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Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared

Top 10 Best Small Gas Grills in 2022

Its not often that the power capacity of an infrared grill is so efficiently packed into a small BBQ grill. Solaire has achieved it admirably. Boasting 14,000 BTU power, this grill is the most powerful on this list, arming it with impressive heat levels. Even more remarkably, its all packed into a 20lb frame and marine steel shell, making it light but robust.

Its grilling grate size is a modest 155 square inches, so cooking space is limited. However if youre in need of something that can reach high heat levels quickly, then this is the grill for you.

  • Real Infrared ceramic and Stainless Steel burner with electronic push-button ignition
  • 140 Square inches of grilling area that fits six 4-inch burgers on special v-grate that…
  • Use made by 100-plus Year old family business

What Can You Cook With A Small Grill

The very best thing about small grills is that there are no exact limits. You can essentially prepare any type of solid food on a small grill , without the hassle of using unnecessary oils and fats. So, burgers, sausages, grill stakes, all kinds of fish, veggies, corn, you name it. The only thing limiting you is your imagination. With a recipe good enough everything is possible.

Small grilling appliances like these give you the commodity of grilled food, without big investments. Nevertheless, grilling, roasting, and searing are the main purposes. Some people modify their grills into smoke stations or smokers, but we do not advise that because there are far better appliances for that.

The strong suit of small grills is that you can prepare whole meals, juicy meats, and veggies. People often think of burgers only when someone mentions grilling, and that is far from the truth. Making food that is delicious and fun to eat at the same time, while staying healthy, is the goal here. Small grills are ideal for preparing various types of skewers, besides standard meat grilling of course. You can also add mushrooms to the menu, and dont get us started on grilled greens and corn.

It has been proved over and over again that, when it comes to thermal food processing, grilling is one of the healthier options. There are no added fats or oils, and the grill itself doesnt allow you to over-butter the ingredients, thanks to the grill grate shape.

What Is A Combustible Balcony

A combustible balcony is one that is constructed from highly flammable materials such as wood, composite, and vinyl. These materials may be used to construct the balcony floor, railing, or the adjacent wall.

Heres a great YouTube video to show you how quickly a balcony can burn depending on what kind of materials it was made from:

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The Petite Pizzeria: Gozney Roccbox

Homemade pizza isnt perfect. Sure, kneading, spreading and sprinkling is fun, but you dont get the ding-dong excitement of a delivery driver at the door. Solution? Slip a doughy disc into the mouth of the gas-only or charcoal and gas multi-fuel Roccbox, then send your friend to the front of the house. By the time theyre back from pushing the button, youll have a rapid-fired Napolitan better than any takeaway.

Gas Grill Cooking Power And Btus

Best Small Gas Grill For Balcony

A grills ability to heat the cooking surface to hot enough temperatures that make it possible to sear or provide even heat is directly related to the BTUs of its burners. For the uninitiated, BTUs stands for British Thermal Units, which is a measure of heat output. A quality gas grills burners will produce between 70 and 90 BTUs per square inch. So, a grill with 400 square inches of cooking surface should put out between 28,000 and 36,000 BTUs to evenly heat the cooking surface. Searing involves creating intense focused heat over a targeted area on the grill surface of at least 500 degrees . Some gas grills have a separate sear station, which consists of a single burner or cluster of burners that produce a higher BTU output and hence higher surface temperature than the other burners on the grill.

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Can I Attach A Larger Liquid Propane Tank Even If The Grill Comes With A Small One

Even though it is not recommended, this is common practice. You will need a fitting hose and a fitting extension, and it would be best to consult a professional if you are not sure what to do. Before doing a modification such as this, consider these two factors:

  • If you modify the gas intake of the grill or do anything similar, you will have to consult the local laws and regulations all over again. There are always strict rules when it comes to fire hazards, and liquid propane is one of the most dangerous, if not handled properly that is. Ask a professional, and they will surely tell you what to do and how exactly to do it.
  • Meddling with the original product increases the risk of damaging the grill, which increases the risk of voiding the warranty on certain parts. Modifications are always frowned upon from the manufacturers side, however, they are not that big of a deal if done properly. Consult the provided user manual for your model, and, if needed call the customer support and double check.
  • The Best Grill For Apartment Balcony Small Spaces Dwellers Patio

    May 28, 2022 by Keshi

    Are you looking for best grill for apartment balcony?

    When it comes to grilling, what often comes to our mind is an open space for such activities. But, the fact remains that such expansive space isnt available for those of us living in small apartments.

    When you consider some facts, youll realize that space becomes a commodity for those who want massive grills for regular use.

    However, there are some portable and compact grills that you can use for your grilling that wouldnt take much space on your balcony.

