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Make This Diy Dry Food Pet Storage Container

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When I say this DIY Dry Food Pet Storage Container is really simple to make, I mean it. This container is so easy, that the hardest thing about making it, will be painting it.

I bought all of my supplies at my local Dollar General for less than $4, so while I was there, I decided to buy Teddy some new dry pet food to put in my finished container. Normally, I just pick up a bag of Kibbles N Bits® Small Breed Dry Dog Food, but while I was in the pet food aisle, I noticed Kibbles N Bits® had a new flavor of pet food, Kibbles N Bits® Bacon and Steak Flavor Dry Dog Food, so I decided to buy it too.

Kibbles N Bits® Bacon and Steak Flavor Dry Dog Food has signature bits made with real meat and Dog-approved flavors of bacon and steak in every bite. Plus its a 100% complete and balanced for adult dogs. My Teddy is usually picky about trying new pet foods, but he loves this new Kibbles N Bits® Bacon and Steak Flavor Dry Dog food and eats it up as soon as I give it to him. Im actually a little unsure if he needs a pet food storage container for this dry dog food, it may be gone sooner than I think.

With Dollar Generals already low prices, I was surprised to find out Dollar General had a digital coupon to save $1.00 off any one Kibbles n Bits® Dry Dog Food, 3lb bag or larger. This coupon makes it even more affordable for your frugal budget to feed your pet food they will love.

Kibbles N Bits American Grill Burger Dinner

American Grill gives dogs that appealing taste and smell of barbecued food. The enticing aroma and flavor coupled with the gravy sauce is designed to attract picky eaters to wolf down their meal.

If the kibble versions ingredients dont appeal much to you, then the wet canned food might. The contents are infinitely better. Water starts off the recipe, but this is usually the case with most wet foods regardless of brands.

The second and third ingredients are pure meat. Chicken and beef. This is good because you are assured your dog is getting high-quality animal protein. Plus, your pooch is eating real meat and not fillers.

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The fourth ingredient is a bit problematic, however. Its listed as meat by-products. Quality meat products should always be named. For example, if the meat comes from chicken then it should be chicken by-products. But to call it meat by-products can mean anything and can be coming from any kind of animal.

Aside from the mentioned meat products above, there is also bacon and steamed bone meal to up the meat and protein content. As for the guaranteed analysis, the crude protein is at 8%, fat at 3%, fiber at 1.5%, and moisture at 82%.

Overall, we find this Kibbles n Bits recipe satisfactory. Not exceptional in terms of quality, but much better than the dry dog food versions of the brand.

How To Make This Pet Food Storage Container

To make this adorable pet food container, you will need to start by using your spray paint to paint it. This should only take a few minutes, but you will have to be careful not to get runs in the paint because they will be noticeable.

After you are finished painting your container, apply your second coat of paint, if desired. Allow your can to dry.

Once you have your desired level of paint and your container is dry, place your vinyl adhesive on the front center of your container. If you cant make your own vinyl decal, you can always pick one up at the store for a cheap price.

After adding your vinyl, add an adhesive wall hook to the side. Hang your spoon or measuring cup.

Add your dogs favorite Kibbles n Bits® Dry Dog Food, the container will hold a 3.6 pound bag.

Store in your favorite spot.

Whenever youre making this adorable DIY Pet Food Container, dont forget to stock up on new Kibbles N Bits® Bacon and Steak Flavor Dry Dog food for your furry friend. With the $1 off savings on Kibbles n Bits® Dry Dog Food, 3lb bag or larger at Dollar General Store, its a great time to stock up. Plus this container will hold up to 3.6 pounds of dog food. perfect for one bag of your dogs favorite Kibbles n Bits® Dry Dog Food.

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Kibbles N Bits Mini Bits Bacon & Steak Flavor Small Breed

Little mouths need small-sized kibbles to help them chew and eat better. The Mini Bits range offers small-breed dogs delicious little chunks of combination crunchy and chewy kibbles with bacon and steak flavor.

Now lets check the guaranteed analysis. The protein here is much higher at 21% than the other dry food recipes in our list. This is because small breed dogs need more nutrition per body weight than larger breeds. Sounds weird, but its true. Smaller dogs have higher metabolic rates, and they burn through the energy they have quicker than large breed dogs.

