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How Do You Grill The Perfect Steak

How to Make Montreal Steak Seasoning | It’s Only Food w/ Chef John Politte

The trick for perfect grilled steak is to create two heat zones on your grill one side will be screaming hot with a high flame, while the second side will be unlit and cooler. Sear the steaks on the hot side to get a flavorful, golden brown crust and those coveted grill lines, then move them over to the cooler side to finish cooking all the way through. This creates a sizzling steak on the outside, and tender, buttery steak on the inside.


Hey you know what? Steaks on the grill with sweet corn on the side? THIS is the kickoff to summer Ive been waiting for!

Grilled steak with herb butter melted on top

Is It Gluten Free Paleo Keto And Whole 30 Compliant

This recipe is! Some recipes add sugar or bouillon. If you add these they will not be. Check out all these other spice mixes if you are looking to spice up some diet food!

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How To Use Dry Rub

Before you apply your dry rub to your meat, make sure you pat your meat down with a paper towel to remove as much of the moisture you can. Next, you need a binder to help the dry rub stick to the meat. You can use an egg wash, olive oil or even yellow mustard. I prefer to use Olive Oil most of the time.

If you’ve cooked steaks for family and friends before, you know that everyone likes their steaks cooked differently. For example, when I make filet mignon, I prefer mine on the rare side while my spouse prefers hers well done.

To ensure the best results possible, I always suggest using a food thermometer and cook until you reach the desired internal temperature. You can find cheap handheld ones pretty cheap online or you can use fancy wireless ones if your budget allows.


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How Do You Make Steak Seasoning

This recipe is a blend of brown sugar and spices. The flavor profile includes both sweet and smoked paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, dried thyme leaves and mustard power. Simply measure out all of the ingredients, then stir to combine. Use your spice blend right away, or store for later use.

The Scoop On Steak Seasoning

Homemade Steak Seasoning Recipe

So, what are the different ways to enhance the flavor of your steak? The first method is marinating. The basic premise of marinating is soaking meat in a flavorful liquid for anywhere for a few minutes to a full day. Often, an acidic ingredient is used to help break down and tenderize the meat as it rests. Over time, the marinade seeps into the meat to make it more tender, juicy, and flavorful.

Brining is the second method. You could think of it as the cousin of marinating. While the focus of a marinade is to infuse flavor, the main focus of a brine is to infuse moisture into the meat. In its simplest form, a brine is a solution of salt and water. Sometimes sugar, herbs, or spices are added for a little extra flavor, however the main goal of moisturizing the meat is attained through the salt and water. This method is typically used for meats like chicken or turkey which are especially susceptible to drying out.

The third method, rubbing or seasoning, is similar to marinating in the sense that you are tenderizing and adding flavor to the meat. However, rubs are entirely made up of dry ingredients like different herbs and spices. Rubs are great for getting a nice crust on the outside while locking the meats natural juices within. Coupled with an exciting sauce or grilling your rubbed meat over different types of wood you can create incredibly mouth-watering steaks.

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How To Season Generously

Steak is often pretty thick. An ideal size that follows guidelines for selecting the best steak is about an inch and a half thick. The salt is only seasoning the surface, which means a significant portion of the meat has no salt on it at all. That’s why it’s imperative to salt generously. If you were only eating the surface of the steak, it might be too salty. But you aren’t. You’re eating the whole steak. The seasoning on the surface has to be enough to properly season each bite.

The Spruce / Alex Dos Diaz

Adding Salt Right Before Grilling Steak Vs Seasoning Several Minutes Prior To Grilling

When youre making grilled steak, should you salt and season the steak right before placing it on the grill or allow the seasoning to sit on the steak for 15 to 30 minutes? We get this question a lot and its a highly debated one in the steak world.

First, a little background on the science of salting a steak:

  • You salt the steak.
  • The salt begins to draw moisture out of the steak.
  • The mixture of salt and moisture creates a brine.
  • After a while, the meat reabsorbs that brine, pulling the moisture back into the steak.
  • The whole process from salting to reabsorption takes around 40-45 minutes. And you want the steak to pull that moisture back in before cooking so its not dried out. Therefore, the optimal amount of time to give your steak after seasoning and before cooking it on the grill is 40-45 minutes. Many recipes do call for about 15-30 minutes to help you save some time. And you still can get a juicy steak by doing this. But if you want the best results, wait the full time.

    Alternatively, if youre pressed on time, you can season immediately before grilling steak. The salt wont have time to pull out steak juices, so all the natural juices will stay inside while you grill. Just be sure to get a sear quickly to help hold them in.

