Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Range With Grill

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Where Can I Buy The Kitchenaid Range

JennAir 36in JX3 Stainless Steel Gas Downdraft Cooktop JGD3536GS

The KitchenAid KSEG950ESS can be bought from multiple stores online:

Note: The stores above are listed in alphabetical order, and it is not a ranking system. To buy this cooking range, all you need to do is search for the model name on the seller website you trust the most. It would be wise to compare prices before you buy. Also, you should remember that this is a researched based article, and I ask you to do your own research before you buy as it’s a high-end product.

Pro Tip:

Always include extended warranty in your order on a high-end model such as this. Customers who had an extended warranty with the Jenn-Air were saved. It is wiser to pay a little more today than pay to change multiple parts in the years to come.

What I Like About This Electric Cook

  • Pretty similar in dimension to the old JennAir models and therefore acts as a perfect replacement.
  • Powerful 330 CFM exhaust which is suitable for most home use.
  • The cook-top heats up very fast when compared to old JennAir stoves. You may have to change your cooking style if youâre like me and chop your vegetables, etc. while youâve already turned on the burners.
  • The cook-top looks good and is easy to clean provided youâve got the right cleaning supplies. The product ships with a little cleaner that you could use for the first few weeks or months . In consultation with a few people whoâve tried cotton cloths and other cleaning supplies, I received the best feedback from those who used Mr. Clean Eraser. To give your glass top the final brand-new shine, dry it up with a microfiber cloth that is typically used for mirrors.
  • The knobs are in the middle and not on the sides. When they are on the side, it limits the size of the pan you can place on the stove. With this setup, you can use pans larger than the default burner size with ease.
  • Thereâs a lock for the burners, and an alarm is sounded if a burner is operated in this mode. Itâs a good child safety feature that some of you may appreciate.
  • The fan comes with three speed settings. You, therefore, do not have to waste a lot of energy running the exhaust at max power when you donât need it. Also, the fan makes a lot less noise at lower speed settings.

What I Like About This Electric Range

  • It operates either as a vented or recirculating downdraft system .
  • Uniform heating throughout the oven thanks to a bow-tie design and convection fan system that circulates heated air within the chamber.
  • It has got a specialized steam rack with an attachment that can hold water and thus adds moisture to the oven.
  • The coils do not extrude, allowing for a flat surface and easy cleaning.
  • It’s got an automatic convection conversion system. This is a system that converts the conventional oven baking time to that required by the convection oven. As a rule of thumb, the time taken to bake with a convection oven is less than the traditional kind.
  • There are three oven racks with 7 rack guides. The racks include a max capacity rack, a gliding roll-out rack, and a steam rack.
  • A self-cleaning system that cleans the oven in under an hour using low heat and water. Sadly, the cleaning system only works on the base and not the walls and the top.
  • It’s silent when compared to the Jenn-Air downdraft electric range.

The cook top with all the 4 elements switched on.

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Jenn Aire Electric Range With Downdraft Fan

I love my Jenn Aire Range and Convenction Oven. Anytime I want to grill inside, I have the capability of doing so on my Jenn Aire Range. The downdraft Fan comes on automatically and removes any smoke immediately from the grilling section. Its kind of hard to go outside to grill in the middle of winter in Michigan which reduces grilling foods in the wintertime but with the Jenn Aire I am able to grill often. The cast iron grates are easy to clean and the grease collector container keeps everything as an easy clean up when done. I prefer grilled foods, and love throwing some shish kebobs together for a nice quick and easy evening meal and anytime you are feeling like a grilled steak, just put it on. Within minutes you are grilling your food and supper is served. My range is at least 15 years old and I have never had a problem with needing any repairs. The Convection Oven is a given at Thanksgiving. It cooks the Turkey in much less time and it comes out very moist. It is a great cost saving and time saver. You will never go back to just an electric stove once you own one.


What Is An Electric Cooktop With Downdraft And Why Are They Popular


While electric cooktops dont produce fumes like the ones that result from a natural gas or propane burning range, its still helpful for homeowners to add ventilation to their kitchen to help with cooking fumes, smoke and other vapors produced during food preparation. Most homes feature a range hooda kind of ventilation system with fans placed directly above the stovetop.

Sometimes this system is incorporated into a microwave for smaller homes and apartments with a wall-mounted microwave above the stovetop.

