacrifices that snap but can also cause the hot dog to lose moisture more easily on the grill.

Texture is an important factor in the hot-dog experience, so choose dogs with natural casings for the best results.

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How To Grill Hotdogs On A Gas Grill

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If you are hosting a barbecue this summer then you will probably be grilling some hot dogs to go with it. Apart from grilled ribs and burgers, hot dogs are one of the most popular foods to grill during a summer barbecue party.

To get the best flavor out of your hot dogs, they have to be grilled with just the right amount of heat and smoke. Overcooked or burned hot dogs lose their juicy taste which makes them quite dry with a taste like ash. Undercooked hot dogs are not very crispy and smoky and feel cold and moldy inside.

The Best Way To Grill Hot Dogs

There’s rarely a day in the summer when there aren’t hot dogs in my refrigerator. No matter what fancy thing I may be grilling, they’re always a welcome fallback for when a recipe goes wrong or I have guests over and need a little extra meat to throw on the grill.

On one level, cooking them is a somewhat foolproof processthey come precooked and their high fat content helps keep them moist even after they’ve been on the grill a little too long. But on another, grilling hot dogs is the kind of thing that anyone can do, but, like sex, it’s a lot better if you know a few things.

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The Best Way To Cook Hot Dogs And Make Them Perfect Every Time

It was the kind of call every writer dreams of getting, the one where an editor rings, poses a silly question, and tells you he’ll pay you to give him the answer. This time, it was the editor of this site on the line. “What’s the best way to cook hot dogs?” he asked.

I accepted the assignment and locked down the money. Then, a few weeks later, I turned in my answer. The best way to cook a hot dog? Open the package.

That’s it. Really. Rip open a package right now. Those dogs are fully cookedthey’re not sold any other wayand those cold, flaccid sausages are perfectly safe to eat immediately.

It was the easiest story I’ve ever written. Except for one thing.

A hot dog isn’t a hot dog unless it’s hot, dog.

Hot hot dogs are plump and ooze juice, tasting like a shot of unrestrained beef, with garlic and paprika haunting around the edges. They dont mess around with subtlety. They go right for the kill. And they beat out cool, and even tepid, hot dogs every time.

So the the real question about hot dogs is not how to cook them, but how best to heat them up. And that, it turns out, is a harder question to answer.

The Secret To Perfect Grilled Hot Dogs Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Grilling Hot Dogs

Taking the time to slice hot dogs with a spiral cut is always worth it. This is the secret to the best-ever grilled hot dogs its a small bit of prep that makes a huge difference!

A spiral hot dog is the best because

The hot dog gets extra crispy & charred with a larger surface area. Think about it a normal grilled hot dog has a pretty limited surface area to come into contact with grill grates, while a spiral cut spreads the hot dog out over the grill grates, creating more surface area to stretch over the flames. The result is deliciously crisp & charred grilled hot dogs that are still perfectly tender & juicy throughout. So good!

The nooks & crannies of a spiral cut hot dog love to hug your toppings. Ever load up a hot dog & get a big bite of plain hot dog on the bottom & loads of messy toppings on top? With a spiral hot dog, the nooks & crannies hold the toppings nicely & create a well-balanced bite. You can load up on tons of condiments, spreads, pickles, & veggies because the spiral shape holds the toppings perfectly!

Full Recipe Directions, including step-by-step photos, are included in the Recipe Card, below.

How to spiral cut a hot dog.

Slicing a spiral hot dog is really simple & only takes a few extra minutes of prep. Heres what youll do

Skewer the hot dog. Pierce a wooden or metal skewer through the center of a hot dog lengthwise. This trick makes spiral slicing a lot easier & virtually foolproof!

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Whats The Ideal Temperature For Grilling Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are already cooked and smoked, so they dont need to spend as long on the grill as raw proteins like pork chops, steak, or ribs. And because they dont need to be grilled for long, its important to nail your cooking temperature when grilling hot dogs so that you dont burn them.

Preheat your grill to lower than you normally would think. All-beef hot dogs do best in medium-low heat, or between 250° and 325°F. Remember that youre not technically cooking raw meat youre really just warming your hot dogs and giving them some golden-brown color. Too hot and they may burst or char too cool and theyll just steam without developing color.

Setting your grill to a low temperature is a good start, but you still need to make sure youre not overexposing your hot dogs to the flame. Place your hot dogs away from direct heat, avoiding hot spots for most of their cooking time.

How To Microwave Hot Dogs

most convenient way

  • Place the hot dogs on a microwave-safe plate and cover with a paper towel. The paper towel traps the moisture that escapes from the hot dog as it cooks, keeping your microwave clean and the hot dog hot and juicy.
  • Microwave on high until heated through, about a minute for one hot dog. Add 20-30 seconds for each additional hot dog on the plate. If not heated through, microwave another 30 seconds at a time as needed to heat the hot dogs to your liking.
  • Keep in mind, microwave oven power varies, so you’ll likely have to play around with the microwave cook time to heat the hot dogs to your liking.
  • Carefully remove the paper towel as it is likely to release hot steam.
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    Foolproof Ways To Cook Hot Dogs

    Beth Lipton

    Its officially cookout season, and that means its time for hot dogs. A really good hot dogmeaty, juicy, flavorful, with a hearty snap when you bite into itis summer in a bun. But if youve ever had a rubbery, soggy or dried-out dog, you know that it its all too possible to mess it up. Luckily, theres more than one way to get it right. Here are three ways to cook hot dogs that will yield delicious results every time.

    P.S. As with anything, your eating experience will be better if you start with good ingredients: Look for uncured, ideally grass-fed or organic dogs. Spring for good buns and a variety of healthy condiments, toppings and sides. And dont forget to fill the cooler with refreshing fizzy beverages.

    How Long Do I Fry Hot Dogs

    Instant Pot Cheat

    About three quarters of an inch of oil should be heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit in a pan that is big and deep . Fry each hot dog for two to five minutes, working in batches, until the skin blisters and splits . To ensure that the dogs cook evenly, flip them over approximately every 20 seconds.

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    Top Hot Dog Grilling Tips

  • To make spiral-cut hot dogs, push a metal skewer through the center of each hot dog. Place onto a cutting board, and run a sharp knife at an angle scoring into a spiral all the way down each one to the end, but don’t cut all the way through. Carefully pull the hot dog off the skewer, and it is ready to grill.
  • Clean your outdoor gas grill or charcoal grill grate with a wire brush and brush some oil on the grate to create a nonstick surface. Preheat your grill on medium high for 5 minutes. For a charcoal grill, light it and be sure the charcoal has some white ash and is burning hot, then grill.
  • Grill hot dogs on medium heat for about 7-10 minutes over low open flames until grill marks are all over the surface area of the dogs. They will darken, char, and curl slightly and the spiral cut dogs will expand and get deeper slits while grilling. Turn them often using tongs every few minutes. You can also cook hot dogs in a cast iron grill pan right on the stove.
  • Pull the cooked dogs over to indirect heat to keep warm. Load onto buns with toppings, and serve in a food basket lined with paper for easy cleanup. You can toast the bread buns over the grill for a couple of minutes, some people spread a little butter or oil to get a nice toast on the bread buns.
  • Load up with your favorite toppings and enjoy! Try my homemade Hot Dog Relish, it is fresh crunchy, and delicious.
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