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How To Keep A Charcoal Grill Hot

Grilled Pork Steak Recipe | Pork Blade Steak Recipe on the PK Grill

To keep a charcoal grill hot, fill the bottom half of the grill with coals and place the lid on top. This method is perfect for grilling meats, chicken breasts or fish fillets.

If you are grilling larger items such as whole chickens, whole pork shoulders, ribs or briskets, these should be placed directly on the coals. You can also cover smaller foods like shrimp, scallops and salmon with foil.

Remember to close the lid when cooking on a charcoal barbecue. If you leave the lid off for too long, the temperature will drop and your food will be cooked unevenly.

Pork Steak Internal Temp

Getting your pork steaks to the right internal temperature is the key to this whole recipe. The ideal pork steak temp is 145F.

If the internal temperature is any lower than 145F, then the meat is undercooked and will be safe to eat. If you cook the pork steak past 145F it will become tough and chewy.

The exception to this guidance is if you are smoking the pork steaks and take them up to about 200F where they become fall apart tender.

This is another spot Im asking you to rethink bbq. Pork steaks dont have to be grilled for 45 minutes and completely dried out. They can be seared quickly just like you would a beef steak!

Youll love the results.

This is the easy, quick way to have something similar to pulled pork in your kitchen any time of year. And you can change the flavor by simply using different spices and different sauces.

I also recommend trying different woods until you find the flavors you enjoy. Try maple wood for a tasty twist.

Serve these pork steaks with some grilled pineapple and you have an easy, delicious, quick meal!

Should You Baste Your Pork Steaks

I know that a lot of people will baste their pork shoulder steaks with either apple juice, beer, or cola while they are grilling. This is meant to add moisture and flavor.

I don’t think that it is necessary, though, and can mean extra hassle for you. If you have marinated your pork steaks for up to an hour, then you should have all the flavor and moisture that you need.

There is also the fact that pork steaks do have a good amount of fat in them, which helps to maintain their moisture levels just fine. Add to this, you aren’t really cooking the pork steaks on high heat so there is a lower risk of them drying out.

I also don’t like basting while making grilled pork steaks because it sprays all the seasoning off the surface off the meat.

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Kongo Kickin’ Easy Pork Steaks Recipe

Looking for an EASY pork recipe that will leave your guests coming back for more? Or do you just really want to know how to cook pork steaks on the grill? Well, look no further. Get one of our best pork steak recipes and learn how to prep and grill pork steaks with a kick of Kongo flavor on our Kong kamado grill.



To get started, youâll start by applying an even coat of Grilla Grillâs All Purpose Rub on both sides of the pork steaks. Preheat your Kong to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and place your pork steaks on. Donât worry about any edges that hang over, this will give them a nice flavorful char.

Start by cooking them for about 20 minutes on the first side and after the first 20, youâll want to flip them. Just be sure to keep an eye out for any pieces that are hanging over the edge to make sure they donât burn. Once your meat hits a minimum of 145 degrees internal temperature, you are set to go.

Youâre looking at a 45-minute total cook time from start to finish. To add a bit of spice to this sweet and savory meat, drizzle on a touch of our Kongo Kick to enhance the flavor, or for a more savory flavor, try our Gold Nâ Bold sauce.

Enjoy with a baked potato to complete your meal.

How Should Pork Be Cooked

This tasty looking grilled pork steak is perfect with roasted potatoes ...

With the knowledge that pork is safe to eat cooked to medium rare and above, there is still some debate as to what the optimal level of doneness is with pork, especially pork steaks.

The USDA, for one, recommends cooking pork to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit, which would be medium. Many chefs and gourmets prefer their pork cooked like this, with a pink center. Cooking pork to medium provides a juicier, more tender bite than medium well or well done, which is typically dry and tough enough to run the risk of turning someone off pork entirely.

Others, however, have taken to experimenting with medium rare pork. Still safe to eat, this form of pork looks and tastes more like a perfectly cooked steak, with a pink to red center and more juices. However, medium rare pork runs the risk of being chewy.

It should also be noted that ground pork, no matter what you intend to do with it, should always be cooked completely. Unlike with a pork steak, ground meat carries more risk in eating it undercooked, as any forms of bacteria that would normally be seared from the surface of a pork steak would not be affected within a ground pork patty or the like. For this reason, ensure that any ground pork you cook with is cooked to a final temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Applying The Barbecue Sauce

The sauce needs some time to be glazed. This is why it is a good idea to apply it when the steaks need to be cooked for a little longer. Thus, when the steaks register 125°F, it is as good a time as any to apply the sauce.

Make sure to do so liberally on each side. Spoon the sauce and ensure that there is a thick layer. Otherwise, the sauce will dry up and not be quite as appetizing.

