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Nobody seems to have a duct opening with standard specifications, and no amount of manipulations will make a standard size fit satisfactorily, so we have equipped ourselves to custom make many different sizes, depending upon whatever style you choose. Generally, custom air return grilles that are cast in a mold are less likely to be good candidates for customization, but most other styles may be workable. If you need custom return air grilles be sure to call us for advice and consultation as there are multitudinous avenues to misconfiguring.

Return Vent Filters Everything You Need To Know

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While AC and furnace units do a decent job of filtering air impurities on their own, return vent filters can aid in this by acting as the first line of defense. Granted, regular air filters have their use but a secondary option could be the step you need to keep your HVAC system clean and efficient.

Return vent filters can help with this the first step at straining for dust and other floating debris.

Below are details concerning return vent filters, when you should use them, and what you can expect.

What If There Is Already A Filter At Your Hvac Unit

Using a MERV-2 or MERV-3 filter in your return vent works well if you already have a pleated filter at your HVAC unit.

Fiberglass filters work well as pre-filters in return vents because they have low MERV ratings.

Why should you use an air filter with a low MERV rating? Its all about airflow. If you use high MERV-rated filters at your return vent AND at your HVAC unit, then you run the risk of having low airflow issues.

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Return Vent Filter Sizes

Return vents come in many different sizes. Depending on the size of your return vent, you may need a certain size air filter. The size of your air filter can be determined by looking at the old air filter.

If the old air filter isnt available, then youll need three different measurements: length, width, and depth. They can be measured by opening the return vent and measuring the sides:

  • Measure the short side. For example, the short side could be 15-1/2
  • Measure the long size. For example, the long side could be 24-1/2
  • Measure the depth. For example, the depth could be 7/8
  • Round up the measurement. The size of filter that you need to order would be 16x25x1
  • What If There Is No Air Filter At Your Hvac Unit

    Everbilt 24 in. x 12 in. White Return Air Filter Grille

    If there is no air filter at your HVAC unit, then you absolutely need a return vent filter. I recommend using a MERV-5 to MERV-8 pleated air filter in your return vent. In this case, the return vent filter will be the primary air filter. So it will serve as the only line of defense against dust and particles entering your HVAC system.

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    How To Install A Return Vent Filter

    Heres a quick tutorial for installing a cut-to-fit filter on your return vent:

  • Clean the vent Turn off your HVAC unit and open the vent grille. Clean the duct and decide whether or not you want to place it inside or outside of the grille. In some cases, it might be necessary for you to keep it on the inside, more so if your filters tape doesnt hold well.
  • Cut to shape Many return vent filter brands consist of rolls, where you must cut it to conform to the shape of your vent. Apply the tape first, ensuring that you dont overlap the fins on the grille. To get the best cut possible, use scissors and a straight edge to measure out the shape.
  • Press to adhere Press the filter onto the tape you secured to the grille and hold for several seconds. If youre using velcro, it will adhere instantly and you wont need to hold it down.
  • Vent filters are sometimes poorly shaped and require that the user cut them to mimic the shape of their vent covering. Although easy to do, this can make changing them out a mild inconvenience.

    Eggcrate Grid Return Air Grilles A Common Element In Vintage Homes From The Late Eighteen Hundreds Until The Mid Nineteen Hundreds

    Acquiring a vintage charmer house you may have existing eggcrate style registers, which is something you may want to emulate for historicity. Repeatedly over the last one hundred years the wooden slats may have disintegrated. It is exceedingly rare to discover one in satisfactory condition. Our restoration quality eggcrate style returns are made in a superior quality manner than those from generations ago. It is difficult not to appreciate the fashionable yet functional look of the eggcrate style. You may even retain a sense of responsibility to preserve the same style. Eggcrate style units are an admirable choice for illuminating in a floor. You can see our matching eggcrate heat registers by visiting

    What is a return air grill?

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    Return Air Grille Units An Opportunity To Incorporate Some Stylistic And Functional Improvements

    Return air grilles are generally preponderantly larger than supply registers and are a prominent architectural element of structures both contemporary and historical. Consequently, considering they are substantially more prominent they are more noticeable and are not a secondary consideration. Regrettably, a typical return air grille is just a little bit on the unattractive side. Unfortunately, most contractor grade grilles are particularly inadequate from an aesthetic standpoint. We think our selection of hvac return air grilles represents just about any style in which a person might be interested.

    Should You Use A Filter In Your Return Vent

    Return Air Filter Grille Upgrade – 1080p

    For most homes, return vents filters are suggested. They typically wont cause any damage to your HVAC system and are easy to install theres no need for an HVAC technician.

    Besides having a good primary filter, return vent filters can solve this problem immediately upon placing one on the vent. Check to ensure that your air conditioner doesnt have issues with getting air through the vents in the first place if so, the filter could block your airflow. Yet if your AC is in tip-top shape, its more than ready for a return vent filter upgrade.

    Here are some reasons why vent filters are recommended:

    • Fast setup time You can have your vent filters installation completed in mere minutes.
    • Immediate results Return vent filters pose little hazard to your HVAC unit. It simply pre-cleans the air that passes in your homes central HVAC system. Youll see a difference in air quality immediately, especially if you use them on all of your vent grilles. Just remember to change them often , especially if they get really dirty.
    • Works with more than air conditioners Vent filters are great when used on some fans and even heaters, so long as the filter isnt too close to the heat source. If you have a forced-air heater or AC with duct tubing, try placing a filter on its return vent to cut back on the dust thats commonly spread by such systems.

