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Replacing Your Propane Tanks

How To Connect A Propane Tank To Your Gas Grill | Weber Grills

If your Weber Grill is propane-based, you should make sure you have a fuel supply at the ready before you start cooking. One extra convenience of a Weber natural gas grill is having a constant source of fuel, though propane can be economical and convenient for those who do not have natural gas in their house or who cannot install an additional gas line to their yard.

Yardville Supply offers new 20lb propane tanks at all of our Smiths Ace Hardware store locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At our Yardville location you can have your propane tank refilled.

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How To Tell If You Need To Refill Or Replace Your Propane Tank

If youre an avid griller, changing the propane is something that you will have to deal with , but how do you tell if you need to refill your propane tank? How do you tell if you need to replace your propane tank? Knowing how much propane you have left, and other safety factors are an important part of your regular grill maintenance.

It’s Grilling Season Stay Safe By Following These Propane Tank Precautions

Now that the weather is warm, its time for grill masters to get out their favorite barbeque equipment and start sizzling. However, if you use a gas grill, you should also know some important safety tips related to propane tanks and grills.

Safely Handle Propane Tanks

Did you know that propane tanks have an expiration date? Propane tanks of 10 gallons or less expire 12 years from the date of manufacture. You can find the manufacture date stamped into the collar along the top of the tank. At the 12-year mark, you can either exchange the tank for a replacement, or have it recertified for an additional five years. This ensures that propane isnt stored in a container that will leak or cause an explosion.

When transporting a propane tank, ensure the cylinder valve is completely closed and keep the tank in an upright position in a well-ventilated area of the vehicle. Do not leave a tank containing propane inside a hot vehicle . Heat causes pressure inside the tank to build, and can lead to propane leaks and flash fires or explosions.

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Is It Cheaper To Refill Or Exchange A Propane Tank

It always happens right after the burgers go on the grill . The propane tank goes, and you are left with two options.

You can run to the store to either refill or exchange a propane tank.

While the Captains family always has a spare propane tank lying around, I know many folks havent prepared for this emergency. To the store you go!

However, while youre there you may wonder whether its cheaper to refill or exchange a propane tank. If this describes you, read on!

Ill go ahead and tell you that it is usually cheaper to exchange a propane tank than it is to refill one.

However, there is more to the story than that.

There are a few other pros and cons that may need to be considered as part of this decision. Sometimes the price will not be the only determining factor in refilling or exchanging your propane tank.

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How To Fill A Propane Tank

Shop Worthington Pro Grade 4.25

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Propane is stored in liquid form in high-pressure tanks, and it turns into a gas when its pressure is lowered by opening the valve. Depending on the type of propane tank you have, you may be able to fill it on your own when its empty from a larger supply tank. Before you fill your propane tank, be sure to check that the tank is in good condition and that filling it yourself is legal in your area. If you can fill your tank, remember to be extremely careful since propane is flammable and could ignite!

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Propane Tank Sizes And Specs

There are many different size propane tanks.

Tanks 2 You Propane carries only the following size cylinders.

20 lb propane tank

The most commonly used propane tank, the 20 lb tank is the standard size tank for barbecue grills, mosquito magnet, turkey fryer, small space heaters. However, the 20 lbtank can be used on several other propane applications. A 20 lb propane tank holds 4.5 gallons of propane and weighs 37 pounds full.

Precision Filled with Delivery & Exchange: $34.00

Precision Filled Spare Tank Delivered : $98.00

30 lb propane tank

The 30 lb propane tank is most commonly used for campers and camper trailers. Most commonly, they mount two 30 lb tanks on the toungue of the trailer which supply gasfor the refridgerator, heat, and stove-top. However, 30 lb tanks can be used with space heaters, construction heaters and other propane applications. A 30 lb tank holds 7 gallons of propane andweighs 55 lbs full.

Precision Filled with Delivery & Exchange: $50.00

Precision Filled Spare Tank Delivered : $190.00

40 lb propane tank

The 40 lb propane tank is most commonly used for large commercial grills, construction heaters, space heaters, propane hawk torches and many other propane applications.A 40 lb propane tank holds 9.4 gallons of propane and weighs 72 lbs full.

What Makes Your Grill Not Get Gas On A New Propane Tank

You probably have come across many research pieces saying one of the significant causes of the grill not getting gas is an empty propane tank. But in this case, you are pretty sure the propane tank is full because it is new.