A downdraft system, on the other hand, is directly incorporated into the cooktop, venting the cooking fumes away from their source immediately. Some homeowners prefer a downdraft system because it can be sleeker and quieter. It also wont take up valuable cabinet space above the stove or above a kitchen island.

Unfortunately, many downdraft systems are not as effective as range hoods at ventilating kitchens and may not be powerful enough for more intense steam, smoke or vapor-heavy cooking. Therefore, downdraft systems are best recommended for smaller kitchens and those who do not cook as often or as intensely.

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Not Impressed Never Buy Again

I moved into a house wiith a jenn-aire sliide in. they dd not mention that only 2 of the 4 electric burners worked I have always heard that jenn-aire is the best so I opted to get another one : downdraft underr pwered, got an error code about some electric connection issue – caled the warranty people – they replaced it and the same error came up what ended up happening was that we lost the the use of 1 burner on the left. I was told it was obviously my problem, not the jnn-aire -Master electricians disagre. lved wth 3 burners, then the fan started turnng on when the oven was on cleared vents, revewed all – no issues but ccannot get the fan to turn off until the oven temp drops belw 200 degrees or so). UGGHHH Live wth that for a few more years… Thanksgiving dinner, Oven turns offf, fan turns off and starts clicking. I am done. I will 1 – never own a jennaire again and 2 – wiill never own a ddowndraft aganTemperature Controltemp varies from one tray of cookies to the next – using a timer is impossiiblHeat Distributionhave to rotate fooods every time


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Ge Pp9830djbb Electric Cooktop With Downdraft

At the time of writing this review, this electric cooktop with downdraft is around 50% of the price of the KitchenAid slide-in electric range. It is important to note that the KitchenAid is a complete stove, while this is just a cooktop.

Can this cooktop be a direct replacement for your old JennAir downdraft stove? No, it’s not a direct replacement, but it does require minimal work, less work than replacing your JennAir with the KitchenAid reviewed above. I’m going to cover all the necessary information that you would need to make this switch, but I’m just trying to be helpful, so please do your own research before buying. The GE PP9830DJBB cooktop is sold on Amazon and the additional reviews there could provide insights from other homeowners.

The GE PP9830DJBB Downdraft Electric Cooktop

Guidance When Replacing An Old Jennair With The Ge Cook

Jenn-Air JX3 Gas Downdraft Cooktop JGD3536 Overview

If you are replacing one of the old JennAir models such as the CVE1400/4180/4210/4270 series of downdraft electric ranges with this cook-top you would realize that even though the cooktop dimensions are perfect, you would have issues with your existing duct and the duct requirements of the GE cooktop.

You would find no issues with the countertop opening the GE cooktop requires 5/8″ less distance from the front to the back whereas it is just 1/16″ less side-to-side. This is the reason the new cooktop fits in perfectly with no observable gaps. Similarly, the ducting outlet is 7/8″ to the right and 1 7/16″ behind the JennAir ducting. This on its own is not a lot, but together with the longer plenum and is 6 3/8″ lower than the JennAir is sufficient to lead to installation hassles.

To add to this issue is the need for a rectangular 10″ x 3 1/4″ to circular 6″ diameter transition piece which takes up more room than the JennAir 5″ to 6″ circular transition.

When you buy the GE PP9830DJBB from Amazon, you have the option to pay for installation. But, this most likely does not cover the whole transition from a JennAir to GE cooktop. Moreover, whenever you pay for installation via Amazon for ranges and range hoods, they usually do not include ductwork. If you plan on ordering this service, make sure you contact them to find out what they can do for you. I would also recommend a look at the installation guide if you plan on installing it yourself.

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Range Hood Vs Downdraft

Do you need downdraft capability or would a range hood make more sense? We always recommend you ventilate your kitchen one way or another, but a range hood should be the default choice for its more powerful ventilation capabilities.

Most traditional kitchen set-ups include a range hood mounted above the stove with fans to filter cooking fumes, chemicals and more out of your home. Range hoods are especially important when using a natural gas or propane burning stove to avoid dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. Household air pollution is responsible for approximately four million deaths according to the WHO News Room.

While a range hood is best when cooking with fuels, it is still important to ventilate when using an electric cooktopespecially for those who cook regularly. But if a range hood does not fit in your kitchen, many companies now offer downdraft systems incorporated into the cooking surface.

