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Moes Stands For Musicians Outlaws And Entertainers

Moe’s Southwest Grill has more than 100 open positions

Wondering where the Outlaw comes in to play? Well, we’re not corporate, stodgy or pretentious like the others. In fact, we celebrate originality, starting with our guests who can create whatever they’re craving with our . And this creative spirit carries through everything we do.

And the Entertainers? Our menu names, such as Earmuffs, Wrong Doug and Alright Alright Alright are inspired by pop-culture. Things that made us laugh our asses off. And speaking of which, laughter is the best when it’s shared with good company. That’s why we’ve made it a mission to create days like Moe Monday and Cinco de Moe’s for you and your friends, family and possibly even co-workers to hang and have killer food. That’s just how we roll.

After 17 years of rockin’ and rollin’, we’re now serving the most awesome Southwest fare at more than 700 locations in the U.S. and abroad. And our bold southwest flavor goes beyond our restaurant walls and can be found in Walmart, Kroger and BJs Warehouses across the country.

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Moe Is So Much More Than Some Guy Named Moe

The Moe of Moe’s Southwest is neither the chef nor founder… nor the founder’s dog. In fact, Moe’s stands for for Musicians, Outlaws, and Entertainers, a mysterious acronym that has nothing to do with the tacos, or guacamole, or any kind of Southwestern food at all. Here’s a breakdown of what it all means:

  • Musicians: Moe’s celebrates musical legends who “left this world too early,” using deceased musicians as inspiration for restaurant artwork and the background music in each location.
  • Outlaws: Moe’s considers itself to be a bit of an outlaw among Tex-Mex chains, eschewing corporate pretentiousness and mass-produced, frozen foods, in favor of creativity. They point to their highly customizable menu, which invites customers to design their own burritos, bowls, quesadillas, nachos, and more, with a choice of more than 20 proteins, veggies, and other ingredients.
  • Entertainers: Just like iconic musicians, Moe’s holds a deep appreciation for pop culture. Odes to their favorite movies and performers are evident in the names of dishes like “The First Rule of Chicken Club” and “Three Amigos Tacos.”

A New Look For Existing Locations

Besides the new restaurant prototype, which will take some time to implement, the chain is remodeling dozens of its locations around the country. Some 30 locations so far have been spruced up with new colors and logos and additional assembly lines for digital orders only. In the Atlanta area, where the brand is from, the upgrade will soon include 50 more restaurants.

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Moe’s Loves Music So Much It Got Them In Trouble

Moe’s is passionate about music, as demonstrated by the “M” for music in their acronymic name. But not just any music. Moe’s poo-poos current, top 40 hits in favor of songs of musicians passed. Background music at Moe’s is a carefully curated playlist of tunes from deceased, influential musicians, from Frank Sinatra, to Jimmy Hendrix, to Amy Winehouse.

A glimpse at one of their playlists on Spotify reveals gem after gem, like Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising.”

To complement the background music, Moe’s covers restaurant walls with artwork of dearly departed musicians. At Moe’s locations everywhere, you can admire portraits of Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, and the like.

So deep is Moe’s affinity for legendary rock stars, in fact, it once got the restaurant in trouble. In 2005 the heirs of Jerry Garcia sued the restaurant for using his name to sell food. The lawsuit filed by Jerry Garcia Estate stated that the chain never sought licensing for its portraits of Jerry Garcia and misappropriated the lyrics, “Trouble ahead, trouble behind, just have my taco ready in time” that appear beneath the portrait. Moe’s removed the painting after being contacted by the estate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moe’s Southwest Grill


Is Moe’s Southwest Grill currently offering delivery or takeout?

Yes, Moe’s Southwest Grill offers both delivery and takeout.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Moe’s Southwest Grill accepts credit cards.

How is Moe’s Southwest Grill rated?

Moe’s Southwest Grill has 3 stars.

What days are Moe’s Southwest Grill open?

Moe’s Southwest Grill is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

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Here Are The Pop Culture References On Moe’s Menu

Moe’s menu is littered with witty pop culture references. We scoured past and present menus to find the ones that made us giggle:

  • Art Vandelay: Moe’s vegetarian burrito is named Art Vandelay after the fictional character George invents during a job interview. He reuses the fake name throughout the series, naming Art as a fictional boyfriend of Elaine’s and again as an author he’s read during an interview at a publishing house.

