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Why Cut Steak Against The Grain

FAJITAS â Which is BEST? Inside or Outside Skirt Steak?

When you cut a steak against the grain, you are cutting the muscle fibers across the length. When you cut them this way, the beef will have a tender texture. If it is cut with the grain, you’ll need to bite through the fibers, making the meat much tougher. With flank steak and skirt steak, the grain is easy to identify and it makes slicing the meat much simpler.

Tips For Cooking The Skirt Steak

With a skirt steak at your disposal, there are several flavorful recipes that you can make out of it. Here are a few essential tips you should embrace when cooking either inside or outside skirt steak.

  • Grill over high heat â the best way to cook your skirt steak is to grill it over high temperature. Grilling over high temperatures gives the steak a nice char while keeping the inside tender.
  • Slice the steak properly â Another secret to preparing a delicious skirt steak is to ensure that you slice it properly. In other words, ensure that you cut the steak against the grain when serving.
  • Give the steak a dry rub â Rubbing the skirt steak with black pepper before cooking gives it a flavorful crust making it even more delicious.

Other Names For Skirt Steak

At a grocery store in the United States, you’re apt to just see it labeled as “Skirt steak” as apposed to any other name.

In other parts of the world you might see it called “Arrachera.”

However, in places like New York City, older generations of Jewish Immigrants from Eastern Europe served skirt steak by rolling it and slicing it called Rumanian tenderloin.

Where-as, in Chicago, you might also see it called Romanian tenderloin or Romanian steak.

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Skirt Steak On The Inside Vs Outside

If you know what skirt steak is, you presumably know it comes in two varieties: inner skirt steak and outer skirt steak. This page will explain where they originate from, their flavor, how they are cooked, which is better for consumption, and why they are different. First, lets define skirt steak to distinguish between inside and outside skirt steaks. Skirt steak is a cow muscle situated between the chest and the abdomen. This diaphragm taken from a cow is lengthy and has a lot of marbling and connective tissue. Two types of skirt steak: inner skirt steak and outside skirt steak. They both have a delicious beef flavor. However, the outer skirt steak has a stronger flavor than the interior skirt steak. You may grill, broil, or cook them in a cast-iron skillet. The key is to cook the skirt steak quickly on a boiling surface, not overcook. The outside and inner skirt steaks are very similar. However, they do differ in several ways. So, lets discover more about these many kinds of skirt steak.

Inside Vs Outside Skirt Steak: Which Is Better

Get the right skirt steak

The skirt steak is one of the most delicious cuts of beef. There are two types of skirt steaks that you can choose from one might be better than the other. So, Inside Vs. Outside Skirt Steak, which is better?

While the outside and inside skirt steaks look similar, they have some flavor and muscle density differences. The inside skirt steak is more flavorful, tender, and delicious than the outside steak. Further, the inside skirt steak has more fats and grills up nicely, thanks to its thickness.

If you want to fire up your grill for a delicious steak but are undecided on inside vs. outside skirt steak, then you are at the right place. Before you get to the bottom of this article, you would have known everything concerning inside vs. outside skirt steak.

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Seasoning And Using Skirt Steak

This steak has so much flavor, I usually like it with just salt and pepper. But you could add whatever additional herbs and spices you like. Garlic powder and onion powder, for example. Or chili powder and cumin. Its also nice with rosemary and thyme.

And while you could enjoy your sliced skirt steak as-is, perhaps with some potatoes or a salad on the side, its also great for tacos, burritos, and fajitas. Try it in a sandwicha cheesesteak, for example. Or as part of a steak and eggs breakfast.

Try to avoid reheating it, though, because that can lead to the meat becoming more than medium-rarein other words, overcooked and dry.

Skirt steak is versatile, quick, easy, inexpensive , and really, really good. Use these tips to cook and slice it right, and it just might become your new favorite steak too.


What Part Of The Cow It Comes From

Both cuts come from the side of the cow. Throughout the cows life, these areas work very hard. This results in both cuts being relatively tough and fibrous. The skirt steak comes from the plate primal. The outside variety is from the diaphragm while the inside variety is an abdominal muscle. The flank steak, as you mightve guessed, comes from the flank primal.

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What Is Skirt Steak Best For

This cut of beef has the grain running through the width, so you need to slice it in a particular way to cut against the grain. If you leave it to the people at the table to cut it themselves, there is a big risk that they will cut it wrong and experience a lot of toughness as a result.

It is therefore best to use skirt steak in dishes where the steak is in slices. That way, the cook has control over making sure it is sliced correctly.

My favorite things to use skirt steak for are fajitas and stir fries. I will say though, normally when we think of steak for fajitas or stir fries, we think of cutting the steak first and then cooking it. With skirt steak, it turns out much better if you cook it whole first, then let it rest, and then slice it and add it to your dish.

What Are The Difference Between Outside And Inside Skirt Steak

Which Steak is better Inside or Outside Skirt Steak?