These systems can ventilate bad air directly away from your cooktop before it gets too far away from the surface. Downdraft systems are especially good for those who do not cook as oftenlighter cooking operations are less likely to overpower the capability of a downdraft system.

What I Do Not Like About It

  • 20-30 minutes to pre-heat is a long time to wait even if it’s pre-heating up to 400 degrees.
  • There’s a slight smell of burning plastic and dust during the initial weeks. The manual says this is normal, wish it wasn’t.
  • Since the door is completely metal, it results in both the door and the handle heating up. It may not be hot enough to burn you on one touch, but it’s substantially hot and could be dangerous if you have young children or pets around.
  • Slide-in ranges usually have a rim at the edges and in most cases also at the back to seamlessly blend into the counter-top and wall, but they are absent in this model and need to be separately purchased.
  • The trim kit that they sell is a bit shorter than the length of the range.
  • If you are replacing an old Jenn-Air, make sure that you hire a professional installer unless you’re good at DIY projects because there are a lot of minor differences between the two where you may need to change ducting and wiring and in some cases even cut your granite countertop a bit to fit in the new model.
  • Customer support is not as quick as expected. Having a non-functioning oven for up to a week while you wait for replacement parts in case of a failure is unacceptable.

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Jennair Jes1750fs Ada 30 Stainless Steel Electric Downdraft Range

Note: The manufacturer does not include a power cord with this item due to different outlet configurations. Check your outlet configuration to determine which cord is required then click the accessories tab to purchase the correct one for your home. If you are still unsure, contact any of Abt’s Sales Specialists at 888.228.5800.

Not every kitchen has room for a hood over the range. Realizing this, Jenn-Air worked to develop a more convenient option to clear smoke and odors from your kitchen. The result, downdraft ventilation, a key feature of the Jenn-Air JES1750FS. In the center of this slide in electric downdraft range sits a vent that pulls in smoke, steam, and odors as they flow from the dishes you cook. With the downdraft on this electric range, you can enjoy a delicious curry or garlic filled vegetable stir-fry without the aroma lingering for the rest of the evening.


It Can Be Difficult To Choose A Slide

Jenn Air Dual

Trying to pick a new slide-in electric range for your home? When it comes to slide-in electric ranges with inbuilt downdraft systems, your options are very limited. Based on my past experience with ranges, range hood dealers, and the many forum posts on the topic , these are the only models currently on the market:

  • The Jenn-Air JES9800CAS electric range
  • The KitchenAid KSEG950ESS electric range
  • A lot of people have sent me questions, and I realized that many of you are not solely looking for a slide-in electric range, but for electric cooktops with a downdraft option to replace an existing 15+ years Jenn-Air cooking range.

    Since the two options we have are not the best , some people sought other options. A few wrote back to say that they bought a GE cooktop and asked me to include this in my review as this review helped them a lot. They’d like to help others in the same dilemma they were once in.

    I’ve thoroughly researched this product, reached out to those who contacted me, and have now used it for a while, and I also spoke to GE customer support to get additional details and clarifications. I have now included a review of the GE Downdraft Electric Cooktop PP9830DJBB in this article.

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    How To Determine If An Electric Cooktop With Downdraft Is Best For You

    If youre considering purchasing an electric cooktop with a downdraft system, its worth considering a couple of key factors before making a final decision. The first and most obvious is whether or not a downdraft system is the best option for your home and kitchen layout. You should also consider the airflowmeasured in CFM or cubic feet per minuterequired for your kitchen and cooking needs.

    Whether you need a ductless system or can connect your downdraft cooktop to a properly ducted ventilation system will also impact your buying choices.

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    Wouldnt Be Without My Jennair

    JennAir Downdraft Power Demo

    I have had Jenn Air ranges for over 15 years and I love them all, only have had two, but love them. I recenlty had to replace my one that was 15 years old, We got the top of the line. This is in stainless steel decor with black accents. This is a dual fuel downdraft oven. This over is FANTASTIC. The new one can almost cook a meal without you, it has all the bells and whistles you need. I like the indoor grill that is with it. You dont always need the indoor grill, it came with an extra set of cook inserts to use as burners. This oven is just the best looking appliance you can have in your kitchen. We are doing a small remodel job and it fits right in with what we are going. We had to modify the opening by about a 1/4 of an inch to accomodate the new range, width size. Its a slide in, so it was very easy to install, it was in use that very same day. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Thanks JennAir.


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