    Ever wonder how the best way to season those succulent USDA Prime Steaks you just bought? Chef Bind shows us how to season the Perfect Steak:

    Video Transcript: How to Perfectly Season Your Steak

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    What To Serve With Red Robin French Fries

    One classic option to serve with Red Robin French fries is a burger or sandwich. The combination of salty fries and juicy burger creates the ultimate comfort food meal. Another popular choice is to serve the fries alongside a dipping sauce, such as ranch dressing or ketchup. They can also be enjoyed on their own as a snack or side dish. Other possible options include serving them with chicken tenders, onion rings, or even mac and cheese for a unique twist on traditional sides. Ultimately, the options are endless when it comes to pairing these delicious fries. No matter what you choose to serve them with, they are sure to be a hit at any gathering

    What Are Red Robin Steak Fries

    Homemade Montreal Steak Seasoning

    Red Robin Steak Fries are a popular side dish at Red Robin restaurants. They are crispy, thick-cut fries made with fresh, never frozen potato slices. The fries also have a secret seasoning blend that adds extra flavor. Many customers rave about steak fries and consider them to be some of the best in the restaurant industry. Additionally, Red Robin offers a bottomless steak fry option, allowing customers to enjoy unlimited refills of the tasty fries. Overall, Red Robin Steak Fries are a delicious and popular option for those looking for a satisfying side dish.

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    Steak Seasoning Flavor Variations

    I love this spice blend recipe as its written, but you can absolutely add other flavors to the mix to customize it to your tastes.

    • Spicy Steak Rub: Add 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes, or ground chipotle pepper to the mix.
    • Garlic Lovers Rub: Double the amount of garlic in the recipe.
    • Herb Lovers Rub: Add 1 teaspoon each of dried rosemary and parsley, and 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano.
    • Mexican Rub: Add 1 tablespoon chili powder and 1 teaspoon ground coriander to the mix.

    Kosher Salt Vs Himalayan Salt

    Kosher salt is distinctly white, like our standard table salt. The flavor of Kosher and table salt is a pure salt flavor and both are primarily composed of sodium chloride.

    Himalayan salt varies in shades of pink, from nearly white or off white to deeply pink. This is due to the ancient oceans that the salt is mined from, and the algae, bacteria and minerals that reside in the salt. Himalayan salt offers trace amounts of minerals that our bodies need, and these minerals affect the taste profile of the salt.

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    Kalbi Korean Steak Seasoning

    Give your steak some Asian-spiced flair by creating a kalbi steak marinade. In a large bowl, combine a quarter cup soy sauce with three tablespoons white sugar, two tablespoons sesame oil, one tablespoon each mincedgarlic and sesame seeds, two chopped green onions and a teaspoon groundblack pepper. Marinate the steaks in the refrigerator for two hours before cooking.

    My Favorite Steak Recipes

    Best Dang Steak Seasoning Recipe
    • How to Cook Steak on the Stove Find out how easy it is to make steak year-round with this step by step guide to cooking steak perfectly on the stovetop!
    • Tender Steak Sliders These steak sliders start with a flavorful marinade, cooked to perfection, and combined with the most amazing flavors for the perfect sandwich!
    • Incredible Red Wine Sauce for Steak An incredibly easy, 3 ingredient, steak sauce or steak gravy recipe that will take your steak dinner to the next level!
    • The Easiest Steak Kabobs dont miss this one! Youll crave these easy grilled steak kabobs, bursting with flavor in every bite!

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    How To Thinly Slice Your Ribeye

    If youâre having trouble thinly slicing your ribeye, here are a few tips:

    • Place your steak in the freezer for about 20 minutes â just enough time to slightly firm up. This helps make it easier to slice. Use this video as a guide: How to thinly slice steak
    • Use a sharp chefâs knife â it will glide through your steak easily, especially if itâs been partially frozen first.
    • Ask your butcher to slice your steak for you. Really? Yep! Whether at a standalone location or at your local grocery store, your butcher should gladly slice your ribeye for you. The best part? There is no additional charge for this.

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    Can You Use This Seasoning For Steaks Only

    No, you can use it to prepare burgers or sandwiches. I love this seasoning!

    Its a great rub that is useful for things other than steak. I use it on everything. Best Steak Seasoning ever!

    This is one of the most fantastic steak seasonings I have ever found. It gives every dish a tangy and unique taste!

    I love to add this seasoning to meat dishes. For me, this condiment is unique and versatile because I can use it to prepare sandwiches and burgers.

    It helps to add a pinch to any dish, and you will receive an exquisite and rich taste sensation. I am happy to have this seasoning on hand!

    This EASY-T0-Prepare Texas Roadhouse steak seasoning recipe works well on steaks, chicken, sandwiches, seafood, and even vegetables.

    Make it part of your daily cooking routine.

    Youll become addicted to it. Its irresistibly delicious.

    Are you looking for more Texas Roadhouse Recipe? Follow our blog to prepare copycat recipes at home.

