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A To Z List Of Pellet Grill/smoker Brands

Overview of the Pit Boss Pro Series Combo Grill, exclusively at Lowe’s

Back in 2007 when I first become aware of pellet grills and smokers the only brand I was really aware of was Traeger. Traeger is really where this whole concept of cooking with pellets started in the 1980s. It was a slow burner but since the 2010s is really when pellet grills and smokers started to get mainstream awareness, discussed alongside gas and charcoal grills. There are now over 30 pellet grill/smoker brands that Im aware of, and the link above goes to my A to Z list of brands article.

Now, you may already be aware of a few of the other brands such as Pit Boss, Camp Chef, Z Grills and Im sure you are aware of Weber, though you may not have known they have entered the pellet grill game. However, they are now many, many more brands to look into. Some may be what are commonly referred to as Traeger clones, but many others are offering their own unique designs and features.

Pit Boss 1230 Navigator Combo Pellet And Gas Grill

The Pit Boss 1230G Navigator Series Combo Grill combines real wood flavour with the ease of gas to bring you a powerful outdoor cooking adventure.

Please call us for the latest price and delivery options.

The Pit Boss 1230G Navigator Series Combo Grill combines real wood flavour with the ease of gas to bring you a powerful outdoor cooking adventure.

The PB1230G offers 8-in-1 cooking versatility, to smoke, bake, braise, roast, grill, barbecue, char-grill, and sear all in one. With advanced grilling technology, premium gauge stainless-steel builds, and liquid propane or 100% all-natural hardwood pellet fuel, enjoy Bigger.Hotter.Heavier features that can only come from a Pit Boss grill. Dial in heat ranging from 180° to 500°F and achieve instant direct or indirect heat using the innovative slide-plate flame broiler. Then, use the digital control board and stainless-steel meat probes to track temperatures and set it and forget it, while the Navigator does all the work for you.

Additional features of the Pit Boss Navigator Series Combo grill includes a pellet to gas damper for cold smoking, 3 burner gas option, two included meat probes, a large hopper capacity, reinforced legs, high-temperature powder coat finish, folding front shelf, built-in tool hooks, locking caster wheels, and the Pit Boss best-in-class 5-year warranty.

  • Pit Boss 1230G Navigator Series Combo Grill
  • Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker With Gas Grill Combined

Cuisinart Twin Oaks Pellet/gas Combo

When Cuisinart started to first sell pellet grills/smokers they were essentially identical to Z Grills models. However, their two latest offerings the Woodcreek and Twin Oaks appear to be unique designs, and they do have a lot going for them for the price. For instance, their 50/50 split pellet/gas combo grill is actually cheaper than the Pit Boss KC Combo.

I think its actually better than the Pit Boss in a couple of areas , but its not as good in other areas .

However, for the price the Twin Oaks could be worth considering if youre on a tight budget and youre looking for a pellet/gas combo grill with a 50/50 split of the cooking area between both fuel options.

The Cuisinart Twin Oaks Pellet/Gas Combo Grill is an even cheaper alternative to the Pit Boss KC Combo: Image

The pellet hopper on the Twin Oaks is a massive 30lbs. Now, that may sound like a good thing. But in reality, its way more than you need, as you dont want to leave pellets in the hopper for too long.

If you do its possible the pellets will absorb moisture and go bad. I also wouldnt leave this Twin Oaks combo grill outside. The thin steel construction could rust through pretty quickly once the paint finish starts to fail.

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Traeger Timberline Gen 2 Models

The latest models in the Traeger line-up are redesigned/updated models of their top-of-the-range offerings, now referred to as the Traeger Timberline Gen 2.

Do these new Traeger grills feature gas burners? Nope, so youre probably wondering why Im mentioning them in an article on combo grills. Well, the reason is, while they dont feature any gas burners they are actually a combo grill with the help of their induction hob.

Both Traeger Timberline Gen 2 models come with an induction hob mounted on the left side shelf for fast high heat searing: Images Traeger.com

If youre not sure what an induction hob is or how it works I would encourage you to read my full article on the Timberline Gen 2. However, briefly, its a hob that uses an electromagnet to heat up metal pans, specifically metal pans/skillets etc that have high iron content.

Therefore, cast iron cookware is ideal for an induction hob, provided its enamel-coated, otherwise the rough finish of raw cast iron would scratch the glass hob top to bits.

The induction cooktop addresses a previous weakness of Traeger grills which was high heat searing potential: Video Traeger.com

An induction hob can get up to 700 degrees for high heat searing twice as fast as a standard radiant heat electric hob or even a gas hob. Hence, the addition of an induction hob has created a new type of combo pellet grill/smoker.

Key Features Of The Pit Boss Pro Series Combo Grill

Pit Boss PBCBG1230 Pellet and Gas Combination Grill for Sale in East ...

Combo grills are great options for people who want the flexibility to do slow cooking with wood smoke and be able to do some quick grilling over an open flame.

Here is a promotional video for the earlier version of this grill from Pit Boss. The only meaningful difference between the older model and the current model is the upgraded controller on the pellet grill side .

