Steak House In Circus Circus

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The Steakhouse At Circus Circus

The Steakhouse at Circus Circus

If there ever was a true hidden gem in Las Vegas, this is the place, says Golden Tiki and Evel Pie owner Branden Powers. Its a throwback, not only to how Vegas used to be, but how steakhouses used to be — long before $25 hamburgers with bone marrow foie gras toppings.The Steakhouse is an oasis of maturity and old-school cool, hidden among Circus Circus signature blend of cotton candy, carnival games, budget-conscious tourists and Hunter S Thompson fans on a bender. While it wasnt established until 1982, its easy to imagine the Rat Pack filing into this joint, walking past the paintings of cattle on the walls to their reserved red leather booth. The chefs make a mean steak here: USDA Prime beef thats dry-aged in-house and cooked on a mesquite charcoal broiler that can be viewed from the dining room. Soup or salad and your choice of potato are included in the price of your steak — which is still well below what youll pay at just about any other steakhouse on The Strip.

The Steak House At Circus

You’ll first be served a basket filled with a variety of home baked bread. Our favorite was the raisin bread. Popular appetizers include the jumbo shrimp on ice or $13 for half order), served with a horseradish heavy cocktail sauce and the French onion soup with sweet caramelized onions with a melted Gruyere cheese topping.

The Steakhouse Circus Circus

The Steakhouse at Circus Circus has been a Las Vegas staple for more than 30 years. It is boasted by some as the best steak house in Las Vegas, offering dry-aged mesquite-grilled steaks in a traditional steakhouse setting.

This award-winning restaurant at Circus Circus is a favorite among guests serving more than just filet mignon, porterhouse, and other mesquite-grilled steaks. You can also find lamb chops, lobster tail, prime rib, crab legs, other seafood, and more on the menu.

The Steakhouse only serves dinner and has a smart casual dress code. Because of the elevated menu, it is on the pricier side, costing upwards of $30 or more per plate. Overall, reviews continually exclaim that the food is cooked to perfection, and with each visit, customers are served with excellence, making the price worth it for this steak house experience.

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Museo De Chocolate En Cusco

En el centro de la ciudad de Cusco tenemos 3 sedes , en donde podrás vivir una experiencia divertida y especial. En nuestros Chocomuseos podrás aprender todo el proceso de la fabricación del chocolate, además de conocer todo sobre el grano del cacao, de su cultivo y de qué clases existen en Perú además de conocer su fascinante historia desde épocas precolombinas y su paso por los últimos siglos.

Pero no todo es aprender y descubrir en el Chocomuseo, también podrás vivir divertidas experiencias como participar el taller de granos a barra en donde podrás preparar y llevarte a casa tu propio chocolate desde los granos de cacao, aprendiendo todo el proceso o la versión para niños en un mini taller en donde podrás hacerlo con los más pequeños de la familia.

Para los más aventureros tenemos una excursión a la plantaciones, en donde conocerás de cerca y de primera mano cómo se cultiva el cacao, el café y demás frutos de la zona, 2 días de aventura y descubrimiento en una villa en el Valle de Machu Picchu.

Si te gusta la exquisita comida y el pisco peruana, tenemos unas divertidas clases de cocina peruana en donde aprenderás a preparar algunos platillos de la famosa gastronomía peruana, pero aprenderás desde las compras en el mercado hasta llegar una cena especial así como una deliciosa cata degustación en donde probaremos la mezcla de sabores de piscos, chocolate y café peruanos.

Museo De Chocolate Una Alternativa Para Visitar En Cusco

Circus Circus on Las Vegas Strip may have buyer

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¿Qué visitar en Cusco? probablemente existen muchas alternativas a esta interrogante, pero esta vez te daremos un nuevo y dulce destino, en donde aprenderás un poco más y sobre todo vivirás una nueva experiencia. Acompáñanos a conocer más de ChocoMuseo, el museo de chocolate en Cusco.

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The Steak House At Circus Circus Always Satisfies In Las Vegas

As the general managerfor more than three decadesof The Steak House at Circus Circus, Ron Randazzo says guests will enjoy the sweet sounds of the wood-burning mesquite grill in the middle of the dining room, watch the chefs cook exhibition-style and enjoy the throwback sounds of Frank Sinatra and the sounds of laughter. We sometimes say Its dinner and a show, cause guests are walking out laughing because we give them a good time. You cant last nearly 40 years without the laughter.

The restaurant hasnt lasted this long without their dynamite menu, too. Simple and classic but oh so, memorable and delicious. You get to choose your cut of meatNew York Strip, porterhouse, ribeye, filet mignon, prime ribor go for sea options like lobster, king crab legs, salmon or more land options like lamb chops and chicken all cooked on the mesquite charcoal broiler. Every entrée comes with choice of vegetable, soup or salad and a side. Simple. Classic. Delicious. The Steak House has become an institution, a vintage-Vegas experience and one Randazzo says youll always remember.

Circus Circus, 702.794.3767

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Visita Nuestra Fbrica De Chocolates

Una de las actividades que se pueden hacer en Cusco y es de lo más enriquecedoras y divertidas es el Tour a la fábrica de chocolates. El la Plaza Regocijo en la ciudad de Cusco se encuentra la Fábrica de Chocolates del Chocomuseo, una moderna fábrica que procesa una tonelada de cacao por mes, convirtiéndose en los deliciosos chocolates y demás productos que encontramos en todos los Chocomuseos del Perú.

Si quieres vivir esta emocionante aventura y sentirte Charlie en la Fábrica de chocolates, puedes hacerlo a través de nuestro tour guiado en donde verás cómo se hace el chocolate, además de recibir una interesante explicación de nuestros chocolateros expertos.


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The Steak House At Circus Circus Is A Bastion Of Old

Few cities have changed more in the last 40 years than Las Vegas. Hotels got bigger, world-class entertainers began calling our city home and celebrity chefs have outposts all over the Strip. But one place has remain basically unchanged since it opened in 1982: The Steak House at Circus Circus, a slice of the way things used to be, not just in Vegas but in steakhouses themselves.

Executive chef Bob OBrien hasnt altered his menu much at all in the 18 years hes overseen the kitchen, a reflection, he says, of customer tastes. This is a restaurant where repeat customers are the norm, one where patrons will call ahead to make sure a certain server is working that night. OBrien and company keep things simple, but in the process provide an impeccable steakhouse experience.

Everything feels intimate here, from the red leather booths and dark wood accents to the small bar area that greets you once you step into the dining room. The grilling area sits right in the middle of the restaurant, giving everyone a chance to see their steak being preparedand theres also a see-through room to see steaks being wet aged and dry aged.

True to its old-school vibe, The Steak House doesnt feature any signature cocktails, but it gets all the classicslemon drops, Manhattans and Cosmos, for examplejust right. Seafood appetizers are fresh and appealing, particularly the Seafood Sensation, a presentation of oysters, crab and shrimp.

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