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Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

Upper Darby High School Seniors Graduate At Tower Theater
  • “with a mandatory 17.5% gratuity added when u order in the theater.””Seats are pretty comfortable, the staff is friendly, even when they were…”
  • Chili BenitezAugust 11, 2016Seats are pretty comfortable, the staff is friendly, even when they were all huddled together they all stopped to say hi. Food was pretty good too.
  • Brianna TaShawnMay 7, 2016i like the idea of serving while watching the movie kind of put off about the added gratuity but its a pretty cool concept. good for simple but semi intimatedate night.
  • Tisha SupaqutApril 13, 2016with a mandatory 17.5% gratuity added when u order in the theater. we usually order at the bar to eliminate such gratuity. but tonight the bartender said the gratuity was now at the bar as well!!
  • Ricardo SeixasAugust 24, 2015Movie with a waiter! Very friendly staff!
  • N TaylorDecember 8, 2015First time going, was not impressed. After a certain time they stop serving food and drinks but you won’t find out until you press the button. Never going again.

Theater Ticket Refund/exchange Policy

Box Office / Kiosk:Studio Movie Grill Website :This will refund the entire orderStudio Movie Grill Website :3rd Party Purchases:

OTHERWISE, ALL MOVIE TICKET SALES ARE FINAL AND PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. At the time of your purchase, SMG removes your selected seats for the chosen show time from our inventory. While this allows us to provide our guests with the benefit of guaranteed seats, it also prevents SMG from reselling the tickets in the event you do not attend your chosen show time. EXCEPT FOR REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ALLOWED ABOVE, PLEASE NOTE THAT TICKETS PURCHASED ARE ONLY VALID FOR THE FILM TITLE, LOCATION, DATE, SHOWTIME AND SEATS LISTED ON YOUR TICKET/CONFIRMATION. WE URGE YOU TO CONFIRM YOUR DESIRED SELECTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR TICKETS. In the rare event that a show is cancelled or the theater is unable to honor your tickets, you will be entitled to a gift card credit or ticket exchange. All 3D movies have a 3D Experience Charge. This charge also applies to all coupons and passes being used.

About Studio Movie Grill

Established in 2000, Studio Movie Grill modernized the traditional movie-going experience by combining first-run movies with full-service, in-theater dining. SMG has swiftly grown to 32 locations in 9 states with further expansion planned. SMG was named to Inc. Magazines List of Fastest Growing Private Companies two years in a row, placed 12th in Box Office Magazines Giants of the Industry in 2018 with key films grossing as high as #5 in North America.

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Reviews For Studio Movie Grill

Read your receipt tips are added. You should tip extra anyway just make sure your count is right. The food is good and reasonably priced. They don’t give napkins most of the time and if you ask for a container for leftovers the NEVER bring a bag. You’ll have to ask for it.

Extremely dark in the hallway leading up to the theaters. Couldn’t see the number for the theater. Only knew it was my theater by the movie poster on the wall. The people taking the orders weren’t to hospitable. The food runners were a tad better. Movie was great. Chairs were comfortable despite not being recliners. Not a great experience but not a terrible one either.

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