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The menu here is pretty basic. The short and sweet menu consists of mainly hot and cold sandwiches and drinks with no sides like french fries or onion rings. Menu items such as cheesesteaks, pizzasteaks, peppers and egg sandwiches, and traditional hoagies made from cold cuts/ or lunchmeat such as the Special Italian, turkey and cheese, ham, or prosciutto. They even offer a vegetarian option called Maxine’s Meatless. As far as the basic menu goes, there are plenty of offerings to satisfy any hungry traveler that visits this timeless eatery.

A beautifully wrapped cheesesteak gift from Jim’s South Street

Steve’s Prince Of Steaks

The Prince of Steaks has sat on its throne in Northeast Philly for almost four decades, and hasn’t changed a thing. Rib-eye, shaved to 1/8 of an inch, gets drenched in whiz for a delightfully chewy, flavor-packed bite. The location lends itself to an organic locals-only vibe, so fit in or get out. Three Steves Prince of Steaks shops are open, including the original on Bustleton Avenue, the one on Comly Road, also in the Northeast, and the Langhorne location. Call ahead to order in advance and make pickup quicker.

Tony Luke’s has made quite the name for itself, with locations far beyond the city’s boundaries. But the original on Oregon Avenue, complete with impossible-to-miss neon signs, is where to start. Served on fresh Liscios rolls, Tony Lukes cheesesteaks tend to be less greasy than other iterations, but the flavor is still just right. Given the location near the ballpark, its especially fun to go after a Phillies game. Along with the shops, Philly-born cheesesteak chain Tony Lukes is shipping frozen sandwiches packed with rib-eye and American cheese right to customers doors. Thaw, pop in the oven, and eat.

Jims Steaks Experience & Atmosphere

Jims Steaks first opened in 1939 at 431 North 62nd Street in West Philadelphia, to where it still operates in the same place. The South Street location opened up in 1976, to where you will see lines bend around the corner at all different hours of the day or night.

What can easily lure you into this establishment is the smell of the grilled beef and those sizzling onions, even if you didnt think you were that hungry, it might make you stop in for a quick bite to eat. Of course you wont be disappointed.

When walking into the South Street location, youll see many autographs and pictures of celebrities with autographs displayed on the walls. You will see such names as Billy Joel, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Barris, Daryl Hall and John Oates, and many more.

Looking for a cheesteak in Philadelphia, especially when on South Street in Philadelphia, Jims Steaks is a must stop. When visiting Philadelphia, Philadelphia cheesesteaks must be on your list before leaving. Enjoy

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What Is Jim’s South Street

Formerly known as Jim’s Steaks, Jim’s South Street is a traditional Philly cheesesteak and hogie restaurant. Owned by second-generation proprietor Ken Silver, this restaurant serves Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies daily to hungry customers at its current location on the corner of 4th Street and South Street in the Headhouse District after expanding from their former location in West Philly around 1976.

Originally founded as Jim’s Steaks in West Philly in 1939, the restaurant changed hands in 2011 and is now called Jim’s South Street. The original iteration had humble beginnings: founders Jim and Millie served sandwiches from their home before converting it to a full-time eating establishment shortly thereafter.

Jim’s South Street in Philadelphia offers customers a nostalgic meal in a historic, clean environment.

Proprietor Julia Zagar Outside Eye’s Gallery Which She Opened At Fourth And South Streets In 1968

Cheese Steak from Jims in Philadelphia : FoodPorn

Next door at 402 South St., Eyes Gallery was an unexpected mess.

Proprietor Julia Zagar, whose husbands famous mosaics decorate the stores facade, opened it in that very location way back in 1968. Standing Saturday afternoon outside a fence barring the gallerys entrance, she gazed at the door, uncertain what to do.

Theres feet of water in there, Zagar said. Even things that arent wet may be ruined by smoke. Its all stinky.

She was reluctant to guess whether the store would be rebuilt, saying only We will have to decide what to do. No matter what, though, she knows people are pulling for her and her family. So many people have reached out. Its overflowing.

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No Phillies Crowd Noise Didn’t Register As An Earthquake

A manager at the eatery told NBC10 the air conditioning had stopped working in the morning and then started smoking. That’s when she said she got everyone out of the building. Everyone was OK, the manager said.

NBC10’s Miguel Martinez-Valle was at the scene and reported shortly after 11 a.m. that firefighters were evacuated from the building and people in the vicinity were told to back up.

Firefighters seemed to be focusing their efforts on an HVAC unit, dousing it with water from above and below. However, Thiel said, crews were not “drowning” the building with water because they believed the fire was in the ducts.

The blaze was contained to the restaurant, but crews were proceeding with caution because of the risk that the building was structurally unstable.

This is a very challenging incident and right now were trying to balance the risk and benefit of our firefighters lives and protecting the property here at this iconic building and everywhere thats attached to it,” Thiel said, referencing an incident in which a firefighter died last month after a building collapsed following another blaze.

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Reviews For Jim’s Steaks

Travelled from Montreal.I had Philly cheese steak with onions, spicy peppers, provolone and whiz.It was a split opinion. Half the people at the table thought it was good the other half thought it was simply ok.Staff were super friendly and washrooms were clean.I felt it was on the greasy side and lacked at min pepper or something astringent to add heat and cut through the grease.

