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Here is a place called New York Grill, but a lot of their items aren’t identified from New York. So why are they called New York Grill lhh. Anywhom I like the food I get from here, it’s cooked to order, customer service is a B+ sometimes an A. But overall I can go here three times a week if I don’t cook myself.

Rice could have a little season to it. They are very stingy with white sauce and sometimes chicken sauces . Don’t like ordering through dd they tend to forget putting items/food in your bag. Food be good as heck though…most times. I’m waiting for them turkey ribs tho?

My husband an I always eat here an for the most part we be satisfied Except they messed my meal Up Twice. We always get the chicken philly extra meat . I got home its steak boy was I So disappointed. Check your order before you leave. I should have done that knowing how young folks are but its all good .

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