Skirt steak comes in two cuts: outside and inside. While I am sure the difference in cut affects how the meat should be prepared and cooked I am not sure in what ways. A few things I’ve read about the outside skirt reference the need to trim the membrane, but I’m not sure what the posts are referring to. Leading to my questions about the cuts:

  • What are the differences between the inside and outside skirt steak cuts?
  • How do these differences affect preparation and cooking?
  • When should one cut be chosen over the other? Are the two cuts interchangeable in most recipes?

Per Kenji Alt’s Food Lab article on fajitas:

here are really two distinct cuts from the diaphragm of the steer.

The outside skirt steak is from the plate section, below the rib and between the brisket and flank, and usually comes with the membrane still attached, which needs to be trimmed before cooking.

Inside skirt comes from the flankit’s narrower and thinner than the outside skirt, and comes with the membrane removed.

According to the Houston Press, outside skirt stake is extremely rare in the US, as much of it gets exported to Japan due to a quick in the tariffs. The outside cut is tougher, but extremely flavorful. Both are used in similar applications, if you can get them.

A couple of pictures:

  • The inside or inner skirts are much tougher, cheaper & wider than outside or outer skirts!!Whoever says the opposite is true is confused. You can drive a truck over inside skirts and they’ll still be tough.

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    A Quick History Lesson On Skirt Steak

    Skirt steak used to be considered offal – more specifically, organ meat.

    Cattle Ranchers in the American South would give these tough cuts of meat to field workers – typically of Mexican origin.

    In these fields is where skirt steak gained popularity as the famous “arrachera” and became a key ingredient in dishes of Mexican inspiration like fajitas and steak tacos.

    The word fajita is Spanish for “little belt.” The skirt steak is a thin cut of meat that resembles a sash, girdle, belt, or skirt.

    Skirt steak is also very popular in Argentina for similar reasons. Cattle ranchers would enjoy skirt steak or entraña as part of their asados.

    Thai Grilled Skirt Steak

    If you love the exotic taste of Thai cuisine, or you like trying new flavor experiences, this recipe has your name on it. The long list of ingredients includes Thai staples like cilantro and peanuts, and classics including brown sugar and black pepper.

    For all that, though, the only tool youre going to need to make the marinade is a whisk.

    Dont expect a ton of heat in this one, but you should feel a tingle. Of course, you could always ramp it up if you like a few more Scovilles.

    This is a perfect addition to stir fry or as part of an Asian-themed dinner. With so much added flavor, you dont have to add much else.

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    What Is The Difference Between Inside Skirt And Outside Skirt

    In addition, the inside skirt is made from the flank it is smaller and thinner than the outside skirt, and it is supplied without the membrane. A report in the Houston Press states that outside skirt stake is exceedingly uncommon in the United States, since much of it is sold to Japan owing to a recent decrease in tariffs.

    Inside Vs Outside Skirt Steak: Whats The Difference

    How To Grill The Perfect Skirt Steak

    If you know what skirt steak is then you probably know that there are two types of skirt steaks including inside skirt steak and outside skirt steak.

    From which part of the cow they come, what is their flavor, how they are prepared, which one is better for consuming, and why they are different you are going to read in this article. First, lets learn what skirt steak is so we could find the differences between inside and outside skirt steaks.

    Skirt steak is a muscle in the cow that is located between the chest and the abdomen. This cut from the cows diaphragm is long with a lot of marbling and connective tissue.

    You can choose between inside skirt steak and outside skirt steak. They both have a lovely beef flavor, but the outside skirt steak is more flavorful than the inside skirt steak.

    You can cook them on the grill, under the broiler, or in a cast-iron skillet. The crucial thing is to cook the skirt steak on a very hot surface, very fast so it doesnt get overcooked.

    Outside skirt steak and inside skirt steak are pretty similar, but they also have some differences. That said, lets learn more about these types of skirt steak.

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    How Can You Tell The Difference Between Inside And Outside Skirt Steak

    There are few differences between inside and outside skirt steak. The first one is the place where they are located in the cows body.

    Outside skirt steak is placed diagonally between the 6th and the 12th rib, and it is covered with a membrane that should be trimmed before cooking.

    The inside skirt steak, on the other hand, is placed in the body wall, across the lower part of the ribs, and beyond them. It is usually sold with a removed membrane so it is easier to trim it.

    Another difference between the outside and inside skirt steaks is in their appearance. Outside skirt steak is thinner and longer, while inside skirt steak is thicker and wider.

    They are flat muscles 20-24 inches long and 3-7 inches wide if the membrane is trimmed. Inside skirt steak is tougher than the outside skirt steak which is tender and more expensive.

    They are expensive because one cow has only four skirt steaks . Outside skirt steak is available in restaurants because it is more tender than inside skirt steak. You can find inside skirt steak in the butchers shops and stores.

    Comparing Inside And Outside Skirt Steak Visually

    In appearance, the outside skirt is both longer and wider than the inside skirt. It is also about 50% thicker. Knowing this fact helps you recognize inside vs. outside skirt steak, but theres more to understand.