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Reviews From Grill Buyers

I compiled all of the reviews left for this grill from the Lowes website.

This grill has over 400 reviews available which I consider to be a large enough data set to be reliable.

The grill has received 63% 5 star and 14% 4 star reviews which combine to give a Customer Satisfaction Rating of 77% which is pretty standard for Pit Boss products. On the flip side, when you combine the 1 and 2 star reviews you find that 16% of people hate the grill.

The biggest complaints about the grill fell into three main categories:

  • Grills are dented/broken inside the box.
  • Unable to get the pellet grill controller to function
  • Long term reliability
  • Some of the representative negative reviews are posted below.

    Absolute junk. Bought this grill 2 years ago . The gas side started giving problems after about a year and then stopped working. Kept using the pellet side until the auger quit this week. The metal is burning through and really all the internal parts are falling apart. Cant believe I paid this much and it only lasted 2 years.

    This grill has now broken 3 times in the past 6 months and is not even a full year old. Ive had to do multiple repairs myself, all a waste of time because of this sub par product.

    Pit Boss Mile Hybrid Pellet Smoker/gas Grill

    Where the Pit Boss KC Combo above is a 50/50 split grill with pellet cooking and gas grilling in separate cooking chambers, their new model the Mile Hybrid is very different.

    With this combo grill, the pellet burn pot and gas burners are within the same cooking chamber. There is the standard centrally located pellet burn pot with two gas burners located above it.

    The new Pit Boss Mile Hybrid pellet smoker/gas grill is one of the most affordable combo grills on the market: Images Walmart.com

    An advantage of including the pellet burn pot and gas burners within the same cooking chamber is for really high heat you could use both heat sources at the same time. Furthermore, you can sear over the gas burners without having to move the food over to a separate cooking chamber.

    Granted, you dont have as much cooking space as something like the KC Combo above. However, I think this Mile Hybrid model should meet the cooking needs in terms of surface area for many couples and small families.

    Unfortunately, the Mile Hybrid is not fitted with one of Pit Bosss latest PID control panels for advanced temperature control. Neither is it fitted with a SmokeIT control panel for WiFi/App support.

    Then again, for under $500 I think this Mile Hybrid model is well worth considering if youre looking for a pellet/gas combo grill on a budget.

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    The Best Pit Boss Pbcbg1230 Pellet And Gas Combination Grill

    This definitive guide to the very best pit boss pbcbg1230 pellet and gas combination grill of this year discovers whatever you need to recognize to find a gas grill finest fit to your requirements, consisting of features to look for, products, looks as well as cost. Barbecue grill not for you? Have a look at our overviews with the very best.

    No products found.

    Camp Chef Pellet Grills With Propane Sear Box/sick Kick

    Review of the pit boss pellet and gas combo grill PB1100PSC2

    Currently, one of my favourite combo pellet/gas grills is the option of combining either a Camp Chef Woodwind or SmokePro pellet grill/smoker with either a Sear Box or Side Kick propane attachment on the side.

    I have a separate post comparing the Sear Box vs Side Kick, as the differences between the two are not immediately clear. The Sear Box as the name implies is purely for searing/grilling.

    You can probably fit 4-5 burgers on there or 2-3 steaks. Now granted, thats not a lot of space compared to some of the 50/50 pellet/gas combo grills below. However, this solution is mainly focused on providing more utility to the pellet grill/smoker.

    In other words, you do most of the cooking on the pellet grill to lock in the flavour and then finish off the cook with the Sear Box. Or cook up just a couple of quick burgers/steaks etc on the Sear Box.

    The propane Sear Box can be attached to most Camp Chef Woodwind and SmokePro pellet grill/smoker models: Image CampChef.com

    The SideKick, on the other hand, is more flexible . However, to use the SideKick you have to purchase additional accessories such as the BBQ Grill Box, Cast Iron Griddle, Artisan Ovan and various other cookware is also available.

    The SideKick with the BBQ Grill Box does provide more grilling space than the Sear Box, however, the total cost is higher.

    The Camp Chef propane Sidekick is a more flexible solution compared to the Sear Box, though it is more expensive: Image CampChef.com

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    What Should I Search For In A Pit Boss Pbcbg1230 Pellet And Gas Combination Grill

    When it involves discovering your perfect pit boss pbcbg1230 pellet and gas combination grill , it all relies on what you desire.

    If you desire that famous yard barbeque flavor, I would certainly recommend buying a charcoal grill. If you want more of an also cook and also to manage your temperature promptly, I d suggest buying a barbecue grill.

    On the various other hand, constantly seeks quality, construct and lifetime guarantees initially. Also clarifies that a good grill will be air limited, allowing you to particularly control the quantity of air that reaches the fire box. Last but not least, suggests choosing a grill that fits your room and design.

    Its better to invest in a far better quality, smaller grill after that to get something enormous for a flex. Make certain it fits your room yet also provides you ample area to function around it.

    A To Z List Of The Best Bbq Wood Pellets

    A pellet grill/smoker is only as good as the BBQ pellets you put into it. The type/quality of the BBQ wood pellets you use will impact temperature performance and smoke flavour. There are many pellet flavours including Apple, Hickory, Mapel, Oak and Walnut to name but a few. However, some brands are hardwood blended pellets whereas others are 100% single wood species.