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    Supply Vent Filters Versus Return Vent Filters

    What are the differences between supply and return vent filters?

    For starters, supply vent filters are tasked with screening out any residual contaminants from your AC/furnace. Whereas return vent filters prevent outdoor particles from entering your HVAC system in the first place.

    If you are having air quality issues, then supply vent filters will just mask the problem without actually making it go away.

    If there is dust blowing out of your supply vent, then there is a bigger issue with your system:

    • Your system might have an air leak, and dirty air is leaking in from your garage or attic.
    • The system might be very dirty and require a thorough cleaning.

    Return vent filters do the oppositethey help filter out contaminants from ever entering your system in the first place.

    A return vent filter will keep your air handler, ducts, and coils clean by filtering out particulates at the point of air intake. For some homeowners, a return vent filter could be the solution that keeps their HVAC system running cleanly and efficiently.

    Benefits Of Return Vent Filters

    There are plenty of advantages of return vent filters. Here are some of their primary benefits:

    • The first line of defense Vent filters work as the first guard against impurities from the air being circulated inside your home. Ordinary filters certainly have their use, but some situations may call for a backup on your return vent to pre-filter the air in your home.
    • Easy to switch out Due to its location, its much easier to change out return vent filters than your primary filter. Many homes have their HVAC units in the attic, so you wont need to make as many trips up there to switch out filters.
    • Protection for ductwork Return vent filters prevent particulates such as dust and hair from ever entering your HVAC ductwork. Notice dust building up in your ducts? The easiest way to get rid of this problem is to simply cover the return grill with a vent filter.
    • Protection for primary air filter Using a return vent filter will extend the life of the main air filter at your HVAC unit. The filter at your return vent will pre-filter out any dust and debris. This helps prolong the life of the expensive pleated air filter at your HVAC unit.

    If you have pets, incoming particles such as hair and dander might dirty up your ductwork. Using a return vent filter kit will aid in filtering out pet hair before it even makes contact with your homes HVAC system.

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    Return Air Egg Crate Grilles & Filter

    Model EC-HFEC-HF

    The Polyaire Model EC-HF Return Air Egg Crate Grille & Filter is the one product which offers complete and simple service ability for all situations.

    A unique design which can easily be installed and offer the latest in disposable filter pad technology. Ideally suited to environments where regular maintenance of the filter media is a concern, the Return Air Egg Crate Grille & Filter is designed for quick, simple filter pad change.

    The actual filter pad is a product of exhaustive research by one of the worlds largest air filtration authorities with approval from the American Underwriters Laboratories.

    A distinct black coloured filter media shows dirt and particle build up and provides for ready inspection prior to replacement as required.

    Filters are available upon request.

    When Not To Use A Return Vent Filter

    Everbilt 16 in. x 20 in. White Return Air Filter Grille

    Sometimes, issues could exist with an AC system that return vent filters cant fix. This could include openings in the ducts or tubing thats improperly sealed. In this case, no amount of filters will fix the problem.

    Furthermore, if theres any sort of erosion to the duct interior, a vent filter wont work since air could pass through the area with the opening. Any issues with your furnace or AC itself could prevent air from traveling past the vents properly, forcing it to work harder to heat/cool your home.

    In short, ensure that your system and its vents are allowing air to flow properly before setting up a return vent filter.

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    Update Your Home With New Floor Registers And Grilles

    Whether youre updating the look of your home with decorative floor registers or adding practical floor vent covers over air ducts, you have plenty of options. From lightweight plastic to warm wood and durable metal, floor vents come in a range of materials and colours. Looking for a simple white floor diffuser for the laundry room? No problem. Want to spruce up your living room floor vents with an intricate wooden cover? You got it. Todays floor registers and grilles can complement a variety of decors and blend in seamlessly with any flooring finish.

    When choosing your floor registers or grilles, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. A register covers air duct holes in walls or floors and often features adjustable louvers or dampers to direct airflow. Grilles, on the other hand, do not have adjustable louvers. They simply cover the vents where air is blowing between the room and the central heating or cooling unit.

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    • 3″ X 10″, 4″ X 10″

    How Do Return Air Vent Filters Work

    Return vent filters act as the first layer of protection to prevent air pollutants and other nasty particulates from getting into the air you breathe.

    Installed at the return vent in your home, they pre-filter dust and other particles. This keeps your ductwork clean and extends the life of the main filter at your HVAC unit.

    If you have a standard-sized return vent in your home, it will be able to accommodate a regular, rectangular-shaped air filter.

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    Reduce Your Energy Costs With The Right Air Conditioner Filters & Return Air Grills

    Your air conditioning filter and return air grill do more than just prevent particulates and odors from being recirculated. When properly maintained, they are also the easiest way to save money with your air conditioning unit. Home and commercial air filters reduce the strain on your HVAC system, allowing it to maintain optimal performance levels and prolonging the life of this expensive equipment.

    Air filter grills do their part by controlling the diffusion of returned air, managing the direction and intensity of air flow, and preventing the air filter from becoming easily clogged or damaged. These grills can be located in the walls or floors, depending on the HVAC system, and play an important role in keeping the system clean and free of pet hair, dust and a host of other materials. Our return air filter grills feature a wide border for easier installation and have a hinged facade for easier opening. The small expense of replacing your air conditioner filters often and using the appropriate air filter grill helps reduce your energy costs and protects your larger investment in your AC unit.

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