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Since making its debut on Gordon Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares, Oceana Grill has gone on to be recognised for its excellence. It is now an award-winning seafood restaurant for tourists and locals alike, as per its website.

It is now known as one of the best restaurants in the French Quarter. Creole and Louisiana cuisine are its specialities and it has been recognised as offering the best crab cakes and gumbo in the French Quarter.

Several celebrities have paid the restaurant a visit, from B.O.B and Birdman to Bobby Brown and Chris Tucker. The famous eatery has also received a 4.4-star average rating on Google Reviews.



What Happened Next At Oceana

Oceana Grill is still open but with new owners.

The new owners have vastly improved the restaurant.

After filming, online posts seem to suggest that nothing had changed.

They thought the decor didn’t look different, unhappy customers were still shouted at and the menu was mostly the same too.

A lot of the staff featured in the episode had left the restaurant shortly after filming.

Kitchen Nightmares Restaurant Thriving Under New Owners

Oceana Grill in New Orleans remains open in 2022. Reality TV Revisited reports the restaurant has new owners who improved the place. The website also reports the new owners sued Gordon and the production company in 2011 to try to prevent old episodes featuring the restaurant from being aired.

An agreement was reached that the production company would only use clips if they paid and stated the restaurant was under new owners. However, in 2018 the new owners sued again after a clip was shown on Kitchen Nightmares social media.

Owners claimed the post damaged the current reputation of the restaurant. Despite that, Oceana Grill is now officially open with top ratings on Google Reviews and more than 48K followers on its Instagram page!

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Oceana Grill In New Orleans Is Thriving Nine Years After Gordon Ramsay’s Visit

Gordon Ramsay paid a visit to Oceana Grill in New Orleans, then owned by brothers Moe and Rami, for his show Kitchen Nightmares. Wondering whether the restaurant is still open today? We can confirm it most definitely is.

The chefs show sees him visit restaurants across the US, try their food, give feedback , and then work his magic by helping change up the menu, and appearance and delivery of staff.

It was back in 2011 when Gordon went to Oceana Grill but, when the episode re-aired, fans began frantically scrambling to find out whether the restaurant remains open in 2022.

Reviews For Oceana Grill

Oceana Grill New Orleans, Nearby Pearl River Louisiana

My son and I had to try this place while visiting. My son had the duck and he loved it. The skin was crispy and meat tender and juicy. The gumbo was so good and the gator bites were tender and season well. I loved this place. I enjoyed the taste of New Orleans dish and yes the crab cakes are to rave about. Great customer service and fast n hot food.

We had lunch here for the first time. Very well managed place with very good food although it might appear a little like the usual joints in NOLA. But it is much better than it might look. A good and safe place to go

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The Decadent Breakfast Plates At Oceana Grill In New Orleans Will Have Your Mouth Watering In No Time

Weve all had it drilled into our heads, usually from an early age, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether we agree with that sentiment or not, we can likely all agree that theres no more delicous way to start the day than with a decadent breakfast plate at Oceana Grill in New Orleans. Just make sure you take a hearty appetite with you.

Oceana Grill New Orleans

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Gordon Ramsays Visit To Oceana Grill

Gordon paid Oceana Grill in New Orleans a visit in 2011 when it was owned by brothers Moe and Rami, who took over the restaurant from their father in 2008. The seafood eatery, located on the famous Bourbon Street, required help.

Hearing rumours of rodents and kitchen staff having arguments, Ramsay ordered Cajun classic dishes including the seafood gumbo, crab cake platter and blackened bayou duck he didnt like any of them.

The brothers initially denied the crab cakes were frozen before Rami admitted the truth. Staff member Damon then became argumentative so Gordon left as he was unsure he wanted to improve the restaurant.

When Gordon asked to see the restaurants recipes, Moe said he kept his secret recipes in his head that ended in another argument.

After some improvements, customers appeared to be enjoying the food but, when Gordon said his goodbyes, he admitted he worried Oceana wouldnt be open in a years time.

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