Because of the peculiar metabolism of small-breed pups, their food has to be more nutrient-dense, specifically when it comes to fat and protein. The fat in this recipe is at 8% , while the fiber is at 4%. Because the kibbles are a mixture of crunchy and chewy, moisture content is relatively high at 18%.

Now lets go on to the ingredients. Sadly, the recipe does not start with meat. Like all dry food recipes Kibbles n Bits offers, corn and soybean meal lead the list. The meat ingredient doesnt figure until the third slot, so we dont know exactly how much there is but for sure there isnt much.

We are also not fans of unspecified ingredients like animal fat. What animal did it come from? The term encompasses a great amount of animals, and some you dont want to be anywhere near your pets food.

Kibbles N Bits Meaty Middles Prime Rib Flavor


Meaty Middles is a kibbles n Bits range that offers dogs two different textures in one. The outer layer is crunchy, while the middle is soft and chewy and filled with meat.

There are two real meat ingredients in this recipe beef & bone meal and beef. Unfortunately, they do not comprise the bulk of the food. The beef & bone meal only comes third in the list of ingredients, while fresh beef takes up 8th place.

What comes in at first and second places are corn and soybean meal. Corn is highly digestible and has lots of nutritional value because it contains protein, carbohydrates, fiber, linoleic acid, and beta-carotene. Soybean is a rich source of protein.

However, unless your dog is on a special diet where soy should be the main protein source, animal meat is still much preferable.

But what we have to take exception to is the use of artificial colors because there are plenty here. Artificial colors are highly unnecessary in dog food since dogs are not attracted to colors in food. What matters to them is the smell and taste. Moreover, food dyes have been linked to disease.

While there has been no conclusive study yet and the FDA deems the food coloring in this recipe safe, it going natural seems to be the safer alternative.

As for the guaranteed analysis, the fat , fiber , and protein content are about average. The formulation also offers a 100% complete balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

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Kibbles N Bits Bacon & Steak Dry Dog Food

Dog Food, Bacon

To your dog, every meal is the Best. Meal. Ever. Kibbles ‘n Bits Bacon & Steak Flavor dry dog food has bits so chewy and kibbles so crunchy, it’s a dance party of flavor and texture in every bowl. Give your dog a meal that lives up to his tail-wagging – and always delivers 100% balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS FOR Kibbles ‘n Bits Bacon & Steak Flavor dog food: TOY Dog’s Weight 2-10 LB = Cups a Day 1/4 – 1 SMALL Dog’s Weight 10-20 LB = Cups a Day 1 – 1 1/2 MEDIUM Dog’s Weight 20-50 LB = Cups a Day 1 1/2 – 3 LARGE Dog’s Weight 50-90 LB = Cups a Day 3 – 4 3/4 X-LARGE Add 1/2 cup per every 15 LB of body weight over 90 LB. Feed an adult dog the recommended amount once a day. Activity, environment, breed and age all can affect energy needs. Adjust these feeding amounts to maintain optimum body condition. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating dogs. Not recommended for puppies under one year of age. Provide plenty of clean, fresh water at all times. Changes in your dog’s diet should be made gradually to allow your dog to become accustomed to a new food. Substitute small amounts of the new food for the old food, gradually increasing the amount of the new food while decreasing the old food over a period of 7 – 10 days.

Kibbles And Bits Vs Pedigree Dry Dog Food

The new kibble blend of Kibbles n Bits Original dry dog food features the same variety of tastes and textures that gets tails wagging! This antioxidant-rich, healthy dog food contains high-quality ingredients including vegetables and 23 essential vitamins & minerals.

Wet Dog Food vs. Dry Dog Food. I know there is a lot of high-quality kibble out there but wet food does have some advantages. They are easy to digest and contain ingredients closer to their natural form. Processing is often minimal and that is how they retain a higher amount of proteins and other nutrients.

Purina Dog Chow Dry Dog Food, Complete Adult With Real Chicken.

Kibbles n Bits Savory Bacon & Steak Flavor Mini Bits For Small Breeds 100% Complete And.

Shop Kibbles N Bits Dog Food Original Savory Beef & Chicken Flavor For All.

Browse our wide selection of Dog Food Dry for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to.

Small Breed Dog Food Vs Regular. Different dog breeds are prone to react to the same dog food differently. Smaller breed dogs need varied nutrition as compared to large breed dogs. Also, the various life stages of a dog would demand different food to fulfill their needs. Considering the normal food dog, small breed dog food would differ in.

