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Traeger Grill Top Sirloin Steak

How to Reverse Sear Ribeye Steaks | Traeger Staples

A Traeger Grill is a great tool for cooking steaks and many other cuts of meat. Were sharing how to grill top sirloin steaks on the Traeger the easy way. This grilling method yields a tender and juicy steak that is perfectly cooked every single time!

Grilling is a great summertime activity for the family.

This easy sirloin steak recipe is a great beginner recipe for all the new Traeger grill owners out there.

Were sharing all the keys to success so that you can make these delicious steaks at home for your family.

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Setting Up Your Traeger Grill

There is an grilling accessory designed for Traegers called a ‘Smok N Fire’ and is an easy installation by replacing the Traeger drip tray and removing the flame plate. This is all a drop-in – no hardware or modifications are required. By using this accessory you have 3 advantages – is exposing the flame to the center portion of the grill, making this a direct hot area and the design allows for moving your seared / grilled food off to the sides to continue to slowly cook to the done temperature you like. since the accessory replaces the drip trays, these areas can be covered in foil for easy clean-up just like the original Traeger drip plate.

HOWEVER for this instructable of cast iron searing of a steak, all you really need to do is remove the Traeger drip plate and the flame plate and this exposes the flame directly under the cast iron pan. The cast iron pan contains all of the ‘drippings’ so there should not be a mess to clean-up. Well, at least within your Traeger.

How To Cook Frozen Filet Mignon

Each type of beef will have slight differences as far as the cook time goes. There will also be a variation depending on how well done, or not, you want it to be. For this tender cut you want them pretty medium rare . When we make air fryer filet mignon mine is left in a lot longer than my husbands, grilling would be the same case.

No matter what type you choose, you should refer our steak temperature chart so its done to your liking. Remove from the heat source and insert digital thermometer into the center or thickest part for best accuracy.

Can you grill frozen steak?

Yep! Youll need indirect heat and direct heat. Sear on one side, then move to indirect for about 12 minutes. Then flip and do the same on the other side. Total timing will depend on whether you want it done to rare, medium or well done in the middle. Drizzle our melted garlic butter over the top and eat.

How long do you cook frozen steak on the grill?

Total grill time will be about 24-30 minutes. Use a digital thermometer in the center to cook to the desired doneness 1. Rare 115-120 degrees2. Medium Rare 120-125 degrees3. A Medium steak = 130-135 degrees4. Internal temperature of medium well is 140-145 degrees5. Well Done 150+ degrees

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Traeger Smoked Ribeye With A Reverse Sear

Cooking a thick ribeye steak on your Traeger is easy to do and can turn out fantastic if you follow a simple process. For this recipe the steak got seasoned, smoked at low temps and then Reverse Seared to finish.

This technique will work with most steaks like a New York Strip, filet or sirloin as long as they are thick enough so feel free to experiment a little.

Why Should You Cook Steaks At 400 Degrees

Grilled Rib

It would be best to cook steaks at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit to give you a tender and juicy texture. However, the steaks doneness will be based on its internal temperature.

Cooking steaks usually has a wide range of opinions depending on the type of doneness you prefer. Some prefer it at a lower temperature, and some choose a high temperature for faster cooking.

However, pellet grill steaks cooked at lower temperatures might cook the steak longer and not give your desired juicy meat texture.

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How To Make Traeger Steak

Step One: Preheat your Traeger or pellet grill to 500 degrees F. This might take up to 20 minutes depending on how cold it is. Preheating will also give nice grill marks on the steak.

Expert Tip: I highly recommend making sure that your grill has been recently cleaned. If not, cooking at this high heat will be sure to start a grease fire that will ruin your steak and could create other safety issues.

Step Two: Once the Traeger temperature reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit, place your well-seasoned steak into your preheated grill directly onto the grill grates. Place directly on the grate and be sure to insert the temperature probe to monitor the internal temperature of the steak. Cook at 500°F for five minutes. Then turn the steak over and continue to cook for another five minutes. Make sure you keep the lid closed when you are cooking this to allow the Traeger to maintain the high heat.

Step Three: Once the internal temp of the steak reaches 120°, remove it from the grill and allow it to rest for five minutes before slicing.

Expert Tip: The resting time will allow the steak’s internal temp to rise to about 130°F. Adjust cooking time to achieve your desired doneness. I like my steaks medium rare.

Step Four: Slice against the grain and serve. Enjoy!

Traeger Grilled New York Strip

New York Strip Steak comes about as close to the tenderloin as you can get in terms of tenderness. It is cheaper and less marbled than ribeye but has as much flavor without as much fat.

Grilling the New York Strip Steak cooks fast on your Traeger or the grill of your choice. I enjoy the versatility of the cut, because you can serve it as an appetizer in wide slices or serve whole steaks as an entree.

Get our 75 ESSENTIAL Traeger Recipes here!