    In this article, I provide details on over 20 brands of BBQ wood pellets, their range of flavours, whether they are 100% single wood species or hardwood blended pellets, their typical price and where they are available. I also provide tips on how to get the best deal when buying BBQ wood pellets and how to test pellet quality. Finally, I discuss the new kid on the block, charcoal pellets and their special attributes compared to all other hardwood BBQ pellets.

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    Camp Chef Apex Grills Hybrid Gas/pellet Combo

    If you have a bit more coin to spend and you are looking for a premium pellet/gas grill there is the new Apex. Available as either a 24 or 36 wide grill the Apex is not a 50/50 split or just a side propane attachment, its a true combination grill.

    In other words, the entire cooking chamber can be used as a pellet grill/smoker and/or a gas grill. Hence, you can go from smoking the food with pellets to finishing off with a gas sear without having to move the meat. Alternatively, if you just need to quickly grill some burgers, then its a full-sized gas grill.

    Currently, the Camp Chef Apex is the best premium pellet/gas grill on the market: Image CampChef.com

    I have a separate article on the Camp Chef Apex if you want to do a deep dive into all its features. For instance, it features a noval easily removal grease tray. It also features a similar PID/WiFi control panel to the Camp Chef Woodwind grills mentioned above.

    Do I think the Apex is a better solution to a smaller Camp Chef pellet grill with a propane Side Kick? Yes, but it also comes with a price premium as youll see below. Hence, for lower budgets, the propane Side Kick still has its place.

    Pit Boss Pro Black Triple

    Pit Boss PBCBG1230 Pellet and Gas Combination Grill for Sale in East ...

    June 12, 2022 By David

    The Pit Boss Pro Triple Function Combo Grill is sold exclusively through Lowes. The grill, which used to be called the Pro 1100, has a wood pellet fired chamber on the left, a propane gas fired chamber on the right along with a side burner.

    Lets take a look at some of the specifications and features of this grill to see if it is right for you.

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    What Are The Various Sorts Of Grills

    Purchasing pit boss pbcbg1230 pellet and gas combination grill can come to be frustrating, as there are many choices to choose from.

    Gas: A gas grill is basically an exterior version of the heaters you carry your cooktop. Switch on the gas, click the igniter as well as off you go. Theyre truly excellent grills for newbies or individuals that just intend to get the program when traveling.

    Charcoal: A charcoal grill is basically as it seems. Simply light a chimney of charcoal, spread it out over the coal bed as well as cook with a really unique taste over direct or indirect warmth.

    Pellet: This grill makes use of wood pellets made from the sawdust of the classic woods you normally listen to used for smoking foods. You may associate this grill to the flavor of apple, cherry and hickory.

    Electric: These have an electronic igniter to get the party began. They all have pretty impressive thermostats that enable you to do everything from smoking cigarettes, to conventional grilling, to burning.

    Just How We Picked The Finest Pit Boss Pbcbg1230 Pellet And Gas Combination Grill

    3 heaters: Three-burner grills are small but large sufficient to prepare a complete household supper , or a bunch of hamburgers or brats for an event. As well as three heaters provide you a great deal of flexibility in your food preparation method: You can burn, slow-cook, do indirect food preparation, and also even smoke large cuts of meat. Two-burner grills conserve a little room and also a little money yet lack that adaptability, and also in our experience, they really feel cramped. Grills with four burners are generally more than lots of people need. But if you know you need either fewer or greater than 3 heaters, the majority of producers lines, including our top pick as well as upgrade, come in two-, 3-, four-, and also six-burner variations .

    Cast-aluminum firebox: We firmly insisted that our primary competitors have a cast-aluminum firebox . Cast aluminum is rust-proof and highly long lasting , as well as it holds and also mirrors warm well. Also lots of premium grills use it. By contrast, budget-priced grills usually have fireboxes made of slim, painted or porcelain-coated carbon steel. Such models are notoriously rust-prone, do not last long, and dont hold or show warm effectively.

    We understood we would be considering intangibles, also, such as how well the grills were packed, if the directions were clear, and also if assembly was fairly simple. And, obviously, we would certainly consider the biggest abstract of all: the grills ability to do in our tests.

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    Pit Boss Pb1230 Pellet/gas Combo Grill

    SKU: PBCBG123010515

  • PB1230 Wood Pellet and Gas Combination Grill
  • 1,260 square inches cooking space
  • Dial-in digital control board
  • 21 lb hopper capacity
  • 180°F 500°F temperature range
  • 8-in-1 versatility to smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, grill, char-grill, and barbecue
  • 2-in-1 stainless-steel side shelf and serving tray
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates
  • Fan forced convection cooking on pellet side
  • Automatic start-up and cool down
  • 100% hardwood pellets or propane fuel
  • Three independent burners
  • Pellet to gas damper for cold smoking
  • Folding front shelf
  • Pit Boss 10529 Details

    Walkthrough Of The Pit Boss Navigator 1230CN Combo Pellet And Gas BBQ Grill

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