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    Tips For The Perfect Spice Blend

    • This beef seasoning will stay fresh in a sealed container at room temperature for up to 6 months. I often make a double or triple batch so that I always have some on hand.
    • Its definitely worth seeking out smoked paprika for this recipe. The smoked version adds a ton of flavor and is readily available in the spice aisle of most grocery stores.
    • This rub can be used on other types of meat such as ribs, chicken, salmon, or other cuts of beef such as brisket.
    • I recommend using freshly ground black pepper for maximum flavor.

    What Makes A Great Steak Seasoning

    How to Season Steak w/ SIMPLE Big Flavor Steak Seasoning Recipe!

    A good quality steak really only needs salt and pepper, but the addition of a few other herbs and spices can bring out the best flavors of your steak!

    The best steak seasoning always has salt and pepper as the core ingredients. I suggest coarse ground pepper and either kosher salt or Himalayan salt depending on what you have on hand .

    The other herbs are used in just the right amount, so as to not overpower or take away from that wonderful steak flavor! Onion powder and garlic powder just go with steak.

    If you like to pan sear your steaks with fresh garlic cloves, you can omit the garlic powder or drastically reduce the quantity.

    The additional dried herbs, rosemary and thyme, are also herbs that are a classic pairing with steak. Either fresh or dried, both herbs highlight the steak flavors and add a lightness that works well with all of the savory elements in the seasoning.

    Paprika is another one of the savory elements you want to add to the spice blend. Not only does paprika add flavor, but it also helps the steak to caramelize for a superbly colored steak.

    I use smoked paprika. It’s a spice rack essential for me, and has become readily available at most grocery stores in recent years. If you don’t have smoked paprika, see my notes below on paprika vs smoked paprika and smoked paprika substitution.

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    When To Salt The Steak

    When to apply the salt is a common seasoning question. Some chefs like to salt a steak well in advance of cooking, even up to 24 hours in advance. Others say salting it right before cooking is best. The main drawback of seasoning in advance is that salt applied to the outside of something tends to pull water from the center of it onto the surface. If the thing in question happens to be a steak, it will necessarily be less juicy. In fact, any steak you hold in the fridge, salt or no salt, is going to lose juices overnight.

    Another drawback is that it extends your prep time. Seasoning your steaks 24 hours in advance of cooking, means you’re in the kitchen 24 hours before dinner working with the steaks. You also need to make room in your fridge for these steaks for an additional 24 hours.

    Why Is My Steak Green

    As we discussed earlier, discoloration is sometimes a sign of spoilage. You should be able to tell whether this is the case by checking the meat for the other telltale signs we mentioned.

    That said, steak can sometimes appear green and still be freshor at least, relatively so. The pigment in the meat can produce a greenish or iridescent sheen, especially when exposed to light, heat, or processing techniques.

    To help prevent this from occurring, you can wrap the meat tightly in butcher paper and keep it properly stored. Its also a good idea to cook raw steak off within 3 days of bringing it home.

    Speaking of cooked beef, this rainbow sheen phenomenon is especially prevalent in deli-sliced roast beef. Deli meats are cured before theyre sold, which alters their chemical structure. That means theyre more prone to color changes than uncured meats.

    Again, this greenish tinge alone doesnt mean that the beef is spoiled. But if you suspect that the green patches are actually mold spots, or if the meat also smells funny or has a slimy texture, then its time to throw it out.

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    Tips From The Pillsbury Kitchens

    • tip 1 For extra-cheesy Philly cheese steak flavor, dunk these biscuit bombs in a cheese dip. Heat Kraft Cheez Whiz original cheese dip following microwave directions on jar, and serve alongside biscuit bombs.
    • tip 2 You can substitute Provolone cheeseanother common cheese used in classic Philly cheese steak sandwichesin place of the Monterey Jack cheese called for in this recipe.
    • tip 3 Make sure the cheesy beef mixture is completely inside the split biscuit, and press firmly to seal all sides before baking.

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    How To Use Texas Roadhouse Seasoning To Prepare Steaks At Home

    Montreal Steak Seasoning Recipe

    Have you ever imagined to enjoy a steak without any marinade? Well, you can prepare restaurant-style Texas Roadhouse Steak using a simple seasoning mix. I prefer dry seasoning over liquid marinades.

    Spread the seasoning over the meat and let it rest for about 40 minutes. These 40 minutes will help the seasoning to penetrate the steak making the meat tender and juicer.


    Is your mouth all watery already? It is still raw, dear. But the wait will be over soon.

    Heat up the grill, and when its hot enough, put the steak over it to cook.

    And if you are thinking about how you would know if the grill is hot enough or not?

    The answer is a little warm, not the burning hot as you have to cook the streak into a cherished brown color, not the coal-black one!

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    How To Make Steak Seasoning

    It doesnt get much easier than a recipe that is just a mix and go! Throw this spice blend together in less than 5 minutes and you will never leave it off of your steak again! It makes it taste SO good!

  • Measure and stir: Measure all of the spice ingredients and add them to a small bowl. Stir well to combine.
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