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How Long Grill Tuna Steak Medium

The fish should be brushed with olive oil, and the salt and pepper should be sprinkled on top of it. To cook each side, grill it in 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. It should be raw, like sushi, or it should be tough and dry, like tuna. Rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

Healthy And Delicious: Grilled Tuna

When grilling, make sure to use olive oil, salt, and a little pepper. It goes well with rice or a salad and is a great addition to a healthy and balanced meal.

How To Grill A Frozen Steak

Porterhouse Steak on Traeger Grill | HowToBBQRight

You likely have a freezer bag like the one below at home. If you find sirloin, T bone, NY Strip or filet mignon on sale its a great idea to stock up. Its great to buy meat in bulk and fill your deep freeze in order to save money and time. Trick to keeping them from getting freezer burn is to use thicker bags and suck all the air out when storing.

If done right you can keep them for 3-4 months easily, defrost and cook our air fryer steak bites recipe OR follow these directions. I will say that if you do remember to take them out that is ideal. It will take a good 24 hours to thaw in the fridge so if you can plan ahead youll have a wider variety of possibilities as far as how its prepared.

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Thick Ribeye Or Thin Ribeye

If you like your steak on the rare side, it’s much easier to achieve a good cook with a thick ribeye than a thin one. With a thin ribeye you’ll have a hard time getting the surface of the steak properly browned before the inside of the steak cooks to well done. A thick ribeye buys you time. You’re able to get that surface nice and browned before the interior of the steak gets too much heat.

If you prefer your steak well done, go with a thinner cut. If you choose a thick cut, the surface of the steak may burn before you’re able to get the interior cooked. Most experts prefer their steak cooked medium rare. For this reason, they typically choose a steak that’s about 2 inches thick.

How To Measure Steak Doneness By Touch

You may have read about the poke test for determining whether a steak is done. The idea is that you find a place on your body that corresponds to a steak doneness level. You press that place sometimes a part of the face, sometimes a fingertip, sometimes the meaty part of your hand below your thumb note the springiness, then touch the steak to see if it has the corresponding springiness.

Chefs who cook many steaks a day, usually of similar cuts on the same equipment indoors, can get pretty good at using simple touch tests to see if steaks are done.

But as an outdoor griller, youve got other factors to consider, including the outside temperature, the cut of the steak, whether you marinated it or not, how soft your hands are so unless you cook the exact cuts of meat, prepared the same way, at the exact temperature, many, many times, the poke test will let you down.

Thats why recommend using a digital thermometer so you can nail the perfect doneness every time.

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What Do You Eat With Grilled Steak

You can serve sauces to pour over the grilled steak, such as pan sauce, compound butters, chimichurri, or bottled barbecue.

As far as side dishes, it’s nice to have two elements.

  • A starchy side that can soak up some of the tasty steak juices — mashed potatoes, rice, soft bread, and polenta are all good candidates.

  • A salad with an acidic dressing to provide a contrast of color and flavor. Consider a green salad or corn salad. The bright colors will make the plate look a little more festive since steak and starches don’t exactly pop. And an acidic dressing will play off the fattiness of the steak, cutting through and even improving the flavor. For leaner cuts that have less fat, choose a less acidic dressing.

  • Traeger Steak Temp & Time

    Pin on Steak

    When we talk about Traeger steak, we usually use the term steak doneness. Steak doneness describes the degree to which we have cooked the steak and it will eventually affect the taste, color, and appearance of the steak.

    The doneness of a steak is an indication of how well-cooked the meat is and is based on its color, juiciness, and internal temperature.

    USDA Recommended Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures

    The USDA has released a list of safe minimum internal temperatures for various types of meat and poultry.

    The recommended safe minimum internal temperature for beef, lamb, and veal is 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

    For ground meat, the safe minimum is 160 degrees Fahrenheit and

    For other poultry like chicken or turkey, its 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Some of you might be thinking, 145° F is too hot for meat! You should keep in mind if you make your steak at this temperature, IT WILL BE OVERCOOKED!

    There are roughly six degrees of Traeger steak doneness. The most popular degrees for steak are medium and well-done, with well-done being the more popular choice.

    To start, its important to know that you should cook your steak on a Traeger grill for about 10-12 minutes for medium rare at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    If you want your steak to be medium, Traeger cooking time for steak should be for 12-14 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    For a well done Traeger steak, cook it for about18-20 minutes.

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    The Searing Question Gets Answered

    Perfect isnât always possible when it comes to grilling steaks, particularly on a pellet grill, but when youâre cooking on a Grilla, youâre on your way. Sick of eating dried up meat, missing the sear or charring? Get a Grilla Grill and reach perfection.

    The secret to cooking the perfect steaks on a pellet grill is a clear-cut technique thatâs easy to replicate. Below, weâll look at two ways to get a steakhouse-quality sear.

    Do You Need To Flip Steaks On A Pellet Grill

    If you have a pellet grill, then you need to be able to flip steaks on it. Flipping steaks is a common technique on pellet grills, particularly for larger ones.