    Do you like the idea of compact grills for your apartment balcony? Weve got you sorted out with a review of the 7 best grill for apartment balcony that will upgrade your culinary game for your apartment balcony.

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    Other Factors We Evaluated

    Are the grill parts made of high-quality materials? Does the grill feel like it will last more than a few seasons with heavy use and exposure to the elements?

    Is the grill easy to ignite? Does the electronic ignition work? In terms of power, we paid less attention to the listed BTUs and instead looked at whether the grills that claimed high BTUs got hot enough to cook chicken, pork chops, veggies, and more.

    How big is the grill? Whats its overall footprint? In addition to the primary grilling area, is there a warming rack? Do the side tables offer enough surface area for platters and supplies?

    What features enhance the grilling experience? Does the grill have enclosed storage space below the cooking area? Are there hooks on the exterior for easy access to grilling tools? Can it accommodate a rotisserie?

    Are the removable parts actually easy to remove? Does the manual include instructions for proper cleaning?

    Buying A Gas Grill For Your Apartment Balcony

    Top 5 Best Small Gas Grills Review in 2022

    Before going out and spending money on a new grill for your balcony, the first thing you should do is consult with your property management or landlord to make sure that you are allowed to use a grill. Good to go? Great.

    The gas grill you purchase will ultimately come down to the size of your apartment balcony. The size of your balcony may determine the size of your gas grill. If you have a lot of space available, a larger grill like the Char-Griller 3001 Grillin Pro would suffice.

    Most of the time, people have limited space throughout their apartment balconies, so buying a compact gas grill makes the most sense. The Fuego Element grill and the Char-Broil portable gas grill are the epitome of small gas grills that can fully cook high quantities of food without taking up a lot of space.

    The remaining grills on the list: the Weber Q1200, the Cuisinart CGG-240, and the Char Griller 3001 Grillin Pro are larger grills, but they offer buyers a stable platform to cook their food with.

    Unlike the two grills mentioned earlier in this section, these grills have side shelves that can help with food preparation. You can place food, seasoning, and even drinks on the side shelves and keep things organized as youre ready to get the grill started.

    Along with the overall size of the grill, remember to consider the cooking surface and extra features, such as portability and easy-start ignition.

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    How We Chose These Products

    I used my experience testing dozens of grills to make our selection of the best small gas grills. We limited our selections to more compact grills that measure four feet or less long with preference given to those with folding side tables that offered even more space savings. I selected established brands that are known for their performance and durability. Additionally, BTUs are crucial for properly searing with a grill, so I chose those with ample BTU output for the size of their grilling surfaces. When possible, I selected grills that offer ample cooking space and multiple cooking zones for their size.

    Other Gas Grills We Tested

    Napoleon is known for its high-end gas grills and grill inserts for outdoor kitchens, but the Canadian brand also offers a handful of comparatively lower-priced options, including the Napoleon Rogue XT 425 SIB, a powerful three-burner gas grill with an additional sear burner. Theres nothing we didnt like about this grill , and in multiple rounds of testing, it consistently produced even heat and beautiful grill marks.

    Before testing, we wondered if the infrared side burner would put the Rogue over the top. Its a bonus cooking surface the brand claims will sear meat just like a steakhouse and a feature other grills in the same price range dont offer. We did find that meat seared on the Rogues Sizzle Zone looked like something that might hit a table at Peter Luger. But the Weber Genesiss Sear Zone also produced perfectly seared meat and with fewer flare-ups than the Sizzle Zone.

    While the Rogue is a sleek, sturdy grill that wed be thrilled to have at home, its not quite as substantial as the Genesis, and like many of the other grills we tested, the Rogue had some performance issues in high winds.

    Theres a lot to love about the new Char-Broil Cruise, starting with the Cruise Control Technology, which uses a built-in sensor and dual-burner system to set and maintain precise cooking temperatures like an oven. This grill also has plenty of power thanks to the Amplifire infrared cooking system we liked so much in the compact Char-Broil.

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    Masterbuilt Sh19030819 Propane Tabletop Grill

    If you are really short on space, this Masterbuilt tabletop grill is a perfect choice.

    With folding legs and a lid that locks in place, moving the grill is hassle free and simple.

    Push ignition lights the burners quickly so your grill will be ready in no time.

    It also includes a warming rack so you can keep food warm while you finish grilling other foods!

    The drip pan does not lock in place though, so it could slide while you are transporting the grill.

    If youre looking for the best portable grill, look no further!


    • Drip pan does not lock into place be careful not to spill any grease!

    You can find it here.

    Safety Regulations Laws And Local Rules About Small Grills

    Best Small Gas Grill For Balcony

    Almost every district, municipality, or multi-family building has some sort of rules for grilling on a balcony or patio. Some even differentiate the rules depending on the fuel source. For example, most of the urban areas in the Western world do not allow liquid propane tanks of 20+ gallons to be used on the rooftops or balconies, due to fire hazard.