How To Make Vietnamese Grilled Pork Steaks

1. Season the pork. Clean and pat-dry the pork steaks. If they are thick steaks, use a meat mallet to pound them into ½-inch thick pieces. Transfer to a plate and season both sides with kosher salt. Set aside while you prepare the marinade.

2. Pound finely chopped lemongrass, red chilies, and garlic into a fine paste using a mortar and pestle . Stir in the sauces, seasonings, and lime juice until combined well. Add the pork steaks to a bowl then spoon the marinade on top. Turn to coat, then cover and allow to marinate for 30 minutes.

3. Make the Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce. Whisk together all the ingredients for the sauce in a small bowl. Then cover and set aside until ready to serve.

4. Grill the pork steaks. Heat a cast-iron skillet or nonstick grill pan/griddle over medium-high heat and brush with the canola oil. Scrape most of the marinade off the pork steaks and place them on the pan. Cook for a few minutes, turning frequently, until slightly charred. Then lower the heat and lightly brush the pork with some of the reserved marinade. Continue cooking for a few more minutes, turning frequently. Once the pork has reached your desired doneness and has cooked through, switch off the heat.

5. Rest and slice. Transfer to a clean plate and allow to rest for a few minutes before slicing.

Full detailed instructions are in the recipe card below.

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How To Start A Propane Or Gas Grill

Propane grills are among the easiest to use. Simply fill your propane tank and light the grill. Then wait for your food to cook. Propane is safe and easy to use.

You can also get propane tanks from home improvement stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Home Depot. They are usually available in sizes between 20 and 60 gallons.

How To Make The Herbed Compound Butter

Grilled Pork Steak Recipe – Easy and Tender

You dont need any BBQ sauce for this dish instead, this herbed butter melts down over the chops adding maximum flavor!

Mix the softened butter with the finely chopped shallot, fresh parsley, salt, black pepper, and GirlCarnivore Oomami Seasoning.

Place the butter onto a large sheet of plastic wrap, then form the butter into a plastic-wrapped cylinder.

Refrigerate the butter until hard.

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How To Grill Pork Steak On A Gas Grill

How To Grill Pork Steak On A Gas Grill? Its summer vacation and what are your plans for it. Most people will answer this question, including barbecuing and grilling in the backyard. Its obvious because greening is one of the exciting activities that people carry out, especially during summer vacations. There are plenty of dishes that taste delicious when grilled. One of them is pork steaks. They are liked worldwide, especially in Germany. So this article will revolve around grilling pork steaks on a gas grill.

When using a gas grill to grill pork steaks, you cut your efforts in half. But if you are still confused with the recipes and grilling time, then continue reading this article with all the details about grilling pork steaks on a gas grill.

Crispy And Succulent: The Best Grilled Pork Steak

I have been on many a self-guided food tour in the south, which is how I came across the famous St. Louis pork steaks. It was love at first bite and I was determined to recreate my very own version.

I feel like I have finally perfected my grilled pork steak and am ready to share it with you so here you go!

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Why This Recipe Works

  • Its quick and easy to make. The pork steaks dont need a lengthy brining, marinating, or cooking time, but it still turns out wonderfully juicy and delicious!
  • The nuoc cham dipping sauce is sour, salty, sweet, spicy, and super addictive! It pairs so perfectly well with the Vietnamese grilled pork steaks.
  • Seasoning the pork steaks with salt not only helps to flavor it, but it also tenderizes the meat.
  • It can be served as an appetizer with the nuoc cham sauce for dipping, or enjoyed as a main with the sauce poured on top and with salad and steamed rice on the side.
  • You can cook it on a grill-pan/griddle or cast-iron skillet on the stovetop, or on the BBQ grill.

How To Setup And Light A Charcoal Grill

Gochujang Pork Shoulder Steaks

Charcoal grills are available in two versions: charcoal and electric. While electric grills are easier than charcoal grills to operate, they produce less heat. You will also find that electric grills cost less than charcoal grills.

To light a charcoal fire, place coals on top of the grill. Add wood chips or chunks to your firebox. To distribute the coals evenly over the grill’s surface, heat them up with tongs. When the coals begin to burn down, remove the lid and wait until all the coals are completely extinguished.

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How To Prepare A Grilled Tofu Steak Recipe For The Bbq

When grilling tofu, it is important to use extra firm tofu so it will not crumble. Also, be sure to press the tofu to remove any excess water. This will ensure that the tofu does not burn or fall apart when cooking on the grill. For even cooking, use a medium to high heat setting and brush the grates with a bit of oil.