Many other reasons are causing your propane grill not to receive gas. The good news is that you dont have to be an expert to fix the problems and have your summer enjoyable. Here are some reasons why your grill may not get gas despite having a new propane tank.

Faulty regulator: The regulator controls the amount of gas flowing to your grill. Mostly, regulators fail when vent holes in the center are clogged.

Tripped OPD device: OPD stands for overfill protection device or overfilling prevention device, and it is a valve that prevents overfilling of the propane tank. Tripping of OPD is caused by the tilting of your tank or turning the valve faster than usual.

Leaking gas lines: This is not an uncommon problem. Your little furry friends might be tempted to chew the hose therefore, messing up. When gas leaks through points in the hose, your grill may not get gas at all.

Broken orifices: If the opening that lets gas through the hose is broken, it is likely to leak at that particular point. With a higher leak rate, your grill may end up not getting gas.

What should you do when your grill is not getting gas?

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How To Tell If You Need A Refill

There are a few ways to tell if you need to refill your propane tank. Rather than running out of propane in the middle of grilling been there, done that, – you should check your propane levels before you start cooking. You dont need to do this if you filled the tank a couple weeks ago and have only grilled a few steaks and burgers. However, if youve done a few roasts and grilled every night for a week, you will want to check.

Did you know that you will get more propane into a cylinder when the air around the tank is cooler?

Resetting Pressure Regulator On Your Propane Grill

Connect/Install, Remove, Change, Check/Test Gas Grill Propane Tanks

Regulator issues are common if you are working with a propane grill. We also mentioned resetting the grill in step 5 of troubleshooting when your grill is not getting gas. The task of resetting a regulator is not as complicated as many people think.

If the propane regulator bypass valve is stuck, you are likely to hear sputtering, and you may not get gas in your grill. To continue enjoying cooking and grilling, you need to reset the regulator. Follow these steps to reset your propane regulator and restore the state of your grill.

  • Open the grill lid

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Does Propane Tank Size Matter For A Grill

Sure. You should not waste your bucks if you dont need the larger ones. In the same way, if you pick a smaller one, you will need to refill it frequently, which will be a matter of trouble.

To ensure you have selected the ideal one, have a look at the specifications of the tank. This will guide you while choosing tanks for a grill. In addition, choosing larger tanks for outdoor camp will be a hassle.

You wont be able to carry them or move them frequently because of the height. Check the dimension and the weight before choosing one as this will help you while moving your tank from one place to another.

If you are confused about choosing one, pick the 20 lb propane tank. This one is the most standard. You will be able to use this one for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Choosing the perfect size of the propane tank is always important. The variety of propane tank sizes for grills are made for different consumers. Why should you waste extra bucks when you can pick the one you need by reading the instructions. A perfect tank will save you from a lot of unwanted hassles.

To make you choose comfortably, there is one premium tank attached with each tank size. You may check them out as well. The performance of the tanks will surely satisfy you.

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There Are Two Very Common Options For A Refill In Terms Of What It Will Cost Youhow Am I Charged For A Propane Refill

Flat Rate: This is when no matter how full your tank is you will pay the same amount anytime you want a store to top it up. If you let your tank run empty this is often the best option in terms of value. If youre being proactive and refilling it before its empty theres a chance its not as low as you thought and youre paying a high fixed fee to top up not much gas.

Variable Rate: This depends on the cost of the propane and how much you need. If youre worried you have at least a half tank left, then it might not cost you that much. Places are getting out of variable pricing for propane and moving towards refill charges.

Replacement Costs: This is more common at your local convenience store. Youll ofte need to purchase a propane rank with a large deposit. Then you can bring it in and exchange the old tank for a new one for a replacement cost. If you then decide you dont want the tank anymore you can sometimes get the deposit back, but oddly enough not always. This was more common many years ago but is slowly being faced out as refill costs are declining relative to replacement costs.

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Propane Tank Bbq Grill: A Beginners Guide

Last Updated: · Author: Anna Ando ·

The propane tank BBQ grill is one among the overwhelming range of options available today when it comes to BBQ grills. Typically, there are three categories to pick from: charcoal, electric, or gas grills.

Charcoalgrills will put you through the trouble of carrying charcoal and ignition can be tricky as well. For a beginner, it can be hard to light up the wood or charcoal. Heating the barbecue and cooling it down also takes time with these types of grills.

