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The BEST Restaurants in Topeka, KS | Kansas Food Tour Part 1 | [GER SUB]

Love the steaks… no sauce needed. The legendary sides are amazing and the bread is always fresh and endless. They also have great side salads.If you save room or share… the dessert is amazing but so big… enough for a family of 4 to share.

Ate here for the first time last night. It was great experience. The food was great. I had the 12 ounce ribeye and stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer. They brought bread out before the meal, no charge, and the waiter at the bar was top notch. The food was cooked perfectly and I went away full. I would say plan on spending $20-$30 a person for steak. I will definitely go back.

Topeka Steakhouse Celebrates 80 Years Of Operation With New Beer Other Activities

May 20, 2022 / 03:17 PM CDT

May 20, 2022 / 03:17 PM CDT

TOPEKA The North Star Steakhouse is celebrating 80 years of business in the capital city on May 31 with the release of a new beer and other fun events.

To help make the day even more memorable, the North Star Steakhouse will release a new beer, the North Star Pilsner, courtesy of the Blind Tiger Brewery on location. They also plan to celebrate that night with a slow opening anniversary kickoff event and will have cake and specials to share with guests.

The North Star has not only sustained but thrived due to the hard work of four different families, and countless team members dedicated in ensuring its success. Our guests make the North Star truly what it has become, and its their continued support that we want to honor and share this moment with them. North Star Steakhouse press release.

A summer series of interactive Dinner Theaters will also take place and will focus on some of the stories of the original owner of North Star, William E. Jug Robinson, a known bootlegger. The title of the show is Jugs Jugs got him in a Jug and will feature local actors for the performance along with some long-time team members.

To see the North Star Steakhouses website and menu, .

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A Topeka Restaurant Is Serving Entrees With A Side Of Scares

TOPEKA, Kan. -North Star Steakhouse offers steak, chicken, catfish but some guests may experience something that isnt on the menu.

When you operate an old restaurant as we do with the level of history that is attached to it, we also have a ghost, said Owner, Amy Shell.

North Star Steakhouse has decades of history built into the walls.

This will be 80 years old next May and it was started in 1942 as a supper club that had a speakeasy outback and the owner-operator of the place was named was a gentleman named Jug Robinson that was a known bootlegger who would run alcohol from Kansas City up to the North Star and he had a private club at the time, she said.

After all of these years, Jug Robinson never left the North Star–well at least not in spirit.

And he tends to haunt the lounge area out here he will do all sorts of fun, I call them ornery to us, mostly the staff, he does not do anything, I have not seen him do anything to patrons or guests in the restaurant but he just likes to have fun with the staff.

Shell says she got up close and personal with Jug herself.

I was actually sitting over here in the lounge booth one night it was late at night and I was rolling silverware, end of shift and putting my feet up a bit, and the lights behind me on the wall here, they flickered and I was like oh hi Jug, how are we tonight and within a minute all of the lights went out, all the lights on the wall went out and in two minutes they were back on.

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Top 7 Places To Get A Steak In The Topeka Area According To Best Of Topeka Voters

If you are hungry and looking for a steak for dinner in the capital city and area, locals say these are the best seven places to consider, according to our Best of Topeka results.

These were the top vote-getters in the 2017 Best of Topeka Best Steak category. Photos by Keith Horinek/The Topeka Capital-Journal

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7. Chez Yasu French Restaurant

Location: 2701 S.W. 17th St.

6. The Blue Moose

Location: 3030 S.W. Wanamaker Rd.

5. The Blind Tiger

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