    Before you start a detailed pursuit for the ideal small grill for your household, make sure to ask around and see the regulations that apply to your street, block, or district. You should not expect problems regarding this, however, it is always best to be safe than sorry. After all, these appliances are powerful, and their firepower is not to be underestimated, no matter the type of fuel they use.

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    Q: How Do I Set Up A Small Gas Grill

    Most small gas grills require some assembly after they arrive. Once it’s been assembled, find a flat, level location on your deck or patio away from flammable items like mulch or nearby hedges, out of the path of foot traffic. A gas grill has a threaded regulator that screws onto the grills gas valve. Make sure the regulator is securely attached before opening the tanks valve. Gas grills light via a push-button piezo ignition or an electric ignition that requires a AAA battery. Always light the grill with the hood open to prevent a build up of gas that can cause an explosion.

    What Fuel Does It Use

    Homeowners with big yards and designated outdoor cooking areas often dont have to rethink the type of fuel their grill uses.

    However, if youre planning on using your grill in a small yard or balcony, its important to be aware of what is allowed and what isnt.


    Due to the risk of fires from unextinguished coals, charcoal isnt allowed in most condo and apartment buildings.

    You might prefer the scent and taste of charcoal grills, but its crucial to do your research before purchasing a charcoal grill.


    Propane, also known as liquid propane gas , will enable you to cook over an open flame but without the need to extinguish a solid fuel, such as charcoal.

    Propane comes in tanks that you attach to your propane grill theyre available in a range of sizes, which is very convenient in compromised spaces or for camping.

    In saying that, the tanks should be stored properly when not in use. Some regions have very strict rules on how LPG tanks should be stored.

    Natural Gas

    Natural gas grills arent a common choice for small spaces, but its highly convenient when available. Its not suitable for balcony use, but if you have a small yard in your townhouse, it could certainly work.

    Make sure you hire a gas fitter with the right certifications in your area. You should also check our guide on the best natural gas grills to help you find the right for you.


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    To Grill Or Not To Grill: Am I Allowed To Have A Bbq In My Small Space

    Before we get too far into desirable features, we need to stop and look at the legal reality of the situation. Its possible there may be bylaws or regulations in your area that you need to consider before you get a grill.

    Some municipalities have strict regulations about where you may use a barbecue.

    For example, many localities prohibit the use of barbecues on wooden decks. Others require you to maintain a safe distance from the nearest structure.

    Even if there are no government mandates regarding grills, it may be if you rent a unit or own a condo, the landlord or condo owner might have his/her/its own set of regulations.

    In London, U.K., the London Fire Brigade strongly recommends against barbecuing on any balcony, but theres no law saying you cant do it.

    In New York City, it is prohibited to store a 20-pound LPG tank on a balcony or roof of a multi-family dwelling, but you can use a smaller tank for a short period. Charcoal BBQs are wholly forbidden on balconies and rooftops, and in a backyard or on a terrace, there must be 10 feet of clearance between the grill and any walls, plus ready access to a water supply or fire extinguisher.

    Electric grills are good to go anywhere in NYC.

    Safety is the number one issue with grilling in a small space, so take the rules and regulations seriously. Many entirely avoidable fires are caused each year by people barbecuing where they ought not to.

    Fuego Element Gas Grill

    Campingaz® – 360 Grill – Table Top Gas Grill BBQ for Home, balcony, terrace

    Designed by the former Chief Designer at Apple, the Fuego Element gas grill has an innovative shape that will make cooking on your balcony that much easier. This narrow gas grills heats up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit in approximately 5 minutes which is astounding for any type of grill. This grills patent pending dual zone burners push for high efficiency with a single fuel tank lasting at least 20 hours. Cleaning wont be an issue either, thanks to the residue tray that simply collects the food residue while youre cooking.

    The 15-pound Fuel Element grill has a durable porcelain-enamel cast iron grate that is easy to clean and provides the perfect sear to any type of meat with temperatures ranging from 250-degrees Fahrenheit to 500-degrees Fahrenheit.

    There is about 346-square inches of primary cooking area available enough space to cook roughly 16 quarter-pound hamburgers at one time! This is perfect for large families that want to enjoy the good weather on the apartment balcony.

    A grill like the Fuel Element is a great choice, but be prepared to pay for it. The efficient technology used in this grill explains why it is one of the higher priced items on the list.

    A unique feature of this grill is the hinged door that is used for propane tank storage. No more having to lug around a huge, heavy propane tank, just store the propane underneath the grill. In addition, the impressive anti-lock wheels will ensure that the grill will stay in one spot.



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