Meanwhile, electric types allow you to control the temperature and ignite with the push of a button. However, it doesnt give you much mobility. You will always need an outlet and electrical connection for that to work.

Finally, there is the propane tank BBQ grill. This is currently the most common grilling choice. It is quite popular due to its high levels of convenience, which we are about to discuss.

How To Tell If You Need To Replace Your Propane Tank

Empty Propane Tank 4.25 lb. Container Gas Grill Refillable Portable RV ...

You may not realize it but your propane tank has an expiration date on it. It is between 10 and 12 years from the date of manufacture as seen on the handle of the tank near where you find the tare weight. This depends on the legislations where you live. Tanks may be re-qualified by licensed professionals this adds about five years to a tanks lifespan before it needs to be re-qualified again.


  • A propane tank that is expired, dented, or rusty should not be refilled.

  • Old/empty propane tanks will have residual propane in them and need to be disposed of at hazardous waste collection sites.

  • Do not throw old propane tanks into your household garbage or recycling.

  • This goes for the portable propane cylinders as well.

Using propane is a convenient way to power your Napoleon Grill. As part of your regular grill maintenance, inspecting and changing your grills propane tank is an important part of that. Knowing how much propane you have left is vital to avoiding the embarrassment of getting a refill in the middle of cooking. Tell us your propane stories by sharing on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtags #PropaneBBQ and #NapoleonGrill.

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Recent Propane Tank Explosion Injury Incidents

Propane tank explosion accidents can occur through a broad array of events and circumstances. Consider the ordeal faced by a Cape May, New Jersey couple whose home was destroyed in a 2013 propane tank explosion.

The couple had agreed to stop using propane and convert their home to natural gas heat. According to the lawsuit filed by the couple, the contractor cut the propane line and turned off the valve, but did not did not secure or mark the valve as a danger. A neighbor noticed that the couples valve was off and, thinking they were performing a favor, turned the valve back on. Overnight, gas collected beneath the couples home until it began seeping into the basement and accumulated.

When one of the home owners went to take a shower in the morning, the hot water heater kicked on. The spark from the heaters ignitor met with the propane gas. The ignition of the gas caused an explosion that, according to neighbors, police, and those in the vicinity, could be felt for miles. One of the home owners suffered severe burns to his legs and feet. The other homeowner also suffered from severe burns and two broken legs. The couple was able to reach a seven-figure settlement where liability was incurred by both the utility company and the company that mishandled deactivating the propane line and valve.

Stop Paying Too Much At Swap Programs

The benefit to propane refills vs. propane tank swaps is simple: YOU ARE ONLY PAYING FOR WHAT YOU ARE GETTING. Propane tank swap programs charge a flat rate for each tank, so it doesnt matter if you are swapping a tank that still has propane left in it. Dont risk running out of propane while you have steaks on the grill! When you are running low, bring your tank to our propane refills center and have us top it up. You will only pay for the litres we pump.

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What Do I Do With Old Propane Tanks

Since theres a possibility of propane left in the tank, many landfills, recycling centers, and scrap metal dealers will not accept unwanted tanks for recycling. However, some propane exchange companies, including Blue Rhino, will happily take your unused propane cylinders and recycle them at no cost to you.

How Many Propane Tank Fires Occur Each Year

How to Connect a BBQ Grill to an RV’s On-Board Propane Tank

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates, roughly 600 propane tank explosions occur each year. Every accident is different and is the product of the attendant circumstances, so one cannot accurately predict without examining the circumstances present at the accident. However, certain injuries are more likely to occur than others. These injuries include:

  • Severe burns Burn injuries are always extremely painful. While a first-degree burn or superficial burn only effects the top layer of skin, second and third-degree burns signify that more extensive damage has occurred. Burn injuries can years to fully heal from and cause significant limitations and impairments.
  • Loss of limb Like a firework or another explosive device, if the propane tank explodes when a person is adjusting the tank or otherwise in close vicinity the loss of fingers, a hand, an arm, or other limbs is possible.
  • Shrapnel injuries The force of a exploding propane tank can launch debris from the tank itself and surrounding objects into the air. These pieces of metal and other projectiles can cause severe cuts, become lodged in a victims eye, or otherwise cause severe injuries.

The foregoing represents only a selection of the injuries that can result due to a propane tank explosion. Many other serious injuries can occur including those injuries that are so severe that death is the result.

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