  • Close Talker: The Southwest Salad is another Seinfeld reference. In The Raincoats episode, Elaine dates a “close talker,” e.g. a person who gets uncomfortably near to the person they are talking to.

  • El Guapo: This fire-roasted tomato salsa was named after the villain in Three Amigos.

  • John Coctostan: The hearty quesadilla shares the fake name given by an undercover reporter played by Chevy Chase in the movie Fletch.

  • Alright Alright Alright: The Alright Alright Alright nachos were named for a quote from the movie Dazed and Confused.

  • Wrong Doug: A southwest wrap similar to the Taco Bell Crunchwrap, Wrong Doug references a scene from The Hangover.

  • Earmuffs: This burrito bowl references a quote from the movie Old School.

The Enthusiastic Greeting Has Been Known To Scare People

While Moe’s rallying cry is meant to feel welcoming, the sudden roar of “Welcome to Moe’s” has been known to frighten unsuspecting customers and annoy returning ones.

One such regular was so irritated about the loud salutation, he started a petition to end the tradition once and for all. In the end, the petition never earned more than 22 signatures and was closed.

However, if you happen to rifle through reviews of Moe’s nationwide, you’ll find plenty of others who agree with the irritated petition writer. Some customers complain of how the greeting gets repeated throughout their dining experience as new guests enter. Others find the screaming “kinda frightening” while still others describe it as “loud and confusing.” One blogger boldly wrote that forcing staffers to scream “Welcome to Moe’s” at every customer as part of their job should be a crime. Another human resource expert noted that the greeting is a high burden for employees to carry, and when cynical staffers deliver a half-hearted greeting it can put a damper on a customer’s dining experience.

Moe’s, for their part, insists they aren’t trying to scare anyone. The greeting is meant to “welcome everyone with open arms and a smile.”

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The Carolina Reaper Salsa Is Made From The World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

As we’ve already mentioned, at every Moe’s Southwest Grill nationwide, you’ll find a serve-your-own-salsa bar stocked with freshly crafted salsas. There’s the classic Kaiser, the creamy Space B’Green Us, the tangy Tomatillo, and fire-roasted El Guapo.

In 2018, Moe’s added the infamous Carolina Reaper Salsa back to the spread. The “scary hot” salsa is made from the Carolina Reaper, the world’s hottest chili pepper with an average Scoville Heat Units of 1,569,300. To give you some perspective, jalapeno peppers tend to score between 2,500 and 5,000 SHUs. So powerful is the pepper, it has on rare occasions been known to cause the extremely rare “thunderclap” headache, a brief, intensely painful headache that intensifies quickly.

To cook with this flaming-hot pepper, Moe’s chefs have to wear gloves to protect their hands. In addition to the Carolina Reaper, the salsa includes tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and cilantro. The unique salsa will be available until early 2019. This is the second time it’s been on the menu, so heat lovers can only cross their fingers it’ll make another return.

Here’s The Deal With The Free Chips And Salsa

Celebrating a 20th Anniversary at Moe’s Southwest Grill in Bristol

One majorly cool way Moe’s differs from Chipotle, Qdoba, and Taco Bell? At Chipotle and Qdoba, a single order of chips and salsa will set you back around $2. They’re just a little less expensive at Taco Bell. At Moe’s, chips and salsa are not only free with every order, they’re bottomless.

Moe’s flash-fries chips fresh every day, doles them out by the basketful, and invites you to pair them with complimentary, freshly made salsas from their self-serve salsa and pico de gallo bar.

The only rule? You do have to make a purchase before they’ll hand you that basket of fresh, warm tortilla chips. And hold on to the basket, so when you finish you can waltz back up to the counter and ask your friendly counter worker for a refill, free of charge. Some even report that you can ask an extra bag of chips and cup to fill with salsa to take home.

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This Struggling Mexican Chain Is Making Major Changes

When it comes to fast-casual Mexican chains, America has several widely spread options. Moe’s Southwest Grill, while not the biggest, is certainly up there with its more than 700 locations in dozens of states. However, the family-friendly brand has been struggling during the pandemic and even lagging behind competitors who also serve a Mexican-inspired menu.

According to Restaurant Business, the chain’s sales fell more than 23%, to $560.6 million, from 2019 to 2020. The chain closed almost 6% of its restaurants during the same time period. In comparison, Chipotle grew its footprint by about that amount during that time.