Iams Naturals dog food averages around $22 $28 for a 23.2-pound bag. This is an average cost of $0.95 $1.21 per pound. It is a 3-star food with a below-.

Kibbles n Bits and.

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What Customers Like And Dislike About Kibbles N Bits

Customers like that their dogs will eat the food without much protest. It does seem to have a pleasant flavor for most dogs, and most customers reported that their dogs ate without complaining. Also, the budget for the food was highly suitable for a wide variety of budgets and customers appreciated that they could always find the food wherever they were.

Quite a few customers complained that the food caused itchiness in their dogs and some digestive issues. Dogs can be sensitive to things like corn or soy in their diets, and artificial flavors can also trigger inflammation that causes itchy skin.

Really, customers were somewhat divided on whether the food was worth it for the budget or terrible. Most reviews trended at the extreme in either direction.

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Kibbles N Bits Homestyle Grilled Beef & Vegetable Flavors

Best Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Ever | Reverse Sear | Filet Recipe

Homestyle captures the taste of simple, home-cooking thats a favorite of many. It packs the meaty rich taste of beef with the fresh flavor of vegetables for a culinary-inspired formula.

First, lets discuss the good parts of this recipe. Made for adult canines, it blends two textures into one that of a crunchy outer layer and a soft inside made up of meaty bits. Dogs like variety in the texture of their food, so this is a plus. This might also help entice picky eaters into trying out new food.

Theres a good amount of supplementary vitamins here, such as zinc, copper, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and more. The guaranteed analysis looks good too, if a bit average. The crude protein content is at 19%, crude fat is 8%, crude fat is 12%, and fiber is 4%.

Adult dogs will get enough nutrition here to meet their daily needs. And if your pet is the type who doesnt drink often, the moisture content of 18% will help keep him more hydrated. Most kibbles only contain a moisture level of 10%, so this is way above that.

Now on to the bad parts. Again this recipe, like the other formulations in Eagle Packs dry food range, does not start with animal protein. Instead, it takes most of the protein from plant sources like corn and soybean meal.

There are also quite a lot of unnecessary food colorings that do not really do anything for dogs. Colors are meant to appeal to pet owners, but dogs care more for taste and smell when it comes to their food.

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Kibbles N Bits Dog Food Bacon & Steak Flavor Crunchy Bits Bag

Dog Food, Bacon & Steak Flavor, Crunchy Kibble âN Meaty Bits, Bonus Size

Feeding directions for Kibbles âN Bits Bacon & Steak flavor dog food. Cups : Toy: 1/4 – 1 2-10 lb dog’s weight. Small: 1 to 1-1/2 10-20 lb dog’s weight. Medium: 1-1/2 to 3 20-50 lb dog’s weight. Large: 3 to 4-3/4 50-90 lb dog’s weight. X-Large: Add 1/2 cup per every 15 lb of body weight over 90 lb Add 1/2 cup per every 15 lb of body weight over 90 lb dog’s weight. Feed an adult dog the recommended amount once a day. Activity, environment, breed and age all can affect energy needs. Adjust these feeding amounts to maintain optimum body condition. Puppies: Not recommended for puppies under one year of age. Gestation and lactation: Not recommended for gestating or lactating dogs. Provide plenty of clean, fresh water at all times. Changes in your dog’s diet should be made gradually to allow your dog to become accustomed to a new food. Substitute small amounts of the new food for the old food, gradually increasing the amount of the new food while decreasing the old food over a period of 7-10 days.

Kibbles N Bits Recall History List:

In 2018, the brand came under fire for reports of low levels of a chemical often used to euthanize dogs found present in quite a few of the brands lines. Pentobarbital was detected in small doses, prompting J.M. Smucker to issue a wide recall of six different wet food brands in the name of safety. Overall, the company has a mostly clean record, but that recall was particularly harrowing.

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Meet Kibbles N Bits Dog Food

Kibbles n Bits is a classic dog food brand in just about every store you could imagine. The bag is one of the most recognizable on the market, and it blends dog nutrition with budget constraints to produce highly affordable food. So affordable, in fact, that its one of the few you could get even if you cant afford anything else.

But is the price worth it? Lets take a look at everything Kibbles n Bits has to offer to see if saving a few dollars is worth it or if you should head to a premium dog food.

Here is our unbiased Kibbles n Bits dog food review.

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