Before cooking, marinate the tofu with your favorite marinade for about half an hour. Store-bought marinades work well, or you can make your own by using regular salad dressing, barbecue sauce, or vinaigrette. It is also recommended to use marinades with sugar, as this will caramelize the tofu and help it get crispy. Other marinades you can use include rice wine vinegar, honey, or agave nectar.

If you do not have time to make a marinade from scratch, you can use pre-seasoned tofu. Tofu flavored with garlic or onion is great for grilling. If you do not have time to marinade tofu yourself, you can also buy flavored tofu from grocery stores. Make sure to press it before grilling so that it absorbs the flavors of the marinade. Because tofu is a delicate food, it should be sliced in large pieces so that they will not fall through the grill grates.

Grilled tofu is delicious and easy to prepare. It can be marinated with any kind of spice you like. It pairs well with all kinds of sides. And it is a great source of plant-based protein. For a more elaborate meal, you can make homemade veggie burgers and serve them with the grilled tofu.

Best Side Dishes For Grilled Pork Steak:

  • Grilled Corn on the Cob is so simple to make in a foil packet with delicious garlic butter.
  • Smoked Mac and Cheese is always a hit and has loads of crispy bacon.
  • Grilled Garlic Bread is one of the easiest sides to complete any meal. Just throw it on the grill for a bout 5 minutes after you’ve grilled your main dish.

If you are looking for a simple way to prepare pork steaks, try this quick pineapple marinated Grilled Pork Steaks recipe. It’s a budget friendly dinner that everyone is sure to love.


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Ingredients For This Pork Recipe

Excited to try out cooking pork shoulder steaks at medium for the first time? Here’s a simple list of ingredients you’ll need to make some unforgettable grilled steaks.

  • Wood chunks or wood chips

For best grilling practices, it’s essential to choose a wood that compliments the meat you’ll be cooking. Hickory, apple, apple, pecan, or cherry are good woods for cooking pork, though you should always be sparing with hickory as it can overpower the taste of your meat. Experiment to see what flavors you like best, always remembering to offset a thicker, heavier wood like hickory with a lighter fruit wood.

How To Season Pork Steaks

Grilled Pork Steaks on Pit Boss Pellet Grill with Monroe County Dipping Sauce

Pork shoulder steaks are a flavorful cut of meat on their own. They’re bone-in and full of rich pork shoulder meat. For that reason, they can be delicious on their own with just a bit of salt and pepper! But, I like to add a few simple spices to form an INCREDIBLE crust on the pork while it grills!

Once marinated, pat the pork steaks dry with a paper towel. This will prepare a nice, dry surface for your seasonings to adhere to. And, it will help you get a nice sear on the grill!

My favorite way to season pork shoulder steaks is with a combination of these four spices:

I have recommended ratios for these spices in the recipe below, but please know that if youre feeling lazy, you can just put a liberal shake of each over the top of the pork, and itll be amazing!

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Pork Rub With Brown Sugar Recipe

Nothing screams summer like grilling! In fact, the majority of our summer cooking is on the grill or in the smoker. It is very common for our family to eat something off of the grill every night of the week. Check out our 3-ingredient steak marinade for your favorite beef steaks. Also, these campfire cheesy potatoes can be thrown on the grill at the same time as you are cooking your meat.

This spring, we bought half a pig from a friend to stock our freezer. When its cold, I cook pork steak in the oven with this recipe featuring potatoes and carrots, using my Moms recipe, or I make Moms Pork Ribs in the Instant Pot however, I wanted to find a new way to eat pork steak during the summer months. Adding a dry rub to pork shoulder steaks is an easy way to make a big impact on flavor.

How To Make The Best Pork Steaks

Cooking pork steaks is easy start by prepping your charcoal grill for indirect heat.

Rub the pork chops with the garlic mustard aioli, then season them with the salt and Girl Carnivore Chick Fest seasoning.

Add wood chips to your grill.

Grill the chops over direct heat for 1 minute, rotate the chops 90-degrees , and then grill another minute.

Move the pork to indirect heat and grill pork steaks for 6-10 minutes, flipping once until they reach an internal temperature of 140-F.

Remove the grilled pork porterhouse steaks from the grill, top them with the butter, then tent them with foil and let them rest for 5 minutes.

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When To Add Your Kickin Sauce To Grilled Pork Steaks

As you can see, our recipe recommends adding sauce to your pork steaks at the very end of their cooking time. This is on purpose.

Basting your pork steaks while they are cooking may seem like a suitable way to infuse them with more flavor. However, what ends up happening is that the sauce overheats, chars or turns into a thick, syrupy mess.

To avoid ruining your grilled pork steaks by saucing them too soon, simply add the sauce at the very end. A few minutes before removing them from the grill, top them off with some sauce. You can also wait until you place them on a platter to serve them with your favorite sauce.

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