In order to reinvigorate their appeal with customers, Moe’s just revealed plans to modernize several aspects of its business, from its restaurants to its menu, in order to attract their target demographicbusy families.

Here are some of the changes the chain has announced.

Moe’s Southwest Grill Locations Near You

Moe’s Southwest Grill locations in the USA , shopping and business information and locator Moe’s Southwest Grill near me. Check the list below with Moe’s Southwest Grill store locations in America. To easily find Moe’s Southwest Grill just use sorting by states and look at the map to display all stores. You will learn following business information about Moe’s Southwest Grill: location at the mall, other nearby locations by states, opening hours, map and gps coordinates, directions, phones and contacts.
You can also follow customer reviews for Moe’s Southwest Grill and ratings for each store.
Number of Moe’s Southwest Grill locations in the USA: 162
The biggest shopping mall with Moe’s Southwest Grill: Millcreek Pavilion
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Top 10 States With The Most Moes Stores


A store for every 206,519 people, in Florida with about 15% of the total number of Moes stores


A store for every 109,454 people, in Georgia with about 14% of the total number of Moes stores

New York

A store for every 286,088 people, in New York with about 10% of the total number of Moes stores

State / Territory

Making Things As Convenient As Possible

Flemington Spotlight: Moe

Moe’s is currently testing several more convenient ways for customers to pick up their orders. Curbside pickup has been implemented as a trial run in two locations with plans to roll it out at more restaurants. The chain also added four drive-thru locations this year and may upgrade more traditional stores with drive-thru lanes in the future.

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If You Want To Work There You Have To Pass This One Test

Walk into any Moe’s Southwest Grill location, and you’ll be greeted with the enthusiastic holler, “Welcome to Moe’s!”

Yelling this zealous yawp of a greeting is required of front counter line workers whenever a customer enters the restaurant. When questioned about its origins, founder and chief executive explained that he always found it awkward when fast-food counter staff simply stare at you in silence upon entrance. According to President Bruce Schroder, the greeting is an integral part of the company’s offbeat culture.

That’s why, in order to be hired at Moe’s, prospective employees must deliver a convincing “Welcome to Moe’s” during the interview process. As Schroder explained, being able to yell the catchphrase confidently shows that you are outgoing and “kooky” enough not to feel self-conscious.

To ensure every customer was being treated to the boisterous salutation, Sprock sometimes hires secret shoppers to walk into Moe’s restaurants. According to Moe’s employees on Reddit, missing a greeting or two every once and a while is fine, but you might get a talking-to from the boss if it becomes a habit.

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Quality Restaurant Group Becomes Largest Moes Southwest Grill Franchisee

Franchised Restaurant Giant Becomes Largest Moes Southwest Grill® Franchisee

Quality Fresca, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Restaurant Group,to acquire and evolve 67 Moes Southwest Grill locations across four separate acquisitions

ATLANTA, GA Moes Southwest Grill®, an innovative fast-casual restaurant franchise that serves high quality burritos, quesadillas, famous queso and more, announced today the transfer of 67 franchised locations in Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia to Quality Fresca, a new division of Quality Restaurant Group formed to own and operate a best in class Moes Southwest Grill franchisee group.

In partnership with Matt Ailey, Founder of GenRock Capital Management, Matt Slaine, CEO of Quality Restaurant Group and Chris Grooms, Vice President of Quality Fresca, the restaurant group plans to roll out the updated brand design for the restaurants in the next 12-18 months. The series of transactions will make Quality Fresca the largest franchisee in the Moes Southwest Grill portfolio.

In addition to Quality Restaurant Group, Moes Southwest Grill is continuing with its aggressive expansion and is seeking single- and multi-unit operators to join its successful franchise network. Moes Southwest Grill is currently targeting new markets across the U.S. For more information about franchise opportunities, call 800-227-8353 or email .

About Moes Southwest Grill®

Quality Restaurant Group

A Redefined Customer Journey

Be Our Guest: Moe’s Southwest Grill

According to Restaurant Business, the chain is working on a new restaurant prototype that goes hand-in-hand with recent industry trends. The new Moe’s locations will be about 1,000-square-feet smaller than their current restaurants, and will feature drive-thrus and a focus on digital orders. “We’re trying to redefine the entire customer journey for how guests use Moe’s,” chief brand officer Alex Williams told the publication.

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  • Minimum age for promotion participation may vary. Moe Rewards is available for guests 13 years of age and older.

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