The star of every cheesesteak has got to be the meat. But in this case, the bread takes the spot. I got a steak no cheese with mushrooms, peppers and onions. Sorry to say but the meat has zero taste. The veggies definitely came out of a can giving them no flavor at all. All in all Id say the best part was the bread.

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Swat Team Officers Shot In Philadelphia

A fast-moving fire damaged one of Philadelphias best-known cheesesteak shops early Friday, but authorities say no injuries were reported.

Dozens of firefighters and other emergency responders went to Jims Steaks on South Street when the fire was reported around 9:30 a.m. Smoke could be seen pouring from the building, but officials said all the employees were able to safely evacuate the structure.

It wasnt immediately known how many people were in the building when the fire broke out.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Jims Steaks opened its original location in Philadelphia in 1939. The South Street location opened in 1976.

Jim’s Steaks 431 N 62nd St Philadelphia

Jim’s Steaks, South Street, Philadelphia

Are you in the mood for some American food? Well, what better place than Jim’s Steaks right here in Philadelphia! Besides being known for having excellent American food, other cuisines they offer include Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch, American, Steakhouse, Fast Food, and Burgers.

Looking for Jim’s Steaks prices? Jim’s Steaks has an average price range between $3.00 and $6.00 per person.

When compared to other restaurants, Jim’s Steaks is inexpensive, quite a deal in fact!

Depending on the American food, a variety of factors such as geographic location, specialties, whether or not it is a chain can influence the type of menu items available. Here at Jim’s Steaks, you’ll have options for Salads, Sides, Wraps, and Burgers and more. From there, you can expect to choose from some of the best menu items like:

  • Jim’s Grilled Steak
  • 1/4 Lb Bacon Cheeseburger

For a closer look at the menu items along with their prices, check out the Philadelphia Jim’s Steaks menu.

Being in Philadelphia, Jim’s Steaks in 19151 serves many nearby neighborhoods including places like Kingsessing, Rittenhouse Square, and Avenue Of The Arts South. If you want to see a complete list of all American restaurants in Philadelphia, we have you covered!

After you’ve visited Jim’s Steaks, if you’re looking for something new to try, check out more restaurants in Philadelphia, take out restaurants in Philadelphia, or fast food restaurants in Philadelphia.

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In Other Jims Developments:

  • A GoFundMe for the Jims workers has been created at . Through additional wages, were going to take care of them and make them whole, Silver said. Were not a big business. Were a family-run, tightly knit group.

  • A GoFundMe drive for Eyes Gallery to support recovery efforts has been created at .

  • A temporary Jims location could be set up in a nearby storefront, Silver said. He said he has heard offers of support from the local business community.

  • Fresh food, including 3,000 pounds of beef stored in Jims basement freezer, will be trashed. A pallet of canned foods and dry goods that Tilottas Provisions had delivered Friday to Jims sidewalk was given to Ishkabibbles, a nearby sandwich shop, Silver said.

Silver spent Saturday at MilkBoy, the bar-restaurant across the street, to await city inspectors and to greet well-wishers, including John Foy, a founder of Bridget Foys restaurant two blocks away. An electrical fire in 2017, whose origin appeared similar to Fridays blaze, destroyed the restaurant. Bridget Foy reopened in December 2020 after it was rebuilt.

Silver watched as a stream of limo, Uber, and Lyft drivers pulled up outside of Jims to drop off customers many from out of town who had not heard about the fire.

Theres this family from the Middle East who always comes to us as soon as they land, he said. Their reaction was heartwarming, he said.

A Short History Of Jims Steaks

The business traces its founding to 1939, when Jim Perligni opened the store at 62nd and Noble Streets in West Philadelphia. The business was sold in the mid-1960s to William Proetto.

In 1976, Abner Silver, a lawyer who had done work for Proetto, joined him in opening the Jims at Fourth and South Streets, then Philadelphias Fabric Row. South Street was literally at a crossroads in the 1970s, as plans for a crosstown expressway had been scuttled shortly before and businesses catering to young people such as J.C. Dobbs and the TLA were moving in.

The location was a natural for cheesesteaks, a tourist favorite, thanks to Pats and Genos in South Philadelphia.

Silver, who also had a shop called Abners at 38th and Chestnut Streets, assumed sole ownership of what is formally Jims South St. Steaks & Hoagies after Proettos death in 2011. Shortly after, Silvers son, Ken, took over the business as his father was suffering from Alzheimers disease. He died at age 79 in 2015.

The Proetto family operates the Jims Steaks location in Springfield, Delaware County.

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Fire Rips Through Well

The owner of the cheesesteak shop already promised to rebuild the iconic eatery for locals and tourists alike.

Jims Steaks owner Kenneth Silver told NBC10 Saturday that the citys licensing and inspections department does not believe the building on South Street is a total loss and that its structural integrity will be able to be maintained.

Jim’s Steaks first opened in 1939 in West Philadelphia, but the South Street location opened in 1976. The building on South Street was originally constructed around 1900, according to city property records.

We are definitely going to be back for year 48, so just give us a break,” Silver said standing outside the boarded-up restaurant. “Visit the other great establishments in Philadelphia. There are so many of us. Were one big family and were one big cheesesteak community.”

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