    However, if you dont have the skill or patience, it can be difficult. Some people do it manually while others use a digital Flip Steak Processor. The key is to use a gentle pressure on the meat when flipping it so that the steak doesnt fly off the grill.

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    Myths About Searing Steaks

    Many people believe searing a steak is done to seal juices inside a piece of meat. This makes sense in theory, but this belief is actually a myth when grilling. Searing dries out the outer surface of a steak, and this method takes some of your juices with it.

    However, what you get in return is worth it! The delicious brown crust that searing creates happens thanks to the Maillard reaction, a process thatâs similar to caramelization but involves amino acids rather than sugars. Searing sends the Maillard reaction into overdrive, so even if you lose some moisture, most grillmasters find that the flavor you gain is a worthy trade-off!

    Searing is a popular cooking method within backyard grilling, but it is to be performed with proper instruction and guidance. Thatâs why itâs so important to go in equipped with tools that will help you sear the best steak youâve ever had.

    How Do You Slow Cook A Steak On A Traeger

    Traeger Steak | Smoked Ribeye Steak

    If youre looking to cook a steak on a Traeger, there are a few things you can do to slow down the process. One is to use a pan with a tight-fitting lid this will create less space for oil and food to move around and make the steak more evenly cooked.

    Another option is to use a stovetop griddle this will reduce the amount of time needed to cook the steak. Finally, you can try cooking it over indirect heat this will prevent it from flaming and turning intocharcoal briquettes.

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    The Best Steaks For Grilling

    There is no one “best” cut for grilled steak — it’s all about personal preference. Good cuts for grilling range from leaner, more tender cuts, to cuts that pack fat and flavor.

    Filet mignon or tenderloin: The most tender cut of steak, it’s ideal for those who prefer their meat rare. A smaller cut so it cooks fast.

    Flank steak: A thin, inexpensive cut. Flank steak doesn’t have as much fat or natural flavor as some of the other cuts, so it should be marinated before cooking to add flavor and tenderize the meat. Because it is thin, it cooks fast over high heat. Learn more in our Flank Steak Cooking Guide.

    Hanger steak: A flat steak, similar to flank steak, but usually with more fat content throughout. Hanger can be marinated before cooking but will also be tasty with a simple salt and pepper seasoning. Cooks fast over direct heat and should not be overcooked.

    New York strip: A leaner cut that is relatively thick and firm like ribeye, but with less fat. Does not need to be marinated. A good candidate for reverse searing.

    Porterhouse: A massive cut that’s actually two steaks in one. A filet mignon and a New York strip. The Porterhouse tends to contain more of the tenderloin than its cousin cut, the T-bone. Porterhouse is usually cut quite thick, so reverse-searing can help you avoid an overcooked exterior and raw middle. There’s no need to marinate before cooking. Salt and pepper is all you need.

    Do Traeger Grills Get Hot Enough

    IS A TRAGER GRILL CAPABLE OF PROVIDING ENOUGH HEAT? From searing to roasting, a Traeger is unquestionably hot enough to do any task successfully. On the new Ironwood and Timberline grills, the maximum temperature is 500 degrees, whereas on every other Traeger grill on the market, the maximum temperature is 450 degrees.

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    More Ways To Smoke Ribeye On The Traeger

    • Reverse sear ribeyes on a gas grill by smoking them first, taking it off the grill when it hits around 180-200 degrees F internally. Then instead of raising the temperature of the pellet grill, youll use a gas stove or charcoal grill to finish cooking the steak at a high temperature around 500 degrees F in just a couple minutes.
    • Smoke high and hot, quickly at 450-500 degrees F. This method doesnt pick up as much of a smoky flavor though, due to the short cook time.

    How Long To Grill Frozen Steak

    How to Smoke Sirloin Steaks on the Traeger Step by Step with Images

    There is a printable recipe card at the bottom but here is a quick rundown of how we do it. Whether your cooking frozen steak on gas grill or charcoal you want two areas remember. If youre using a Blackstone 22 you could set a grill grate on the flat surface for searing the steaks to get those lines you want.

    • First I like to mix together melted butter, minced garlic and Italian seasoning. Set aside.
    • Preheat your grill and place frozen steak on the grill over direct heat side of the grill to sear.
    • Once you have lines on the outside, move the steaks to indirect heat side and cook for about 8-12 minutes on one side.
    • If your steaks are stuck together, after 10 minutes, pull apart with tongs.
  • Flip steaks over direct heat to sear the other side, then move back to indirect heat for an additional 8-15 minutes depending on the desired doneness.
  • Insert a thermometer in the center of the meat to check.
  • Season with salt and pepper when they are done to your liking. You could also sprinkle Kosher salt on the outside after each sear so the seasonings cook on to the meat. Always cover your meat once you remove from heat and allow to rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing to keep it nice and juicy.

    Waitbut thats not all. We also shared tips on how to make frozen grilled chicken breast as well the other day. You use a similar idea for that. Typically you dont expect the dark lines on the outside of this white meat though that you would a grilled steak.

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