    Something else youll notice about the appearance of the inside skirt is that its generally sold with a bunch of hard fat and membrane that will need to be removed.

    More often than notwhen you can find an outside skirtit will need less trimming. But youre likely to still need to run your boning knife over it and clean it up.

    I say when you can find because the outside skirt is pretty sought after. It usually ends up in restaurants as opposed to the local market.

    Making these cuts even more scarce is the fact that there are only two skirt steaks, one inside and one outside per side of beef.

    Untrimmed skirt steaksTrimmed skirt steaks

    While its rare to find outside skirt in many chain grocery stores, your local butcher may be able to get some for you. Sadly, many local butchers are shutting down, so I get outside skirt steak from online meat purveyors.

    You can find both prime grade and choice grade outside skirt steak at Wild Fork. They even offer a grass-fed option if thats your jam.

    While they dont call it outside skirt steak, Lobels of New York offers outside skirt steak thats labeled skirt steak. They come nicely trimmed from Lobels and everything Ive ever bought from there has been top shelf.

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    Is One Better For Grilling Than The Other

    Skirt steak is a good choice for grilling or barbecue. Flank steak should be cut into thin slices before cooking, making it a poor choice for the grill. Skirt steak benefits from marinade which can help to tenderize the steak. Using fruit juices, like orange juice, is a good choice. When it’s properly cooked, skirt steak makes a tender and delicious meal.

    How Do You Prepare Them

    What’s difference between INSIDE and OUTSIDE skirt steaks? | Jess Pryles

    Before we get into the other details, let us look at how you prepare these meat cuts. From a butchers perspective, you need to do different things before you can sell these.

    The inside skirt steak is relatively easier to cut and trim than the outside skirt steak. You will only need to get the huge steak out of the middle of the body of the cow by trimming it slowly.

    It can be tricky since other cuts of meat surround it and one slight mistake can ruin the skirt steak or the other cuts. However, after cutting it out, it will be easier to trim and clean.

    Since you have cut the inside skirt steak along a specific lining of fat, there would not be much trimming needed. There are some fats that customers might want to get rid of but thats it.

    You do not need any special trimming or cleaning process with the inside skirt steak when sold to customers. In fact, as a regular customer, I can trim the fats off if I want to.

    The outside skirt steak is a harder cut of beef that needs a professional or an expert to cut it properly. See, the first problem with it is that it has a thick membrane.

    It separates the ribcage from the skin itself which means that there is a coating. That is why the outside skirt steak has a long slab of meat but has a membrane.

    You need a professional butcher to cut the outside skirt steak properly. Once the outside skirt steak is on sale, it should have as little fat as possible.

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    How Much Meat And Fat Each Steak Holds

    If you are diet conscious and want skirt steak or flap steak without fat, its not possible. There is some quantity of fat in each one, and even if you have a thin meat cut, by no means will it be devoid of fat. So, dont get fooled by the appearance of a lean cut.

    Also, fat makes it more juicy and flavored.

    Here is the nutritional information for flap steak and skirt steak:

    Beef Flap Steak

    How To Store Skirt Steak

    Storing skirt steak is very easy. If your steak is already packed, place it in the freezer to freeze it. If your skirt steak isnt packed, then follow these steps:

    • Wash your steak with running water.
    • Remove and clean any leftover blood on the surface.
    • Pat it dry with a paper towel.
    • Next, trim off the membrane if its still attached to the steak.
    • Next, remove and trim off any excess fat and silver skin.
    • Next portion of the meat.
    • Wrap the meat in cling film.
    • Squeeze out as much air as you can.
    • Wrap it again a second time.
    • Next, place the wrapped meat in a ziplock bag or an inside an airtight container.
    • Then place it in the freezer and freeze it.

    When stored this way, you can keep it frozen, and it will stay good indefinitely, but consuming it within 6-12 months is recommended.

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    Inside Vs Outside Skirt Steak: Knowing The Difference

    The famous skirt steak often gets a place amongst the most flavorful cuts. It comes in two varieties, the inside skirt steak and the outside skirt steak. Given that they both come from a similar source, whats the difference between them?

    These are often thin and long cuts of meat, usually perfect for grilling. Lets take a closer look at this steak and see what defines the different types as well.

    What Is Skirt Steak


    In hindsight, inside and outside skirt steaks are very similar to each other. They are both long cuts of meat with a thick membrane running across the whole cut, making them hard.

    However, if cut and trimmed properly, these kinds of cuts are very soft. Unlike most meat labeled as steaks, the skirt steak is thin, so they are still good for grilling or searing.

    For a full-grown cow, the skirt steaks usually measure between 20 and 24 inches long and three inches wide. That is if the butcher has trimmed off the membrane and grain.

    You will usually have an inside steak when you get one from your local butcher. They are sold separately for different purposes, which brings us to their first major difference.

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